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Benidorm, Spain (Benidorm)

Benidorm - one of the main resorts of the Costa Blanca, part of the province of Alicante (Valencia), washed by the warm Mediterranean sea.

Once Benidorm was a little town with a small seaport, where the main occupation of the locals was fishing. But time has passed and everything is very changed, now Benidorm is a modern tourist center, the resort is very popular. Modern Benidorm is a city with unusual for Spain high-rise buildings (a couple of buildings of Benidorm, to date, more than 45 floors), two long sandy beaches and the Old part of Benidorm, which has preserved architectural monuments, and in the air still hovers the spirit of "old Spain."

Benidorm is a city of modern skyscrapers, parties, beer and tapas, which incorporates old and new. Here long sandy beaches bordered with glass skyscrapers, and the narrow Spanish streets full of bars and restaurants, which every evening gather crowds wanting to taste her party life of Benidorm. No wonder Benidorm Spanish called Las Vegas or new York.


Benidorm Skyscrapers

In short, somehow, in three paragraphs, you describe the Benidorm. Naturally, Benidorm is much more than just beaches and parties, skyscrapers and the Old town. After visiting Benidorm, everyone will develop their own, different from the rest of the city. Here and in the us Benidorm left their mark.

Let's start with personal opinions about Benidorm, and after we give General information and tell you about the beaches of Benidorm, the Old town, viewing platforms, parks and other interesting places, sights and entertainment, but also about shopping in Benidorm, and, of course, about where to stay and how to get to Benidorm.

Personal opinion about Benidorm

Skyscrapers is good, it is even more interesting, however, is only the beginning. Hangouts and active evening-night life, that's cool too, if for a few days. Sandy long beaches, Blue flag, it is just perfect for a beach holiday and the beaches in Benidorm, indeed, very good.

But all this fun leaves its mark, the imprint of ambivalence and uncertainty. If you select a city for a beach holiday, then we would certainly not give preference to Benidorm, but to call for a few days and taste all the delights of the city, of course, is. For us in Torrevieja too noisy, too dirty, garbage on the streets, and pushing these high-rise buildings, all of this does not enjoy true Spanish holiday. Due to its popularity among party-goers (there's a lot of bars, clubs and pubs), Benidorm is also called the second Ibiza, only more budget. Some even call Benidorm - Ibiza for the poor. However, we wouldn't say, Benidorm probably a little different for your holiday than those who do not have enough money to Ibiza, and people looking for other experiences.

Hangouts in Benidorm

But here too each his own, tastes, as the saying goes: "do Not argue" who camps down and "pompanette", and who is livelier Yes "pokeragent".

However, the city has something to do, there is entertainment for the whole family and any age. In the city of 6 theme parks. Also, there are places where you can relax and soul and body, are two wonderful Park of Elche and L of Higuera, the streets of the old town and the reserve Natural de Serra Gelada, in which there are two beaches, two small and relatively calm Bay. There are interesting sights, both historical and modern, and natural.

All it is a feature of Benidorm, setting it apart from other resorts in Spain. It is a city of contrasts. In Benidorm you can fall in love at first sight, as the city may not like it, but indifferent from it just will not go away. And, perhaps, Benidorm will leave a dual impression. One thing is for sure - this is the highlight of Benidorm. Isn't it?!

The Beaches Of Benidorm

The beaches of Benidorm are among the best in this part of the coast of Spain. And this is not casual, in Benidorm there are beaches for every taste and color, from long and sandy, small rocky coves that are perfect for a relaxing vacation, diving and snorkeling.

In the heart of Benidorm are three beaches, all of them are sandy and have Blue flag award. The largest and longest beaches are Poniente beach and Levante beach. These beaches are separated by rock, on which are located the most visited attractions of Benidorm Old town. So, Poniente beach belongs to the Western part of the city, and the Levant to the East. Between the beaches, close to Poniente, is another small but very beautiful beach - Mal Pas. The beaches have all the necessary infrastructure: sunbeds and parasols, urn, soul to feet, toilets, medical stations and rescue towers, children's and sports playgrounds, rope climbing structures, wooden floorings, for people with disabilities, dedicated place for beach football and volleyball. The beaches are small and pleasant to the touch light sand. The beaches are cleaned daily, the sand dub. The entrance to the sea flat, depth does not occur immediately, the bottom is sandy. Sea water is clean and clear.

Poniente beach is the largest sandy beach in Benidorm. Its length is more than three kilometers. This beach is more tranquil than Levante, it is more suitable for families with children.

Poniente Beach, Benidorm

Poniente Beach, Benidorm

Levante beach is the second largest Central sandy beach in Benidorm, its length is slightly over two kilometers.

This beach, although it has a Blue flag, long and beautiful sandy coastline and a convenient entrance to the sea, is hardly suitable for a relaxing beach holiday. This is the beach parties and fun - the main nightlife beach area of the Costa Blanca. This is the most noisy, crowded and party beach.

Levante Beach, Benidorm

Levante Beach, Benidorm

The Mal Pas beach is a small Cove, located between the beaches of Poniente and Levante, at the foot of Old Benidorm. Although the beach Mal Pas, in comparison with the other two Central beaches of Benidorm, cannot boast of its size, but it is the most picturesque beach of the city.

Mal Pas Beach, Benidorm

To the East of the Levante beach, on mountainous terrain, away from the bustle of the city, nestled into a small Cove - Almadraba and Ti Ximo. Almadrava Bay, the unofficial nudist beach.

Almadrava Bay, Benidorm

Ti Himo Bay, Benidorm

The island La Isla de Benidorm - the same small island, located only a few kilometers from the coast, it can be clearly seen from all the beaches of the city. This desert island is a great place for diving, snorkeling and fishing. The island is dominated by the almost deserted wild beaches and quiet coves.

To get to the island of Benidorm is only by boat. Daily boat, sail from the pier in the Eastern part of the beach Levant and from the sea port to the Old town.

Benidorm Island

Promenades Of Benidorm

Embankments in Benidorm for two. One runs along the Levante beach and the second is along the beach of Poniente.

The most beautiful and picturesque promenade, decorated with procession of palms and is ideal for rest and walks, stretches along the coast of Poniente beach.

Promenade in Benidorm, Poniente beach

The promenade along the cycle path. And in the left (Eastern) part of the beach, on the waterfront is a shady Park of Elche.

Elche Park, Benidorm

In the center, the seafront is a promenade, lined with colored tiles, there are benches for relaxing, there is a ledge in the form of balconies, which offer beautiful views of the beach and the Mediterranean sea.

Benidorm Embankment

Balconies on the embankment of Poniente beach in Benidorm

The promenade of the Levante beach, less luxurious, but no less attractive. Along the waterfront the abundance of cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants.

Levante Beach Promenade, Benidorm

Bars on the Levante beach promenade, Benidorm

Benidorm's old town

Gorgeous old part of Benidorm, where there are preserved architectural monuments of past centuries. The old part of Benidorm is perhaps one of the best hotels in Benidorm for walks, gastronomy and shopping.

The old town is situated on a picturesque promontory stretching into the Mediterranean sea, in the heart of Benidorm, between Levante and Poniente, thus dividing a long coastline and forming the Central part of the coast.

Old town Benidorm is a low building in the traditional Spanish style, small and cosy square, tight and bright winding streets, which are concentrated abundance of cafes, bars, restaurants and shops, there are also attractions and historical monuments.

Old Town, Benidorm

Old Town, Benidorm

The main and the most visited attractions in Benidorm's old town are:

Balcony of the Mediterranean, which is a observation deck, which offers views of the Mediterranean sea, the island of Benidorm, the coast and part of the city.

Mediterranean Balcony in the Old Town of Benidorm

As well as the main religious monument of Benidorm - the Church-the parish of St. James and St. Anne. White Church with blue domes, is indeed the most beautiful building of old Benidorm.

Church in the Old Town of Benidorm

In Benidorm's old quarter is the famous street of Tapas. Tapas Alley is a feature not only of the old city, but of the whole of Benidorm. The fact that the street is full of tapas bars. That's where the first thing is all who come to Benidorm for separation and revelry.

Tapas Street, Benidorm

Tapas bars, Benidorm

The observation deck of Benidorm

In Benidorm there are five viewing platforms. Two of them we have already discussed above, is the balconies on the seafront of Poniente beach, of course a full viewing platforms call them difficult, but, nevertheless, the views of the beach and the Mediterranean sea with them open.

The second area, or rather areas in Skopje, are the lookout in the Old town. Among them Balkom Mediterranean and some of those located on squares of the old part of Benidorm. With these decks offer views of the sea, beaches and town.

Viewing platforms in the Old Town of Benidorm

But a full viewing platforms, in the usual sense of the word, in Benidorm three.

The most visited and high is the observation deck at the Gran Hotel Bali (viewpoint of the Gran Hotel Bali). The observation deck is located on the 45th floor of the hotel, but when you consider that the first floor of the hotel is numbered zero, and 46-m. the Entrance is public but is paid.

From this observation deck offers beautiful views to the largest beach in Benidorm Poniente and Finestrat beach and also the town itself and the surrounding area.

Bali Hotel Observation Deck, Benidorm

Lookout Cross Benidorm/Benidorm La Creu, which offers panoramic views of Benidorm. Is this the observation deck in the Park Natural de Serra Gelada.

Cross of Benidorm Observation Deck

Lookout of the Cross of Benidorm is not only located in the reserve. In the Park there are also several small observation points.

Viewing platforms in the Natural de Serra Helada Park, Benidorm

The observation deck located on mount Tossal de La Cala. Mountain Tossal de Cala is located in the most Western part of Benidorm, with Poniente beach, South along the coast. From these observation decks offer scenic views of the Poniente beach and the surrounding area.

Viewing platforms on Mount Tossal de la Cala, Benidorm

A place for relaxation and leisure in Benidorm

Park L of Aguera (Parque de l'aigüera)

Park L of Higuera is a beautiful promenade in the neoclassical style theatre style for presentations. This Central city Park is the largest Park in Benidorm. In the Park, thick vegetation and palm trees.

L'aiguera Park, Benidorm

Natural Park of Serra Gelada (Parque Natural de Serra Gelada)

Park Natural de Serra Gelada - a unique natural Park bearing the status of natural reserve, located on the coastline and has its origins straight to the Levante beach. It is in this Park are: the observation deck Cross Benidom and two bays - Almadraba and Ti Ximo.

The Park is a few paved trails that encircle the slopes of the hills. These comfortable walking paths run right through mountainous terrain, accessible for all and suitable for families or people with disabilities, and Cycling. While walking, you see the beautiful rocky coast with small bays, which is the main pride of the reserve.

Serra Helada Nature Park, Benidorm

The Park is home to the historical monument old tower

Old Tower in the Serra Helada Park, Benidorm

Mountain Tosal-de-Cala

About it we also mentioned above, when talking about the observation deck of Benidorm. In addition to the two vantage points on the mountain are the ruins of the ancient settlement of the Iberians, Tossal de Cala and the chapel Ermita Virgen del Mar (Ermita Virgen del Mar).

Hermita Virgen del Mar Chapel, Benidorm

Mount Tossal de la Cala, Benidorm

Benidorm Sights

So, talking about the beaches, Old town and parks, we have listed almost all the main attractions of Benidorm. Remained, perhaps, another couple.

Sea port of Benidorm

A small but pretty port city located at the foot of the Old town, near Poniente beach.

In the port with white yachts. You can also arrange a boat trip on one of the boats. Leaving the sea port are boat trips to Benidorm island (Benidorn island), the only inhabited island of the Costa Blanca - Tabarka and other nearby cities on the coast.

Benidorm Seaport

Boat trips from Benidorm

At the sea port of Benidorm from the sea, is a pleasure pier on which is a lighthouse.

Recreational breakwater and lighthouse, Benidorm

The concert hall "Benidorm Palace"

The concert hall "Benidorm Palace" is considered one of the best in Spain. Every week and in the holiday season and more frequently at the concert hall hosts colorful dance shows, including flamenco, are also troupes who come here from all over the world give concerts of pop stars, take part well-known orchestras. During concerts enjoy dinner with dishes from the chef of the restaurant.

Benidorm Palace

Entertainment in Benidorm

Entertainment the whole family can go to one of the theme parks of Benidorm:

- a modern zoo Terra Natura;

- amusement Park and attractions, Terra Mitica and Iberia Park;

small Aqua Natura (Aqua Natura), which is adjacent to the Park Terra Natura;

theme Mundomar sea life Park (Mundomar);

- water theme Park Aqualandia (Aqualandia).

Terra Natura Modern Zoo, Benidorm

Terra Natura, Benidorm

Terra Mitica Amusement and Amusement Park, Benidorm

Terra Mitica, Benidorm

It is also possible to see Benidorm, swept over the city on the merry small train

Walking train, Benidorm

Enjoy water sports available on the beach of Levante. Here, in the left (Eastern) part of the beach, equipped with platform for water-skiing. You can drive on the sea surface and the waves on jet skis or go diving.

Water ski platform, Benidorm

Photos of the streets of Benidorm

Photos of the streets of Benidorm

Streets of Benidorm

Streets of Benidorm, Spain

Benidorm, Spain

Streets of Benidorm photos

Streets of Benidorm, Spain photo

Photo of Benidorm

Shopping in Benidorm

Even shopping in Benidorm can be a enjoyable pastime.

One of the most visited places for shopping is the Old town. Here you can find a huge number of boutiques, jewelry stores, clothing stores and shoes, cosmetics and accessories, as well as souvenir shops and small shops of Handicrafts of local masters, there is a grocery supermarket. The bulk of shops and boutiques located in the "lower" part of the Old town, in the streets Passats de La Carretera (the main shopping street of Benidorm) and adjacent streets.

Shopping street in Benidorm, Old Town

Near the Eastern end of Levante beach is a small Bazaar Levante (Levante Bazar). A market where you can buy Souvenirs, clothes and other goods, and snacks.

Bazar Levante

Another place for shopping can be a shopping center La Marina (La Marina Centro Comercial). There is a shopping centre near Benidorm, near Finestrat.

Where to stay in Benidorm

In Benidorm a large range of accommodation, from budget hotels, hostels and guest houses to expensive and comfortable hotels and apartments with or without meals. The hotels are located in the center of the city and near the beaches from the Windows and balconies will open up to gorgeous views of the beach and sea.

If we talk about personal opinion, we would, for the accommodation a hotel near Poniente beach, on the East (left) side thereof. The accommodation in this place we see the benefits of that within walking distance the lively town centre, the railway stations and stopping points from which you can reach all the theme parks of Benidorm. Here, just minutes away walking steps, are such nice places, Old town, Park of Elche with its beautiful promenade beach Porete, a seaport. And Levante beach on the doorstep, giving vent to manoeuvre in the choice of beach, depending on my mood.

Hotels near Poniente beach, Benidorm

The Beni-Beach apartments. It offers a large outdoor pool and a tennis court on the roof. All apartments have a furnished terrace with wonderful sea views and a spacious living room with a TV. The kitchenette includes an electric hob, oven and fridge.

The 4-star Villa Del Mar offers luxury accommodation with air conditioning and a refrigerator. It offers an outdoor pool surrounded by a terrace with sun loungers. You can choose the "all inclusive" in the Mediterranean restaurant serves Mediterranean dishes in a buffet. At a surcharge, a Spa centre with indoor pool, sauna and Turkish bath.

The 3-star hotel Colon. The hotel is decorated in a simple style and bright colours. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning and a flat-screen TV. Most rooms have views of the sea. Also it offers a café-bar with a poolside terrace and free Wi-Fi.

The 3-star Montemar. Room rates include Breakfast. You can choose a room with Breakfast + dinner or Breakfast + lunch + dinner. It offers air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi Internet access and a TV. All rooms have a safety Deposit box and a private bathroom with a Hairdryer. The restaurant serves a buffet of international dishes, which are prepared in the presence of the client. There is also a bar-cafe with views of the sea, and in the summer live music is performed. The reception is open around the clock.

The 2-star hotel Port Mar Blau Adult Only. It offers a tour Desk and air-conditioned rooms with satellite TV, most of them with private terrace. The hotel has a café bar and a restaurant with sea views serving international cuisine on the system "buffet". Other facilities include a TV lounge.

All accommodation in Benidorm, from budget to luxury, you can view and book here.

Getting to Benidorm

In Alicante airport there. The nearest airports are Alicante or Valencia. It's faster to get from Alicante, besides they fly to Alicante airport direct planes from many European cities.

From Alicante airport can be reached in Benidorm: by public bus, Shuttle or taxi.

From Alicante airport, there are daily public buses to Benidorm, as well as from Benidorm to Alicante airport. In a way, about 45-50 minutes. The fare is € 9,45. The carrier is ALSA.

If, for any reason, the bus does not suit you, to get to Benidorm from Alicante airport you can:

- Shuttle. Place in a tourist bus to the hotel in Alicante or Benidorm in Alicante airport. The Shuttle collects passengers from different flights and delivers to hotels in the city centre. The maximum waiting time of departure is 60 minutes. The fare is 11 Euros. Price includes 1 item of baggage for each passenger;

taxi. The cost of a taxi depends on vehicle class and starts from about 68 Euros. Approximate journey time - 30-45 minutes.

To book a place in the tourist bus or take a taxi/Shuttle service in advance. If you order a taxi at any time of the day, at the airport, you will meet your driver with a sign, which will be written your name and surname. For taxi is enough to tell us your flight details.

From Alicante to Benidorm and from Benidorm to Alicante city centre can be reached also by taxi, public bus or DLR (tourists call it a tram).

From Alicante city centre to Benidorm buses leave from a bus stop Estacion Adif Alicante, in the city center near the railway station and bus station Alicante Estacion de Autobuses de Alicante, located at Loring Avenue, on the address: Av. Loring, 7, 03003 Alicante, Spain. Buses run frequently. The fare from 4 to 6 Euros, depending on the station.

Tram from Alicante to Benidorm is on the red line (L1) on the road, in Alicante, in Campoamor, making several stops. Beginning in Alicante - stop Luceros (Alicante) at the end of Benidorm stop in Benidorm. The journey time is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

With more information about how to get to Benidorm from Alicante (airport and downtown) can be found here.


Spain is in the Euro zone because the country's currency - the Euro. Payment is accepted in cash and Bank cards.

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