Benidorm - one of the main resorts of the Costa Blanca, part of the province of Alicante (Valencia), washed by the warm Mediterranean sea.

Benidorm is a city of modern skyscrapers, parties, beer and tapas, which incorporates old and new. Here long sandy beaches bordered with glass skyscrapers, and the narrow Spanish streets full of bars and restaurants, which every evening gather crowds wanting to taste her party life of Benidorm. No wonder Benidorm Spanish called Las Vegas or new York.


Benidorm is a modern resort that, in addition to the beautiful and long beaches, also rich and diverse attractions: historic, modern and natural.

Basic, the most exquisite and most visited attractions of Benidorm are:...


Benidorm's old town, or Old quarter of Benidorm (Parte Vieja) is perhaps one of the best hotels in Benidorm for walks, gastronomy and shopping. If you are bored with beaches, city life and tall buildings of Benidorm, the old quarter is the ideal place for walking, where you can fully enjoy the Spanish flavor and inhale a breath of fresh air.

Old town Benidorm is a low-rise building in the traditional Spanish style, small and cosy squares, narrow winding streets, which are concentrated abundance of cafes, bars, restaurants and shops as well as attractions and historical sites.


Terra Natura - themed nature Park in Benidorm. In the Park Terra Natura presents not only animals but also various kinds of plants (flora). Besides, Terra Natura is a modern zoo, in which its inhabitants created comfortable conditions for life, as close to the natural habitat of animals, without the use of visible barriers. Due to such barriers, visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of wildlife.

In the Park there are places, contact zoo, where you can touch some of the harmless animals or birds, ride on a donkey or pony, to see how near you have to hand-feed the elephants or camel and enjoy the show, which take place twice a day at the Park arena.


Terra Mitica is a famous theme park in Benidorm, which is the hallmark of Benidorm and the entire Costa Blanca. This park was opened in 2000 and immediately gained popularity, both among local residents and guests of the city. Currently, the park is visited annually by a huge number of tourists.

Naturally, we could not pass by the park and looked into its territory.

The Terra Mitica amusement park is divided into several thematic zones, each of which is stylized for a particular era of the country and has its own unique attractions.


Benidorm - developed tourist center, a city located on the Mediterranean coast, attracting many tourists with its diverse beaches, exciting nightlife and variety of entertainment parks.

To get to Benidorm from Alicante you can, as from Alicante airport and from city center by public transport - bus or subway; a personal or rented car; Shuttle or taxi.


Benidorm - one of the largest and the main resorts of the Costa Blanca. Benidorm's coast is washed by clean and warm waters of the Mediterranean sea.

The beaches of Benidorm are among the best of this part of the coast of Spain. And this is not casual, in Benidorm there are beaches for every taste and color, from the sandy and long, to small rocky coves that are ideal for relaxation, diving and snorkeling. There are also unofficial nudist beach.

Most of the beaches of Benidorm are holders of a Blue flag, a mark of distinction for safety, quality and purity, like the beach and sea water. Many tourists choosing to stay a particular beach often look to the presence of Blue flag beach.

In the heart of Benidorm are three beaches, all of them...


At the westernmost point of Benidorm is one interesting attraction is the mountain Tossal de Cala (Tossal de la Cala).

On the territory of the mountain are:

- the ruins of the ancient settlement of the Iberians, Tossal de Cala;

- the chapel Ermita Virgen del Mar (Ermita Virgen del Mar);

- two viewing platforms.

Rocky hill Kala bordering the large sandy beach of Benidorm Poniente. To get to the sights and viewpoints of the mountains of Benidorm or the surrounding neighborhoods, both on foot and by car.


Poniente beach or Poniente is the largest sandy beach in Benidorm. The length of the beach is more than three kilometers. All three kilometre beach strip covered with fine and pleasant to the touch and light sand.

The beach has all the necessary beach infrastructure. On the beach of the urn, the soul for the feet, medical care, and rescue rigs, children's and sports playgrounds, rope climbing structures, wooden floorings, for people with disabilities, dedicated place for beach football and volleyball.

A sign of purity and safety of the beach stands the award "Blue flag".

Poniente beach is not only the longest beach of Benidorm, but also the most peaceful. Unlike its neighbour, Levante beach, which...


The Mal Pas beach is a small beach that is located in the heart of Benidorm, in a Bay, between two main beaches Poniente and Levante.

To get to the beach from Benidorm town centre on foot, through the Old town, steps to the sea, or pass through the port, from Poniente beach and Elche Park.

Although Cala del Mal Pas, in comparison with the other two Central beaches of Benidorm, cannot boast of its size, but the beach is the most beautiful in Alicante.

On all sides the beach is surrounded by the picturesque rocky ledges. On the left (East) side of the beach is the most visited part of Benidorm...


Levante beach is one of the main sandy beaches of Benidorm.

This is the most noisy, crowded and party beach.

On the beach many water sports and water activities. On the promenade along the sea front, there are an abundance of cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants, most of them from early morning until late at night came the music, and idle youth fun lights with a glass of beer or cocktail in hand. Work nightlife.

This beach, although it has a blue flag, long and beautiful sandy coastline and a convenient entrance to the sea, is hardly suitable for a relaxing beach holiday. For a family beach holiday, we would recommend to consider the second sand and the...


Surely many come to the thereof, or the city, want to enjoy the area from a bird's eye view.

One of the highest points in Barcelona, where you can see the city and beaches, is an observation deck located in one of the tallest buildings of the resort 4-star hotels Gran Hotel Bali.

Viewpoint (viewpoint of the Gran Hotel Bali) is located on the 45th floor of the hotel, but when you consider that the first floor of the hotel is numbered zero, and 46-M. Entrance public.

The price of admission...


Benidorm, the main and one of the most popular resorts on the shores of the resort area of the Costa Blanca.

Benidom the coastline stretches for several kilometers along the line of the Mediterranean sea. In Benidorm and the nearby (walking) area, including the municipality of Finestrat and the Eastern part of the city of Villajoyosa, there are seven different beaches, two of which are suitable for those who like to sunbathe and swim naked.

Nudist beaches of Benidorm and the surrounding area - la Almadrava and Raco Del Conill

Both beaches are secluded rocky coves, hidden from curious prying eyes. The beaches are located on both sides...

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