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Calpe, Spain (Calp)

Calp or Calpe is a popular resort, a city located on the Mediterranean coast, just to the north Benidorm.

The mild, warm climate of Calpe contributes to a long beach season. However, it is good to relax in Calpe, both in the summer and in the off-season.

Holidays in Calpe

Calpe is quite an interesting city, although it is not large in size, you can easily move around it on foot, but it is diverse, and at the height of the holiday season attracts many vacationers. There are all conditions for a comfortable beach holiday, there is also where to go and what to see: long beaches and small secluded coves, entertainment and attractions: historical, natural and quite modern, as well as an abundance of cafes and restaurants. A walk to some of the sights of Calpe can become both an informative and entertaining part of the program of vacationers.

Calpe cannot boast of a rich and diverse nightlife, rest in Calpe is more likely to be calm and measured.

Kalp is also famous for its fish restaurants. Once a small fishing town, now a popular resort town, it is still famous for restaurants that serve dishes from the freshest Mediterranean fish and seafood. And the fish exchange, which has already earned the honor of tourists, is an interesting sight and is one of the most popular and favorite events among vacationers.

We liked the town, it was small and pretty, quite cozy and somehow homely. Everything in Calpe is harmonious, and a special effect is created by the Ifach rock, a huge rock that rises 322 meters above the city and cuts the Calpe coastline in half, impresses with its size. On the slope of the hill adjacent to the rock, the city is partially located, and the rocky cliff itself goes into the sea. By the way, you can climb the rock and it will surely surprise you, but we will tell you about this a little later in the text.

Beaches of Calpe

The beaches of Calpe are very diverse, there are as many as 14 of them here. Many of which, of course, are difficult to attribute to beaches for a comfortable beach holiday, but nevertheless…

The most popular, visited, central, long and sandy beaches of Calpe are:

Arenal Bol Beach (Playa Del Arenal-Bol) is the central beach of Calpe. This beach stretches for 1,200 meters, from the historical center of the city to the foot of Mount Ifach and was awarded the "Blue Flag" award. The beach has all the necessary beach infrastructure: wooden decking, facilities for sedentary groups of the population are equipped, there are sun loungers and umbrellas, foot showers, lifeguard towers, changing cabins, several playgrounds, places for beach football and volleyball are allocated.

The beach of La Fossa (Playa De La Fossa) is the second most popular in Calpe. It is less long and wide than the Arenal, its length is 950 meters. Playa De La Fossa is located east of Arenal Beach, on the left side of the rocky cliff of Ifach. The beach has also been awarded the "Blue Flag" award.

On the beach there is soft white sand, sometimes there are small stones. The beach is cleaned daily, in the morning the sand is leveled. The beach has all the necessary infrastructure: rescue towers, changing cabins, sun loungers and umbrellas, urns, foot showers, small playgrounds, a children's rope climbing, a small sports ground, places for beach football are allocated, wooden decking is equipped, facilities for sedentary groups of the population.

In addition to the two central beaches mentioned, there are also other smaller beaches in Calpe. One of the most famous and visited:

- the beach of Morello (Cala Morello);

- Cantal Roig Beach (Cantal Roig);

- the pebble beach of El Raco (Cala El Raco).

We told you about all the beaches of Calpe earlier, if anyone is interested, you can see the information here.

Quays of Calpe

Along almost all the beaches of Calpe there are walking areas-embankments.

The main part of the quays of Calpe is not very picturesque, but it is quite suitable for relaxing and evening leisurely walks.

Along the embankments there are numerous hotels and apartments, cafes and restaurants, there are small shops and souvenir shops, as well as several sports grounds.

The picturesque promenade of the Prince of Asturias originates from the beach of El Raco . The embankment runs along the foot of the Ifach Mountain. It is in this place that you can feel the charm of the overhanging rock.

And in front of the Asturian embankment is the seaport of Pesguer el Raco (port Pesguer el Raco). Although the seaport is not large in size, it is quite beautiful and graceful. Snow-white yachts lined up in even rows and the blue of the sea water make this place especially attractive.

On the territory of the seaport there is a boat tour agency, where you can buy tickets and go on boat trips (mini cruises) to nearby resorts. There is also a famous yacht club (Reial Club Nautic Calp), on the territory of which there is a restaurant.

Fish auctions are held in the port. La Lonja de Calp is the name of the building where the fish auction takes place from Monday to Friday, from 17:00 to 19:00. The fish exchange is quite an interesting sight, here fishermen sell fresh catch at auction, information about each bid appears on the screen.

And near the port and the fish exchange, fish restaurants and shopping malls are lined up in a row

Main sights of Calpe

The rock of Ifach (Penon de Ifach)

The Peñon de Ifach rock is a business card and one of the main attractions of Calpe.

If you are a fan of panoramic views from a bird's-eye view, then your program, without a doubt, should include a climb to Mount Ifach. There is an observation deck on the mountain, which offers stunning views of the coast, the city and the surrounding area.

There is a cave-tunnel near the observation deck. The cave is a tunnel leading to the opposite side of the rock.

Morello Mill Tower and Royal Baths

The historical monuments of the Tower-Mill of Morello (Torre Moli del Morello) and the Royal Baths of Los Banos de La Reina (Baños De La Reina) are the ancient sights of Calpe, representing a historical and architectural value and an archaeological ensemble.

Salt Lake in Calpe

The salt Lake-Las Salinas de Calpe (Las Salinas), is a natural attraction and a unique wealth of the city of Calpe. It is in this place that you can observe beautiful birds-pink flamingos.

Lake Salinas is a lagoon with salt water, located near the historical center of the city, at the foot of the Ifach rock and within walking distance from one of the central beaches of Calpe - La Fossa.

Old Town of Calpe

The old town of Calpe (Casco Antiguo en Calpe) is the pearl of Calpe, the historical center and a small quarter located in the heart of Calpe.

The old town of Calpe is probably the most visited place in Calpe, no tourist will avoid such a colorful place. In the old quarter, you can fully experience the Spanish style and immerse yourself in the past. There is a tangle of narrow streets with low traditional Spanish houses, many of which are painted in bright colors.

On the territory of the old city, the remains of the fortress wall (defensive fortifications of the city) from the time of the Moorish rule have been preserved. And the unique cathedral (old church) of La Iglesia Antigua, made in the style of Moorish Gothic. And next to the defensive tower of Torreón de la Peça (Torreón de la Peça), you can see two of the four surviving cannons.

The dominant and central place in the old town of Calpe is the Catholic Church-the parish of Parroquia Virgen De Las Nieves, located on the square de La Villa (Placa de la Villa).

Museums of Calpe

Calpe is also rich in museums: the ethnological museum Casa Coco, archaeological, lithography, modern art, as well as museums of collectibles and festive costumes are waiting for their visitors at any time of the year.

Entertainment in Calpe

Lovers of sea walks can rent both a small boat and a luxury yacht and go out to sea to conquer the sea latitudes.

Or go on one of the proposed mini-sea cruises: swim along the Calpe and explore the Ifach rock from the sea, go to Benidorm, Denia or Altea, as well as a swimming tour with swimming in the open sea, a day or evening walk on the sea with a romantic dinner or lunch on a boat.

You can take a tour of the city on a cheerful steam train

And with children, visit the amusement park "Family Park", located on the avenue of Ejercitos Españoles (Av de los Ejércitos Españoles). The park is open to the public in the summer.

Photos of the streets of Calpe

Where to stay in Calpe

The choice of housing in Calpe is great. You can find accommodation for every taste and budget, from the most budget to 5-star hotels, luxury villas and apartments, both on the first line, where the windows will overlook the beach and the sea, and in the city center.

All accommodation facilities in Calpe, from budget to fashionable, can be viewed and booked here.

How to get to Kalp

There is no airport in Calpe. The nearest airports are in Alicante or Valencia.

It is faster and cheaper to get from Alicante, direct planes from Europe fly to Alicante airport. Arriving by plane, you can get from Alicante to Calpe by taxi or shuttle, bus or train. The journey will take approximately from 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours 20 minutes.

Getting there by a pre-ordered taxi or shuttle is much faster and more convenient.

You can find out more about how to get to Calpe by public transport from Alicante (airport and city center) or Benidorm here.

Automobile communication is carried out on the A-7 motorway and national highway No. 332.

From Valencia to Calpe, you can take the ALSA bus company. The travel time is from 3 hours to 3 hours and 30 minutes. Buses run approximately every hour or two, starting from 07: 30 in the morning and until 18: 15 in the evening. The cost of a one-way ticket is € 13.55.


Spain is part of the Schengen area.

Spain is a member of the euro zone, because the country's currency is the Euro (€). Both cash and bank cards are accepted for payment.

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