Viewpoint Gran Hotel Bali in Benidorm - highest point of Benidorm

Surely many come to the thereof, or the city, want to enjoy the area from a bird's eye view.

One of the highest points in Barcelona, where you can see the city and beaches, is an observation deck located in one of the tallest buildings of the resort 4-star hotels Gran Hotel Bali.

Viewpoint (viewpoint of the Gran Hotel Bali) is located on the 45th floor of the hotel, but when you consider that the first floor of the hotel is numbered zero, and 46-M. Entrance public. The entrance ticket cost € 2.50 for guests hotels and 6 Euros if you are staying at the hotel. Children under 12 - free. Free pass to the observation deck is allowed 1 child under 12 years per adult.

After visiting the observation deck, cafeteria (cafeteria "Ponoch"), upon presentation of a ticket (receipt), you can take one drink per person. From soft drinks: water, soda, juices, milk, coffee, tea or beer. The cafe is located on the first (zero) floor of the hotel.

Viewpoint Gran Hotel Bali

Go to the observation deck

Go in the main entrance of the hotel, turn right and follow to the elevators. Rise on the Elevator at the 43rd floor. You can go as conventional Elevator and the Elevator with panoramic views.

Lifting speed lift offering panoramic views, interesting. From Elevator with views of the city

On the 43rd floor you are greeted by the receptionist who purchased tickets.

Then on foot go up another two floors and get to the platform itself.

The observation deck is a small outdoor balcony

From the observation deck offers beautiful views to the largest beach of Benidorm Poniente and Finestrat beachand also the town itself and the surrounding area.

Where is the Gran Hotel Bali

Gran Hotel Bali is located in the city of Benidorm, close to the right, the southern (Western) part of the Poniente beach, at the following address: Luis Prendes, s/n, 03502 Benidorm, Spain.

Hours of operation observation deck of the Gran Hotel Bali

The observation deck is open to visitors daily from 10: 30 to 13:30 hours and from 15:00 to 20:30 hours.

Attention! Schedule a viewing platform and ticket prices are subject to change. Please check before visiting.

Personal opinion on the observation deck of the Gran Hotel Bali

The dimensions of the observation deck we a little disappointed, she is very small. However, the views of the beaches, the town and surroundings, really worth it to climb it. Besides, this is the only observation deck of the city, located so high up. Especially liked the view of the Poniente beach, from this point we could see the beach in all its glory and appreciate its scope.

To date, the Gran hotel Bali is the tallest building among the buildings of hotels not only in Spain, but throughout Europe. Although, among not only the hotels and all the buildings of the city, Benidorm has a building taller, this building, made in the form of the letter "M". Us, at a glance, it seemed that the building of the letter "M" above hotel Bali, if this is real or a visual illusion, we do not know. Maybe you have more accurate information? Share in the comments, dispel our doubts.

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