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Turkey - a sunny and hospitable country


Hagia Sophia is a mosque in Istanbul, which is one of the greatest monuments and examples of Byzantine culture.


Kemer is a popular Mediterranean resort in Turkey, which is a developed and sought-after tourist destination for a comfortable holiday.


Sightseeing buses in Istanbul are Hop-On Hop-Off tourist buses plying around Istanbul for the purpose of sightseeing and visiting the main attractions.


This article lists the best palaces-museums and palace pavilions of Istanbul with recreated interiors that you can visit.


The Peninsula Istanbul Hotel is a luxury luxury hotel in Istanbul, which has a 5-star panoramic pool and views of the Bosphorus Strait.


Antalya is a large Turkish city and a famous resort on the Mediterranean coast with a rich history, developed infrastructure, beaches, places for leisure and entertainment.


The Turkish Maldives (Türkiye'nin Maldivler'i) is one of the most popular and visited attractions in Turkey.

Under the name of the Turkish Maldives, there are two objects in Turkey.


Suluada is a Turkish island, which, due to the color of sea water and sand on the beaches, as well as privacy, is known as the Turkish Maldives.

Excursions and individual sea tours are organized to the island.


Lake Salda is a mountain lake in Turkey, which, due to the color of the water and sand, is known as the Turkish Maldives.

There are beaches on the lake; you can take mud baths.


Antalya has parks for walking and recreation, and parks that are suitable for families with children.

Some parks offer wonderful panoramic views.


Antalya has a rich centuries-old history and beautiful surrounding nature, thanks to which it provides an abundance of interesting places to travel outside the city.


The article provides a complete list of attractions, museums, parks, observation decks, waterfalls, entertainment, significant objects and interesting places in Antalya.


The article presents a list (with photos and descriptions) of the main and brightest attractions, museums, observation decks and entertainment of Antalya.


Perge or Perga is an ancient city, from which ruins now remain, which are one of the outstanding archaeological sites of Turkey.


By visiting the sights and museums of Istanbul listed in the article, you will have an idea about the history, local life and architecture of the city; you will walk along the main street and the big bazaar, “breathe” the water artery, admire the city from a height and go down underground.

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