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Rock of Ifach in Calpe (Penon de Ifach) - pride and the landmark of Calpe

We all, basically, going on the coast of Spain, especially for a beach vacation, after all, what could be better than sun, warm sea, the gentle beachfront sand, leisurely evening walks and dinners in the cosy café.

But the resort town of Calpe can boast not only magnificent beaches, but also have in one mind-blowing natural attraction, the rock peñón de Ifach (Peñón de Ifach).

Ifach rock - a granite colossus towering over the city like a giant rising from the depths of the sea. This mountain is well seen from almost all points of Calpe. She became not only the most visited attraction in Barcelona, but also the hallmark of the entire Costa Blanca.

Ifach Rock

Ifach Rock, Calpe

The Ifach is located on the Mediterranean coast, in the heart of Calpe, visually slitting seaside city in two and separating two of the largest, most visited and the sandy beach of Javea - the Arenal beach-Bol and Levante beach. On mountain pass a few climbing routes.

What is the uniqueness of the rock of Ifach and why it is of such interest?

First, at the foot and on the slopes of the cliffs is a nature reserve (Park)/Natural Park of Penyal d'ifac, the territory of which grow many species of rare plants, and on the cliffs the birds nest. The rock of Ifach is a protected state natural Park.

Secondly, on the first (lower) platform of the Cape is a historical monument Pobla de Ifac.

Well and thirdly, and most importantly, a rocky cliff just seems impregnable, in fact, it can easily climb up there on the slopes of the rock is an observation deck, which offers fantastic views. This is the main reason why the rock of Ifach gained its popularity among tourists.

If you are a lover of panoramic views from the height of bird flight, in your program, without a doubt, should include climbing the mountain Ifach. Even if you are not a fan of those views, and will in Barcelona, still climb the rock, indifferent will not stay.

The rise of the rock! Natural Park, cave tunnel and an observation deck

The mountain of Ifach is only possible ascent on foot, there are no lifts and any other transport. Everything is absolutely free.

What you need to know before going to the rock? In principle, nothing special don't need to know, lifting light and quite comfortable. The only thing you can bring along clean drinking water, wear comfortable shoes (not flip flops or sandals, ideally sneakers) and not to take awkward bags, it is better that his hands were free, ideally - it's a backpack.

The road to the mountain you will find it easily, see a mountain, go to it, and there by will not.

Also the rock can be reached by car. At the bottom of the slope there are places for Parking, and then only on foot.

Parking near Natural Park of Penyal d'Ifac

The so-called first level of the slope of the cliff is well-equipped, wide and comfortable trail, there are places to relax and browse.


There is also a historical monument Pobla de Ifac

Pobla de Ifac Historical Monument, Ifac Rock

Pobla de Ifac Historical Monument, Ifach Rock, Calpe

At this place a few observation points from which to enjoy the views of the city, sea port, beaches and the sea.

Views of Levante beach

View of Levante Beach from Ifach Rock in Calpe

A sea port. Near the sea port, at the foot of the same cliffs, stretches of beautiful walking area - promenade Prince of Asturias, also a beautiful place, recommend to visit.

View of the seaport from the Ifach rock in Calpe

Rising above the rest in a small equipped area. Here, the tourist Bureau (information centre), places to stay, there are toilets.

Ifach Rock Information Center in Calpe

Then through the turnstile. The pass is free and available to the public.

Turnstile on the Ifach rock in Calpe

Beyond the turnstile all the fun begins. Here the track becomes narrower and steeper, but still comfortable for Hiking descents.

Ifach Rock Climb in Calpe

Along the way, with open sites, you are presented with spectacular views, and the higher you climb, the more beautiful becomes the panorama.

Views from the Peñon de Ifach cliff

Views from the Peñon de Ifach cliff, Calpe

Views from the Peñon de Ifach cliff, Calpe

On the slopes you can see the seagulls who care about their kids (in nesting season).

Ifach Nature Reserve, Calpe

Ifach Nature Park, Calpe

So we climb higher and higher to the cave. This buds with the stunning views, the whole Denia at a glance. See the beaches, seaport, salt lake Las Salinas, the city and the surrounding area.

Views of Calpe from the observation deck of the Ifach rock

Views of Calpe from the observation deck of the Ifach Rock, Spain

Calpe, view from the observation deck of the Ifach rock

Here is a turn around and then not go. But we are heading? However, the same! Here is the cave tunnel. The cave is a tunnel leading to the opposite side of the rock. The path towards the sea comfortable, but the back will go dark and not very comfortable, stones operirovanne to a Shine by thousands of tourists. For this section of the route and we were advised to wear sneakers. On both sides of the tunnel taut ropes, for them it is convenient to stay and go.

Ifach Rock Cave

On the opposite side of the rock of Ifach there is a small observation deck. From this point the views of the endless sea.

The platform on the opposite side of the Ifach rock

Peñón de Ifach, views

Here, almost all the remaining part of the tourists who dared to go through the tunnel, turn back. Here the trail looks safe, open slope of the mountain. And warning - no shale, otherwise threatened with a rapid descent down a flight. The trail is marked with red, are strung above the ropes.

Peñón de Ifach

Peñón de Ifach, Calpe

Following this trail, you can climb even higher on the rock. We were in Slippers with slippery soles(( Such a bad luck, so on the way we were cut off. Regret over not wearing more comfortable shoes.

Can you rise above? Share your experiences and impressions!

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