Sights of Antalya, + museums and entertainment. What to see, where to go in Antalya

Antalya is the largest Turkish city on the Mediterranean coast, which, conveniently, has international airport, as well as a rich centuries-old history, thanks to which it is famous not only for its beaches, but also an abundance of attractions, museums, mosques, waterfalls, parks, observation decks, places for recreation, walking and entertainment.

Most of the attractions, places and entertainment listed in this article are suitable for families with children. Also, all places, in addition to beaches and seasonal entertainment, are suitable for holidays in Antalya during the non-tourist season (winter, autumn and spring).

This article provides a complete list of attractions, museums, parks, observation decks, waterfalls, entertainment, significant objects, interesting streets, squares and places in the city of Antalya (with photos and descriptions).

If you want to learn only about the most important and striking sights, museums, parks, observation decks and entertainment in Antalya, then see this list available here →

If you have already enjoyed the city of Antalya itself and want to travel outside of it, then the list of places to go from Antalya can be view here →

You can see and visit the sights, museums and interesting places of Antalya, as well as travel outside the city on your own or with excursions, both individual and group

Attractions, museums, parks and entertainment of Antalya

Antalya Beaches

Within the city of Antalya there are sandy, pebble and rocky beaches equipped with platforms. There are both free beaches and paid beach clubs. There is also a women-only beach.

Many beaches of the city and province of Antalya have a Blue Flag award and all the necessary beach infrastructure.

One of the longest and most visited beaches in Antalya is Lara beach and Konyaalti beach.

In the historical center of the city there is a picturesque Mermerli beach and the beach under the rocks of Adalar. Learn more about beaches, coast and hotels near beaches in Antalya...





Kaleichi Old Town

The old town of Antalya, known as Kaleici (Kaleiçi) is a pearl, the historical center and heart of Antalya, which stands out with sights, museums and the remains of fortress walls, inside which, on narrow streets, you can see buildings of different eras.

Today, most of the buildings in the Old City of Antalya are adapted for shops, souvenir shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and accommodation facilities (hotels, apartments) booking

The significant sights of Kaleichi include:

- remains of defensive structures: walls with towers, Hadrian's Gate, Clock Tower and Hidirlik Tower;

- Kecili Park with a place to relax, a fountain, a sculpture of two goats, as well as observation terraces and a glass observation deck, which offer gorgeous views of the Mediterranean Sea, the old port, the beach of Mermerli, the rocky coast of Antalya and the mountains;

- Yivli Minaret Mosque (Yivliminare Cami), famous for the detached high Yivli minaret;

- Mevlevihane Museum (Mevlevihane Müzesi), consisting of the Mevlevi dervish monastery with an exhibition of dervish items and clothing, a hammam, two mausoleums, a cemetery, a madrasah and ruins;

- Shehzade Korkut Mosque (Şehzâde Korkut Camii), part of which is the Kesik Minaret (Kesik Minare), and which today is a historically rich building functioning as a mosque- museum. The mosque has absorbed the traces of seven civilizations, which can be seen both outside and near the mosque, and inside;

- Ethnographic Museum of Antalya (Antalya Etnografya Müzesi), consisting of two 19th-century mansions that contain Turkish-Islamic artifacts and interior items reflecting Antalya's home life in the period of the Ottoman Empire;

- the Museum of Kaleichi Suna and Inan Kyrach (Suna-İnan Kıraç Kaleiçi Müzesi) is an ethnographic house-museum, which consists of two historical buildings with expositions reflecting Turkish traditions and the spirit of Turkish folk culture with its most striking elements;

- umbrella street. Read more about the old town of Kaleichi…

Antalya Old Port

The Old port (Kaleiçi Yat Limanı Antalya) is a Roman-era harbor in Antalya, located under the former fortress walls and now is one of the main attractions of the city, where visitors of the city like to walk and relax locals.

Today, the port is, for the most part, a tourist area with places for walking and recreation, restaurants, a park with a playground, an amphitheater, shops, monuments, museums, a small Iskele Mosque with a spring, panoramic elevator with a beautiful observation deck, travel agencies, parking and toilets. More about the old port of Antalya…

The walls at the old port of Antalya

Antalya Harbor is surrounded by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, rocky shores and high fortress walls.

You can climb the wall and admire the views of the harbor, the sea and the city of Antalya. More about Antalya walls and climbing the wall…

Ataturk House Museum

The Ataturk House Museum (Antalya Atatürk Evi ve Müzesi) is located in a reconstructed two-storey mansion where Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk once stayed during his visits to Antalya.

In the house-museum with recreated rooms with furniture, photographs and some personal belongings, there are expositions dedicated to the visits of the famous revolutionary and the first president of the Republic of Turkey, Ataturk, to the city. More about the Ataturk House Museum…

Karaalioglu Park

The large Karaalioglu Park (Karaalioğlu Park) is located in the very center of Antalya and is an oasis during walks around the city.

The park has beautiful walking areas, panoramic terraces with views of the Mediterranean Sea, a fountain, monuments and sculptures, ruins of an ancient tower, restaurants and the beach. More about Karaalioglu Park…

Ataturk Boulevard

Ataturk Boulevard (Atatürk caddesi) is one of the most beautiful streets of Antalya, which has a length of about 750 meters and runs along the old town of Kaleici.

Ataturk Street includes a picturesque area with tall palm trees and flower beds with bridges thrown over them, which separates the roadway from a wide pedestrian zone.

On the street there are sculptures created with a face of humor in a pseudo-antique style, Karakash Mosque, cafes, coffee shops and restaurants with outdoor tables. Ataturk Boulevard is also one of the best shopping streets in Antalya, as there are various shops and boutiques along the street, including well-known Turkish and world brands.

On Ataturk Street runs retro tram "Nostalgi" (Nostalgji), which takes you to the Archaeological Museum of Antalya and Konyaalti Beach. Learn more about Ataturk Boulevard...

Jumhuriyet Street (Republic Street)

Jumhuriyet Street, which translates as Republic Street (Cumhuriyet Caddesi) is one of the busiest and most interesting streets in Antalya.

Jumhuriyet Street has a length of about a kilometer. It runs in the historical center of Antalya, along the old town of Kaleici.

On the street: pedestrian zones, places for walking, greenery, there are cafes, restaurants, shops and currency exchangers.

Along the street there are: the Old Market (Old Bazaar), a small square with a fountain and a monument to King Attalus II of Pergamon. More about Jumhuriyet Street and nearby streets…

Republic Square

Republic Square or Cumhuriyet Square (Cumhuriyet Meydanı) is the main square and the heart of Antalya, where there is a monumental monument to the famous historical figure and founder of the Republic of Turkey - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

There are also observation terraces on the square, which offer panoramic views of the old town of Antalya, the harbor and the Mediterranean Sea. More about Republic Square…

Konyaalti Street

Konyaalti Street (Konyaaltı Caddesi) has a length of one and a half kilometers, and stretches from Jumhuriyet Street to the beach and Konyaalti Beach Park. This street is very popular among the guests of the city, as it is a walking route from the old town of Antalya (city center) to the beach.

The route along Konyaalti Street is very picturesque - part of the way runs near a steep rocky shore, coming close to the sea waters, and from which beautiful panoramic views open.

Along the street there is a park on the cliff of Yavuz Ozjan (Yavuz Ozcan parkı) with flower beds, places to relax, a fountain and a large equestrian statue to Sultan Giyaseddin Keikhusrev I. The park offers beautiful panoramic views.

There is also another park along the street - Ataturk Park (Atatürk Parkı) with green areas, a small lunapark, a sculptural fountain on a panoramic terrace with places to relax, as well as panoramic restaurants with terraces located directly near a rocky cliff. More about Konyaalti Street…

Large viewing terrace of Karaalioglu

Konyaalti Street ends at the Konyaalti Large Viewing Terrace (Konyaaltı Büyük Seyir Terası), which is one of the best and most visited viewing platforms in Antalya.

The observation deck is an open terrace near a rocky cliff, from which stunning panoramic views of the sea open, Konyaalti beach, park coastal zone and mountain peaks.

There is a panoramic cafe near the observation deck. More about the viewing terrace and the panoramic cafe…

Antalya Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Antalya (Antalya Arkeoloji Müzesi) is considered one of the leading museums not only in Turkey, but also around the world, and is one of the masterpieces of its kind.

The museum is dedicated to three important Mediterranean ancient civilizations "Lycia", "Pamphylia" and "Pisidia", who lived within the borders of the Antalya region, which was one of the first places where human traces are visible in Anatolia.

Historical artifacts (sculptures, sarcophagi, vases, coins, icons, mosaics and other items) from the Lower Paleolithic to the Roman period are exhibited in the halls of the museum.

The museum is located opposite Konyaalti's Large Viewing Terrace. More about the Antalya Archaeological Museum…

Beach Park and Ataturk Culture Park

The Beach Park (Beach Park Antalya) and the Atatürk Cultural Park (Atatürk Kültür Parkı) are in fact parts of one large park area located near the eastern part of Konyaalti Beach.

In the Beach Park: places for walking and recreation, a bike path, lawns where people come for picnics, playgrounds, cafes and restaurants, free toilets, places to charge phones, free Wi-Fi.

In the park of culture of Ataturk: an abundance of greenery, places for walking and recreation, a bike path, a local walk of fame, a miniature replica of the Mayan pyramid, a pond, a small waterfall, a cafe, a concert hall and an exhibition center "Glass Pyramid", where festivals and cultural events are held. From the park, near a rocky cliff, there are views of the Mediterranean Sea.

You can go up and down from the Beach Park to the Ataturk Park using one of the two free panoramic elevators or on foot, including stairs.

Parks are free to visit.

Antalya Aquarium (Antalya Oceanarium)

Antalya Aquarium is an aquarium complex, which is one of the largest and most visited of its kind in the world.

The aquarium includes several objects:

- 40 themed aquariums and a 131 meter long tunnel aquarium with various inhabitants of the underwater world;

- snow world and ice museum;

- terrarium with snakes, spiders, frogs, scorpions, chameleons, lizards and crocodiles;

- wax museum with celebrities who have left their mark on world history;

- XD-cinema where you can watch a film about underwater travel, consisting of real images;

- also in the aquarium: VR 360 videos, violin exhibitions and concerts, catering areas and a gift shop. More about Antalya Aquarium…

Waterhill Water Park

Waterhill Water Park is a large seasonal water park with pools, slides, cafes and shows of marine animals.

Aquapark website:

Aktur Amusement Park

The Aktur Amusement Park is a large amusement park with roller coasters, classic attractions, including adults and children, a 5D cinema, a play area, Turkey's largest Ferris wheel "Heart of Antalya" (height 90 meters) and a food court.

The entrance to the park is a bright colorful castle.

Aktur park website:

Near the park there is a popular shopping center "5M Migros".

Tunektepe Cable Car

Tunektepe (Tünektepe) is a mountain whose height is 618 meters above sea level, and which is the best and highest observation deck in Antalya.

The mountain can be reached by the Tunektepe cable car (Tünektepe Teleferik).

At the top of Tyunektepe, toilets are equipped, there is a souvenir shop, a restaurant and a cafe, as well as observation platforms at different levels, from which stunning 360-degree panoramic views of the city of Antalya and its surroundings, sea waters, mountains and Turtle (Mouse) Island open. Learn more about the Tunektepe cable car, ascent and views…

Duden Waterfalls

Duden Waterfalls (Dyuden Şelalesi) is a cascade of waterfalls in the city of Antalya, which is formed by the Duden River.

The waterfalls consist of the Upper Duden Waterfalls and the Lower Duden Waterfall, located at a distance of 15 kilometers from each other.

The Upper Duden Waterfalls (Yukarı Düden Şelalesi) is a picturesque cascade of several waterfalls that flow into the Duden River from a rocky cliff designed as a grotto (cave), where you can walk behind the waterfall and admire the views of water flows from the back of the waterfall.

A park with vegetation has been created around the waterfall, there are rocky steps and terraces from which picturesque views of the waterfalls open. There are also places for recreation and picnics, a cafe, a souvenir shop and toilets in the park.

Entrance to the Upper Waterfalls Park is paid. Learn more about the Upper Duden Waterfalls…

The Lower Duden Waterfall (Aşağı Düden Şelalesi) is a 40-meter waterfall that falls with a powerful stream from the steep rocky shore directly into the Mediterranean Sea.

Lower Duden Waterfall is located in the Duden Park (Düden Parkı) of the same name, which in itself is a wonderful area for walking and relaxing.

There are panoramic terraces in the park near the waterfall.

Duden Park and the Lower Waterfalls are free. Learn more about the Lower Duden Waterfalls and the park…

Parks on the cliffs

In addition to Duden Park with the Lower Duden Waterfall, along the rocky steep coast of Antalya, in the direction from Duden Park to the center of Antalya, there are other park areas on cliffs, with greenery, places for walking and recreation, reservoirs, fountains, cafes and terraces with panoramic views of the sea.

Of the parks: Falez Parkı 3, Mehmet Manavoğlu Parkı, Yalım Parkı, Falez Parkı 2, Özgür Köpek Oyun Parkı and etc.

Sandy Country

Sandy Country (Sandland) is a kind of open-air museum, where sand sculptures are presented.

The international sand art Festival (Uluslararası Antalya Kum Heykel Festivali) is held here annually, for which a new theme is chosen every year and sculptors from different countries create various sand sculptures. Visitors are allowed to observe the process of creating sand sculptures. The sculptures remain in their places for the next twelve months, until the new festival.

In the evening, the sculptures are illuminated.

Entrance to the museum is paid.

The museum is located near the western part of Lara Beach.

Museum opening hours: from May 1 to November 1 from 09:00 to 23:00, from November 1 to May 1 and from 09:00 to 19:00.

Website of the Sandland Museum: sandlandantalya.

Dokuma Park

Dokuma Park or Dokumapark is a shady pine park located on the territory of a former yarn and cotton factory in Antalya.

The former factory has now been turned into a park and museum area.

In Dokumapark:

- places for walking and recreation, a botanical garden, playgrounds, picnic areas, libraries, a booksellers' bazaar, a mini railway, a weaving factory mosque, an 8D cinema and various cafes, including themed;

- Antalya Toy Museum (Anadolu Oyuncak Müzesi), which exhibits more than 13 thousand toys on various topics. The world of toys includes toys from a school classroom to a fairy-tale room, from shopkeeper Street to Kaleichi Street, from cars to dolls. In the garden of the museum there are olive trees, special plant ornaments and sculptures of cartoon characters;

- open-air miniature Museum "Mini City" (Dokuma Park Mini City), which presents smaller copies of popular attractions in Turkey;

- the museum of history "Once upon a Time in a Fairy Tale" (Bir Zamanlar Antalya Müzesi), where memories of Antalya and the Weaving Factory are kept. The museum tells both about the rapidly changing and developing Kepez (Antalya district, where the park is located), and about the important values of Antalya and the history of the city. The museum is located in the administrative building of the old weaving factory;

- Museum of Anatolian Martyrs (Anadolu Şehitler Müzesi) dedicated to the people who won the victory with their names, photos and personal things;

- Gallery of Modern Art (Modern Sanatlar Galerisi), created in the former factory dining room and has 4 exhibition halls;

- Antalya Car Museum (Kepez Dokuma Park Otomobil Müzesi), which presents cars that until recently traveled through the streets of the city;

- Antalya Science Center, which includes experimental halls, scientific workshops, exhibition areas, specially designed galleries and multipurpose halls where scientific shows and talks are held.

Fairs and various events are held in Dokumapark.

Dokumapark is located near the popular large shopping center "Ozdilek Park" (ÖzdilekPark Antalya AVM) with shops, restaurants, a bowling alley and a cinema.

Antalya Zoo

Antalya Zoo, although not the largest zoo in Turkey, but in terms of the area it covers, is one of the best zoos in Turkey with a natural structure of the land corresponding to the standard of living of animals.

The zoo includes a reptile house, a birdhouse and shelters for deer, gazelles, roe deer, maned sheep, Cameroonian sheep, zebras, ponies, kangaroos, lions, tigers, cougars, lizards, bears, as well as natural and artificial reservoirs and waterfalls.

Antalya Zoo Website:

Theme Park "Fantastik"

Fantastik Park is a large theme park with various sports and entertainment areas for every age and taste.

In the park: children's area with trampolines, children's excavators, rope obstacle course (rope park), zipline, go-karts, rodelbahn, quad bikes, paintball, zorbing, horseback riding, cafes and picnic areas.

The park is located near the Antalya Zoo.

The park's website:

Kepez Park

Kepez Park (Kepez Belediyesi Kent Ormanı) is a shady large park that attracts attention with the Ataturk Waterfall with fountains and a large sculpture "the mask of Ataturk" (Atatürk Maskı), cafes, areas for walks and picnics.

The terraces of the park offer wonderful panoramic views of Antalya, the sea and the mountains.

Entrance to the park is free.

Dolphinarium "Aksu"

The Aksu Dolphinarium is a family marine park with a show of dolphins and sea lions, the possibility of swimming with dolphins and a shark.

The Dolphinarium is located near the southeastern outskirts of Antalya, in the area of Aksu and Lara Beach.

Dolphinarium website:

The upside-down house

An upside down house or Upside down House stands on the roof and everything is upside down in its interior - furniture and objects are on the ceiling, and you also walk on the ceiling, only the furniture is above you! "But how is it?".

The address of the inverted house: Altıntaş mah, Kardeş Kentler Cd. no 15, 07400 Aksu/Antalya, Turkey.

Ancient city of Perge

Perge or Perga is an ancient city founded in the Bronze Age and from which ruins now remain, which are one of the outstanding archaeological sites of Turkey.

Today on the territory of Perge you can see the remains of walls, gates and towers, basilicas, nymphaeums, baths, palaestra, propylaea, agora, some buildings and shops, the main street with a water canal, as well as an ancient stadium and theater.

The ruins of the ancient city of Perge (Perge Antik Kenti) are located within the borders of Aksu District in Antalya Province, 17 kilometers northeast of Antalya city center. Learn more about Perga and how to visit…

Practical information

In Antalya and the region there is a Museum Card of the Mediterranean (Museum Pass The Mediterranean), according to which entrance to some museums and archaeology (including the Archaeological Museum of Antalya and Perga) is free or at a discount.

All accommodation facilities in Antalya (hotels, apartments, villas, guest houses, etc.), including in the historical center of the city, near beaches and more remotely from those, can be view and book here booking

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