Lower Duden waterfall (Lara waterfall or Karpuzkaldiran) and Duden Park, Antalya (Aşağı Düden Şelalesi, Düden Parkı)

The Lower Dyuden Waterfall or the Lower Dyuden Waterfall (Aşağı Dyuden Şelalesi), also known as the Lara Waterfall or the Karpuzkaldyran Waterfall (Şelalesi Lara, Karpuzkaldıran) is a picturesque waterfall in Antalya, which falls into the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the attractions of the city.

The Lower Duden Waterfall is located in the Duden Park (Düden Parkı) of the same name, which in itself is a great area for walking and relaxing.

The waterfall is one of the most popular and beautiful natural attractions of Antalya.

Duden Creek, which flows through Antalya, a powerful bubbling stream from a height of 40 meters runs down from the steep rocky coast of Antalya directly into the Mediterranean Sea.

An uneven rocky cliff with turbulent streams of water falling from it creates a beautiful panorama.

The waterfall is clearly visible from the equipped observation decks of Duden Park.

In the evening, the waterfall is illuminated.

Excursion boats approach directly to the waters of the waterfall.

Video of the Lower Duden Waterfall

In the vast Duden Park, from which the stream flows into the sea, forming a waterfall, there are places for walking and relaxing, cafes, children's play areas and a sports ground.

And due to the fact that the park is located above a rocky cliff, its territory and terraces offer panoramic views of the sea, the rocky coast and parts of the city of Antalya.

P.S. In the Northern part of Antalya, 15 kilometers from the Lower Duden Waterfall, there are Upper Duden waterfalls.

Practical information

Entrance to Duden Park and inspection of the Lower Duden Waterfall are free.

The park is open 24 hours a day.

From the center of Antalya to the park and to the waterfalls can be reached by public buses (stops are located on Barınaklar Street; from the area Konyaalti and the old town of Kaleichi bus runs KL08), taxi or car. Rent a car in Antalya (all places, including the airport and the city center) →

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