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Benidorm Old Town (Parte Vieja)

Benidorm's old town, or Old quarter of Benidorm (Parte Vieja) is perhaps one of the best hotels in Benidorm for walks, gastronomy and shopping. If you are bored with beaches, city life and tall buildings of Benidorm, the old quarter is the ideal place for walking, where you can fully enjoy the Spanish flavor and inhale a breath of fresh air.

The old town is situated on a picturesque promontory stretching into the Mediterranean sea, in the heart of Benidorm, between the two main sandy beaches - Levante and Poniente, thus dividing a long coastline and forming the Central part of the coast.

Old town Benidorm is a low-rise building in the traditional Spanish style, small and cosy squares, narrow winding streets, which are concentrated abundance of cafes, bars, restaurants and shops as well as attractions and historical sites.

The main and the most visited historic sights of the old town of Benidorm are:

The "balcony of the Mediterranean" (Balcon del Mediterraneo). Balcony of the Mediterranean is a viewing platform which offers panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea, the island of Benidorm, the coast and part of the city.

The Balcony leads to the white staircase running along the side of a cliff

On the cliff near the stairs leading to the Balcony of the Mediterranean is a beautiful white area of Castelar/Castelar de Plaсa. Here are the balustrade, arches, lookout points and places to relax. Part of the landing is decorated with ornamental mosaics.

In front of the stairs, in the center of the square, you can see old cannons. Once this place was a Fort, at the same time a reminder of the castle only serve those guns, Yes some fragments of walls.

The perimeter of the area, as elsewhere in the Old town, located cafes and restaurants with tables under the open sky.

Dominating the square is the main religious monument of Benidorm – the Church-the parish of St. James and St. Anne (Parroquia de Sant Jaume i Santa Anna). This beautiful white Church with blue domes, is indeed the most beautiful building of old Benidorm.

The main entrance to the temple is located on the eponymous square San Jaime/Sant Jaume, Placa de

The square is also located place to stay, an observation deck, which offers views of Levante beach, shops, cafes and hotels.

The Seigniory square/Placa de la Senyoria, another beautiful and picturesque area of Benidorm's Old town. This area is almost directly adjacent to the Plaza Castelar and is probably the most green area of Old Benidorm. Around the area the abundance of palm trees, greenery and flowers.

Also on the square you can see the monument to the fallen at sea - Benidorma los muertos en la Mar.

Near the square, from the sea, beautiful walking area. From this point a magnificent view on the most beautiful beach of Benidorm, the Mal Pas.

Another interesting and popular place in Old Benidorm is the street of Tapas. Street Tapas, as it is called in the vernacular, in fact, the street has its own name - Santo Domingo, better known as "Tapas alley". Tapas Alley is a feature not only of the old city, but of the whole of Benidorm. The fact that the street and nearby squares and alleys, there are plenty of tapas bars. Here is so dense concentration of tapas establishments that they are just lined up along the street, come and choose your favorite.

Tapas can be seen directly in the Windows of bars

In addition to classic tapas and beer, these establishments also serve wine, cocktails, spirits, snacks and other dishes.

Now let's have a rest from information and just walk through charming cobbled streets lined with an abundance of cafes and restaurants

In addition to historical attractions, walks and gatherings in bars and cafes, Old town Benidorm, it is also a popular choice for travelers. Here you can find a huge number of boutiques, jewelry stores, clothing stores and shoes, cosmetics and accessories, as well as souvenir shops and small shops of Handicrafts of local masters, there is a grocery supermarket.

The bulk of shops and boutiques located in the "lower" part of the Old town, in the streets Passats de La Carretera (the main shopping street of Benidorm) and adjacent streets. Although shops in the heart of the city, but I must admit, the prices are quite reasonable, we also stocked up at this place and bought new clothes.

Needless to say, and Benidorm's Old town is still beautiful and very diverse, everyone will find something to taste, and it is best to combine sightseeing, lunch at local cafe, dinner, tapas on the street, and shopping on site. So much... but old town is quite small, it can be easily explored on foot in a few hours.

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