Diving in Turkey, Kemer

The word Diving comes from the English diving or to dive, which means to dive. Therefore, the concept of Diving can have several meanings. The first, the most common and familiar to us, means scuba diving with special equipment. In English, where the word diving was taken from, it simply means "diving" and is used to describe not only scuba diving with or without equipment (scuba diving), but also just jumping into the water or dipping with your head.

In this article, we will tell you about the usual and familiar form of diving, underwater diving - scuba diving on the seabed, in the Turkish city of Kemer, located on the Mediterranean coast.

We were in Kemer twice and both times went on a diving excursion. Unfortunately, there are no photos from the first dive, so we will describe the second dive. Although the first dive was more interesting and informative.

In order to visit an excursion diving in Turkey, it is not necessary to be a professional or have any special skills. All that is needed is just good health and an irrepressible desire to dive into the depths of the sea, and, of course, a few tens of dollars in your pocket.

diving in turkish

Underwater diving on the coast of Turkey is quite common and is one of the most popular excursions among tourists. Diving in Turkey is practiced both professionally and organizes sightseeing trips. We are amateurs, so like most tourists, we ordered a diving excursion. In the Turkish city of Kemer, such excursions are offered at every step, both in hotels and in individual offices of travel agencies on the streets of the city.

The Turks understand English, so you should not worry about understanding each other.

Excursions are more expensive in hotels than on the streets. The cost of diving at the hotel will cost about 50 USD per person. In firms on the street - 35 USD for those who dive and 15 USD for escorts. Both times we took excursions in offices outside of hotels.

The price of the excursion includes-going to sea on a yacht, two dives, lunch and, if desired, swimming in the open sea.

On the appointed day, our group was gathered, brought by bus to the Marina. It takes 40 minutes to get to the Marina from Kemer.

yacht Marina in Kemer, Turkey

yacht Marina in Kemer, Turkey

Seated on the boat. The yacht is a two-story, fairly old and already rather tacky. The first floor of the indoor yacht, the second open to the rays of the sun. On the second floor very hot, the sun scorches so that it burns the shoulders and arms. Since the ground floor was already occupied, had to go to the open deck.

diving boat, turkey, kemer

We leave from the yacht Marina

we are going to the open sea Turkey, Kemer

marina in Kemer, Turkey

During a trip in the open sea, eyes open landscapes of the rocky coastline

the rocky coast of Kemer, Turkey

sailing along the coastline of Turkey, Kemer

First stop was a small rock. Here was held the first dive. Short instruction, then a vestment in the equipment for diving (mask, fins, oxygen tank) and the dive. The mask did not fog up on the inside of the glass to spit and RUB with your finger.

preparation for scuba diving Turkey, Kemer

diving begins in Turkey, Kemer

Getting ready for the dive

During the stay, guests could swim in the open sea and dive off a small rocky ledge. The stones on the ledge sharp, some tourists were playing. Better to bring Slippers coral shoes for swimming in the sea.

diving into the water from a rocky cliff Turkey, Kemer

swimming in the open waters of the Mediterranean sea Turkey, Kemer

The Mediterranean sea off the coast of Turkey is scarce for animals and vegetation. So if you look forward to seeing when diving, exotic fish, shellfish and other unusual underwater creatures and corals or a beautiful sea vegetation, you'll be disappointed. Marine life of the Mediterranean is not rich in exotics.

And all because the Mediterranean cannot be classified as warm tropical seas. Of course, the average temperature of the water in it, especially in summer, is quite high. But still it is significantly lower than in the same neighboring Red sea. Moreover, the Mediterranean water is so transparent, so there is no growing corals, and therefore no reef fish, attract attention with its colorful painting.

All this of course reduces the value of the Turkish diving. Going down to the bottom you do special for yourself you will not see, flocks are small and pretty skimpy on the colors of the fish, maybe a couple of crabs...this was all over.

So, wanting to enjoy the exotic and colourful marine life don't waste your time and money, better to go diving to the red sea coast in Egypt or Israel. If diving is just a fun addition to a holiday in the sun and the beach, Turkish resorts, it is quite suitable for.

We should not forget that the Turkish seabed is rich in ancient monuments of the era - sunken ships, equipment, military courts, "Paris Atlantis" and other wrecks in the coastal waters objects. Interest can represent various natural objects - caves, grottoes and canyons. However, to see all this tour is just not worth it to take prialnik and small street businesses cater exclusively to the flow of tourists and a big jackpot.

So, for my first dive, we were given some bread to attract the fish, otherwise we would do not see)). Sank to the bottom, we produced the bread in small portions. Fish is already quite tame and accustomed to human presence, so do not fear attack from different sides, so RAID that bites your hands, it hurts.

fish feeding on diving Turkey, Kemer

The very sea bottom of sand-stone and totally deserted

diving in Turkey

diving in Kemer

After feeding the fish, we swam a little more. All this time we were filmed and photographed. Video and photography are paid, purchased separately, cost 20 USD.

Experienced divers, I hope that experienced accompanied each group all the way dives. If something goes wrong or you panic, you immediately raise up.

Here is a video from diving and feeding fishes for which we paid $ 20.

After the first dive, all of fed. Happened on the ship. Lunch was so-so, consisted of spaghetti with meat, salad and bread. The portions are small for an adult man to eat quite difficult. To Supplement is denied.

For the second dive we went to shore, which was the Parking

diving stop near the beach of Turkey, Kemer

This dive was all about nothing. Sank, swam a small circle near the yacht end. No sea creatures in sight were not included. The shoreline is sandy, the water was murky.

Insights, comparisons

Many in the Turkish diving depends on the Agency where you buy ekskursiyu. Though not too much, but still noticeable.

At this time, which described, we bought an excursion outside the hotel Sumela Garden Hotel, Kemer. The hotel is located in the city centre, perhaps that's why tours are more focused on profit and less on quality diving.

When visiting Kemer for the first time we bought an excursion outside the hotel Seker Resort Hotel, Kemer, Turkiye. The hotel is not in the city centre, therefore has a wide, uncrowded and clean beach. But the beach is not in this article. Excursion to the diving, bought near this hotel was a decent and varied:

First, second dive took place too near the rocks, during which we with flashlights swam into the cave, where the guide showed cave dwellers of the Turkish coast - crabs. Crabs could be taken in hand and examined it.

Secondly, we were fed varied - fish, meat, several kinds of side dishes to choose from and fresh vegetables. You can take a Supplement.

Thirdly, the stones on the rocks, which were diving during stops, were not sharp, no one was cut, you can walk on them barefoot.

Also, at the end of the tour each submersible has issued a certificate, which was provided personal data, the number and depth of dives. The certificate was signed and the company seal. Over a trifle, but still nice.

Both times the hotels were booked via the website Booking, and the tickets were purchased through Aviasales.

After two dives in the coastal waters of Turkey, we made the following conclusion

for the sake of diversity, because the sea and the sun we get bored to go to Turkish diving is possible, but the two times we had more than enough. Located we of course will continue, but next time will choose for themselves the red sea coast.

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