Torrevieja, Spain

Torrevieja - solar city, a beautiful resort located on the "White coast" Costa Blanca bathed by the Mediterranean sea.

Torrevieja is one of the largest cities in the province of Alicante, in the Autonomous community of Valencia, located just about in the center between Murcia (Cartagena) and Alicante.

A long coastline of Torrevieja, which runs along the coast for 25 kilometers, perfectly located for a beach holiday, both youth and families with children.

Due to the abundance of Sunny days a year, there are about 320 in Marbella to relax, as in the height of tourist season and in the offseason. Moreover, in addition to the Mediterranean sea, the city is bordered by two salt lakes (lagoons): pink - Salada de Torrevieja and emerald - Salada de La Mata.

In connection with the warm, comfortable climate, plenty of Sunny days, the Mediterranean coast on one side and the salt lakes on the other, the city has a special microclimate, beneficial effect on human health. For this reason, Torrevieja is popular with tourists.

Torrevieja can boast architectural landmarks, a large part of the urban area is a relatively modern buildings, as one similar to each other, including many areas with dense buildings of 6-7 storey houses. But despite this, the city has many natural attractions, beautiful long promenade, which features monuments and sculptures, ideal for walks and recreation, and several beautiful parks and places for shopping.

In Torrevieja, throughout the year, hosts many cultural events, holidays and festivals, each of which has its own characteristics and traditions, and some of them even declared events of tourist interest: such as the celebration of Holy week and the may fair in a real Andalusian style. Of the most popular are:

- in late July - early August is the famous festival (international competition), the event of international tourist interest - the Habaneras/Habanera, at this time the city transformed and catchy tunes that once brought sailors from Cuba, begins to play with new colors;

- the December feast of the Immaculate virgin Mary;

and June - the virgin Carmen.

Despite the fact that, in principle, the duration of holidays is determined on such better to know before the event. So, we are visiting Spain in may, I decided to come back at the may fair, but as it turned out, in connection with the unsigned contract in time and the unwillingness of the city to host the festival, the may fair was moved to the month of October. Here are the Spaniards - a very interesting and relaxed people.

As we could see, prices in Mallorca are slightly lower than in the rest of the Costa Blanca, only slightly of course, but still. So, in the heart of the tourist area, on the waterfront, you can sample paella at the price of 9,50 Euro per person, or eat bisnes-lunch at a price of 7.90 Euro. Portions Bisse services is quite extensive and delicious. The cost usually includes dishes to choose from: the first (soup, salad or other snacks), second (fish or meat with side dish, vegetables) and dessert. Drinks for an additional fee.

In the center, near the main Church and the waterfront, at Calle Concepcion 7, is cafe Chocolateria Valor.

Valor is a famous Spanish chocolate factory. And Chocolate Valor is a fast food chain, considered to be typically Spanish. In shokolaterii you can try 3 kinds of hot chocolate and cocoa, a variety of cocktails made on the basis of chocolate, as well as cakes, desserts, churros, pancake, waffles and other tasty treats. The perfect combination: a Cup of hot chocolate and churros. Dunk the churros in the chocolate and mmm... very tasty, somewhat sickly sweet, but for the sweet tooth the most!

Also, the institution to purchase candies and other sweets company of valor. Cocoa and candy you can buy in supermarkets, where prices are slightly lower.

The Beaches Of Torrevieja

Although the coast of Torrevieja and extends for many kilometers along the sea, but, on Shah the city centre is not very suitable for a comfortable beach holiday. The fact that the center is dominated by rocky coast, with boulders and craggy rocks bordering the small stretches of sandy beaches, which in the high season quite crowded.

Central city beaches are:

The beach Del Cura (Playa Del Cura) Central and scenic, but crowded. The beach strip has a length of 375 meters and 27 meters wide. On the beach is fine and pleasant to the touch the sand is light in color. Has all the necessary infrastructure beach: wooden decks, sun beds and umbrellas, urns, rescue and medical units, showers for legs, separate area for water sports. The entrance to the shallow sea, the bottom of the sand, the sea water is clean and clear.

Playa Los Locos (Playa de Los Locos) - another Central city beach. This beach is very frequented, and is one of the favorite places for beach holidays among the guests. The beach has the shape of an elongated semicircle. The length of the beach is 760 meters. On the beach Locos, mostly fine sand of light color, sometimes mixed with pebbles. The beach is also well equipped and has all the necessary infrastructure.

Naufragos beach (Playa de Los Naufragos), considered one of the best in Torrevieja. The beach of Los Naufragos in the southern part of the coast of Torrevieja, near the salt lakes - Laguna Salada de Torrevieja (natural reserve of Las Salinas). From the historic center of Torrevieja, the beach is about 2 kilometers. Despite this, the beach Is one of the favorite places for tourists in Barcelona.

The Acequión beach - this beach is located in the southern part of the coast of Torrevieja, close to the beach Is near the sea port, yacht Bay, flanked by boats and small yachts, so the beach is popular with locals and visitors alike. The main visitors of the beach are tourists who have chosen for their placement the same district - Acequión.

La Mata beach (Playa de la Mata) is the best beach suburb of Torrevieja. This beach stretches for about 1930 metres in length and has a 47 meter wide. Almost two kilometers of beach strip is completely covered with fine and soft sand of light yellow color.

The beach is located in the eponymous resort - the small town of La Mata, which is considered a suburb of Torrevieja, surrounded by a natural Park, moving dunes and the emerald salt lake. From the historic centre of Torrevieja to La Mata, approximately 6.5 kilometers. From West of La Mata bordered by urbanization of Cabo Cervera.

About all the beaches of Torrevieja we said earlier, if you're interested, information can be viewed here.

The Promenade Of Torrevieja

Along the line of the sea in the centre of the city, starting from the Cura beach and to the sea port, is a beautiful walking area - promenade of Torrevieja, consisting of a number of seaside Boulevard. The beautiful promenade of Torrevieja, in our opinion, this is one of the most picturesque and exciting of the embankments of the Costa Blanca. Moreover, the waterfront is quite extensive, with an abundance of cafes, restaurants, small boutiques and souvenir shops, so it also has a small square, several monuments and sculptures, attributed to the attractions of Torrevieja.

The monument Man of the Sea (Monumento al hombre del mar)

A monument to the beautiful "Lola" or a sculpture Beautiful Lola (Estatua de la Bella Lola). They say that this sculpture is dedicated to a very specific girl - Lola. Beloved Lola went on a long sea voyage and died tragically. After receiving terrible news, Lola was unable to come to terms with the death of a loved one, and by day and by night was sitting near the sea, not taking his eyes away from the sea waters, hoping to see away the ship, which had sailed off her betrothed.

Monument of culture in the Mediterranean (Monumento a las culturas del Mediterráneo)

Near the sea port, part of the waterfront is an interesting promenade - a Boulevard of Vista Alegre (Paseo Vistalegre). Along the Boulevard includes a sun awning and a place to stay.

And on both sides of the Boulevard you can see two of the famous monument:

the Habanera monument (Monumento a las Habaneras)

and the monument to the Torrevieja's musicians (tower of homage Monumento a los Músicos Torrevejenses)

A seaport in Alicante

Sea port of Torrevieja or Torrevieja harbour - Puerto de Torrevieja (Puerto de Torrevieja), occupies a large part of the coastline in the center of the city.

Near the port, in the depths of the Mediterranean sea at 1440 meters stretches walking the breakwater , or mole (El Paseo del Dique de Levante). On the pier are equipped for leisure, as under tents and under the open sky.

Here is one of the most famous monuments of Torrevieja – the Monument to the sailor's wife (tower of homage el Monumento a la Mujer del Marinero), which is a memorial honoring all women, wives of sailors and fishermen.

At the end of the breakwater there is a lighthouse (Faro Torrevieja)

Attractions Of Torrevieja

In addition to the monuments and sculptures located on the waterfront and in the port in Javea has other sights.

Of the most famous and visited:

Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception (Iglesia Arciprestal de la Inmaculada Concepción)

Is the main attraction of Torrevieja. The Church was built in neoclassical style and stands out brightly amid the surrounding architecture. For the first time this Church was erected in 1789, but during the earthquake of 1829 was almost wiped off the face of the earth later, completely remodeled.

Salt (pink) lake Salinas (Salinas de Torrevieja)

Laguna Salada de Torrevieja is not only the main natural wealth of Torrevieja, but also one of the most beautiful places of the city. In the waters of the lake contains large amounts of salt and other useful minerals. And at sunset, depending on the time of year, the lake has different shades, from pink to purple.

Old Tower (Torre del Moro)

It is not only one of the main attractions of Torrevieja, but also the main symbol of the city.

Church Of The Sacred Heart (Parroquia Del Sagrado Corazón)

The Church attracts attention with its interesting modern architecture, large arched Windows and a cross, crowning the main façade of the building. This is the modern Church of Torrevieja, and possibly the entire Costa Blanca.

The rolling sand dunes

Another unique natural attraction of Torrevieja. Along the dunes offer wooden carriages for walks, part of which is the beautiful promenade along the coast and the long sandy beach of the suburb of Torrevieja - La Mata.

Parks in Alicante

In Torrevieja the huge variety of parks and gardens, and Central to it is tiny, literally two or three benches and a couple trees.

Of the most popular and suitable for a walking and relaxing, you can highlight the following:

Nations Park (Parque Jardín de las Naciones)

Beautiful city Park, the jardín de Las Naciones is the main and most visited Park of Torrevieja, located in the city centre. The Park has a large pond in the shape of the European continent. Here roam freely swans, geese and ducks, there are a few peacocks. There are sculptures, a fountain, places for rest and Playground for children.

Park Old Tower

The above us is the Old tower - the main attraction of Torrevieja, is located in the green Park where, besides the tower, there are modern sculptures decorated with interesting trails, places to stay and a small Playground.

The Water mill Park (Parque del Molino del Agua)

Park Molino del Agua, translated as Water mill, a beautiful Park that bears the "title" of the nature reserve. The Park has a pond, places for walks in the shade of pine trees.

Park mill

This Park is located near the jardín de Las Naciones, which we described above. Park mill, is a small Park with swings, Playground, Seating, a small fountain and a place for dogs. There is a kiosk with ice cream and drinks. And, of course, the main landmark and attraction of the Park for which it is visited by most tourists, stands an old mill.

Park near the Acequión beach

This Park is almost directly adjacent to the beach. The Park is clean and well maintained, a good place to shelter from heat, rest and walks. The Park has a lot of greenery, flower beds, places to stay, paths, a small fountain, Playground and stage. In the Park you can observe proteins and bright birds.

Skate Park (skatepark of Torrevieja)

The Park has a skate area, a children's play area, fountain, mini Golf, café and tapas bar.

Park Rincon de Asturias (parque Rincon de Asturias)

Very green and shady Park. In the Park walking paths, places to stay, lots of tall shady trees and palm trees. Local residents of nearby houses, coming to the Park to walk the dogs.

Museums and cultural institutions of Torrevieja

International concert hall (Auditorio Conservatorio Internacional de Música)

Made in the image of the Berlin Philharmonic, the Concert hall of Torrevieja (Conservatory), has become the most important element of the cultural infrastructure of the city - a real Palace of Congresses. The internal structure of the concert hall is designed so that divided into two halls: the big concert Symphony hall for 1,450 people and small chamber hall, accommodating up to 385 people.

City theatre of Torrevieja (Municipal Theater of Torrevieja)

The municipal theatre of Torrevieja has been voted one of the best architectural projects of Spain. The walls of the theatre are all the most famous event in the field of culture.

Community cultural Casino of Torrevieja (El Casino de Torrevieja)

The building of the Casino of Torrevieja is one of the most unusual representative of the buildings of the city. The casino is the headquarters of the Cultural community of the Casino of Torrevieja, founded on 1 February 1867.

The Museum of sea and salt

In the ethnological Museum of sea and salt presents exhibits about the customs, arts and folk traditions of Torrevieja, connected with the sea and salt.

The floating museums of Torrevieja

The floating museums of Torrevieja is represented by three vessels of different origin:

submarine S-61 Dolphin, the first ship of the Navy of Spain;

- a patrol ship of the service of customs surveillance Albatros III belonged to the customs surveillance service until March 23, 2006, after which the ship was transferred to the city, becoming a floating Museum;

- sailing ship Schooner Pascual Flores, where the sailors of Torrevieja to sell their most valuable product - salt.

The Museum Of The Habanera "Ricardo Lafuente"

This Museum expresses the love of the residents for singing Habanera, and also pays tribute to the great musician Ricardo Lafuente Aguado, honorary son of the city and the composer of famous works.

Information and exhibition centre for the salt industry

The Museum will tell you about the salt industry of Torrevieja, and learn interesting facts associated with the process of salt production the influence of salt production on the life of the city, as well as "tell" about how hydrochloric fishing has become a powerful impetus for the development of a small fishing village.

Museum of natural history

This Museum is a collection of the flora and fauna of Torrevieja and the surrounding area. In the Museum you can see skeletons of cetaceans and turtles, as well as the complete collection of the mollusks that inhabit the coast of Torrevieja.

Museum of Holy week

The Museum introduces its guests with special celebrations of Holy week in Benidorm, a great tradition, having its own distinctive features, among them an active part in the holidays of foreigners living in the city.

The Nativity Scene Museum

The Museum of Nativity scenes in Torrevieja presents a private collection of works. Here figurines made known to Spanish and foreign masters of performance art. You can see a collection of angels, embossed pattern with popular scenes of Nativity scenes, dioramas of religious monuments collected from all over the world, unique artisan Nativity scenes, as well as the small Nativity scenes in the world, made from dental porcelain.

The Museum Of Printing

The Museum exposition, which attracted more than ten thousand samples, talk about the history of printing. The Museum presents the exhibits, starting with the first roller machines that date back to 1888, to a variety of utensils for printing and binding. This Museum is private, its Creator was Miguel Aráez Suárez.

Entertainment in Torrevieja

Torrevieja is a modest entertainment, this resort is more suited for a relaxing holiday. Apart from the beaches, parks, major attractions, museums, cafés and restaurants in Torrevieja there are still a few places for a pleasant and fun pastime, which are ideal for couples and singles travelers and for family holidays.

You can make boat trips or visit on a tourist boat is small but quite interesting inhabited the island of Tabarka.

Or take a 40 minute tour of the city on the merry small train. The train starts from the Llibertat Avenue, opposite the Plaza Waldo Calero (Plaza Waldo Calero). Departure every hour, in summer from 11:00 to 24:00 o'clock, in winter from 11:00 until 19-20:00 hours. Cost of adult tickets 4/5 euros, children 2 to 12 years old - 2 Euro, people over 65 years old - 3 euros.

Near the sea port and pleasure pier is a small amusement Park for children. Works in the summer.

The Aquopolis Water Park (Aquopolis Torrevieja). This small outdoor water Park located in the city, near the shopping center Habaneras and the Friday market at: Av. Delfina Viudes, s/n, 03183 Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain. Open to the public during the summer period, in 2017 from 9 June to 7 September, from 11:30 to 18:30 - 20:00 hours, depending on the month and day of the week.

Shopping in Torrevieja

Here, Torrevieja will not disappoint, in the city is quite large, Spanish cities, shopping center Habaneras Shopping Centre, and close to Habaneras is a large Carrefour hypermarket. Near shops street has underground and outdoor Parking.

Close to shopping centers, on a large Esplanade, on Fridays there is an outdoor Friday market/Bazaar (MERCADILLO Torrevieja). The market is open to visitors every Friday, starts from 08:00 a.m. and runs until 14:00.

On the waterfront, near seaport, is a trading range. Full of shopping in this place can hardly be expected, but a variety of Souvenirs, beach goods, bags, some summer clothes, flip-flops and other stuff to buy is quite possible.

In the heart of the city, at Calle Apolo, 66, 03182 Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain, is a company store - El Corte Inglés Outlet. The outlet is small and the choice of clothing is not much, but perhaps if you dig a well, you can find yourself some of the things.

In order to buy food, the city has several supermarkets, including rather large ones.

But the favorite place of shopping for us was a Shopping center Zenia Boulevard. It is the largest shopping center in the province of Alicante, located almost on the coast, in the same resort town (urbanization) La Zenia, 10 mins drive from Torrevieja.

The shopping center has a modern architecture and over 160 000 square metres of space, which housed various shops and boutiques, Parking, casino, cafes and restaurants, children's entertainment area, the Central area and places to stay. To get to the shopping center of Torrevieja is by public buses or minibuses. Details about the Mall and how to get it we told you earlier, learn the information here.

But once running at full speed market-shop Torrevieja, La Plasa, at the present time practically not functioning. A large part of the departments is not working, and the empty building was covered with dust. Let's hope that soon he will undertake, and we will again see a brisk trade under the roof of La Plaza.

Photos of streets of Torrevieja

Beautiful and bright, one of the Central city's busiest streets - prospect Habaneras/Av. de las Habaneras

Other streets of Torrevieja

Where to stay in Torrevieja

The choice of housing in Torrevieja is very large and diverse, here you can find accommodation for every taste and budget, from the budget to 5-star hotels, chalets, and motels, luxury villas and apartments on the first line, where the Windows will open views of the beach and the sea and the city center.

All accommodation facilities in Torrevieja, from budget to luxury, you can view and book here.

How to get to Torrevieja

The fastest and most comfortable way to get to Torrevieja, of course, by plane. In the city of Torrevieja and the airport there. Nearest international airports located in the cities of Alicante and Murcia. Alicante airport is closer and easier to get.

To get from Alicante to Torrevieja by public transport – buses; a personal or rented car or taxi.

The fastest and most convenient method, of course, taxis. Not to run through an unfamiliar airport on arrival, taxi/Shuttle service can be booked in advance, even from home. At any time of the day, at the airport, you will meet your driver with a sign, which will be written your name and surname. For taxi is enough to tell us your flight details.

From the airport and Alicante city centre can be reached in Torrevieja by public buses. Details of how public transport to get to Torrevieja from Alicante (airport and downtown), it is possible to learn here.


Spain is in the Euro zone because the country's currency is the Euro (€). Payment is accepted in cash and Bank cards.

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