Beaches of Torrevieja. Coast in Torrevieja

Torrevieja is a famous resort, a modern tourist center located in the province of Alicante on the Mediterranean coast.

Every year, a large number of tourists visit Torrevieja, most of whom come on beach holidays. The coastline of Torrevieja is quite long, there are both popular sandy beaches, which are very crowded at the height of the tourist season, as well as secluded bays, as well as a rocky coast that is not suitable for a beach holiday, but it provides an excellent opportunity to admire the beauties of the protruding shore sea ​​water.

Most beaches of Torrevieja have the Blue Flag Award - an environmental mark of quality, cleanliness and safety of beaches and sea water.

To all the beaches of Torrevieja is easily accessible, only a walk to the other public buses.

The best sandy beaches of Torrevieja are considered to be:

- Del Cura (Playa del Cura). The beach is located in the heart of the historic part of Torrevieja.

- Los Locos (Playa de Los Locos). Located in walking distance to Del Cura, just East (North).

- Torrevieja (Playa de la Mata). The Eastern beach suburb of Torrevieja, it is also the longest and broad.

- Naufragos (Playa Los Naufragos). Located on the South (West) coast.

All these beaches are well equipped. On the beaches: deck chairs and umbrellas, rescue towers, medical facilities, changing cabins and toilets, dumpsters and garbage cans, showers for legs, wooden floorings, for people with disabilities. On most there is a small children's and sports grounds, you can play beach football or volleyball.

The Coast Of Torrevieja. All the beaches of Torrevieja

Let's start with the North of the city and went down South, considering the entire coastline of Torrevieja

La Mata beach (Playa de la Mata)

Playa de La Mata is the most Northern beach suburb of Torrevieja, located in the eponymous resort town of La Mata.

This beach is the best beach in the surroundings of Torrevieja, it is also the longest and broad. The length of the beach is 1930 meters, and its width is 47 metres. Almost two kilometers of beach strip is completely covered with fine and soft sand of light yellow color. Relax on the beach arrive, both tourists and locals. The sea water is clean and transparent, the entrance shallow, sandy bottom.

Beaches of Torrevieja - La Mata

Beaches of Torrevieja - La Mata Beach

Tenerife is not only beach, the namesake resort, a suburb of Torrevieja. From the historic centre of Torrevieja to La Mata, approximately 6.5 kilometers. You can reach it on foot following along the coast, or on public buses.

Along the beach runs a long pedestrian promenade. From the West and East along the coast to La Mata is surrounded by nature reserves and the dunes.

Beaches of Torrevieja - La Mata promenade

The Beach Of Cabo Cervera (Cala Cabo Cervera)

The homonymous beach and the urbanization of Cabo Cervera almost adjacent to La Mata.

The beach of Cabo Cervera is a small sandy Bay, which is 100 meters long and 25 meters wide.

Beaches of Torrevieja - Cabo Cervera

Behind the beach of Cabo Cervera is a long strip of rocky coastline. There are a few sandy and rocky coves, hidden rocky beaches: Cala del Moro, del Mohon, Kopp, Zorra, Higuera, Redonda, Gamboa, the development of rocket Trabajos, Cornuda. Some of the coves suitable for bathing, it is equipped with descents to the sea, there are places to stay, while others have a fairly steep descent and rocky entrance into the sea, where swimming can be dangerous to health.

Beaches of Torrevieja

Torrevieja beaches - bays

Torrevieja beaches - rocky bays

Beaches of Torrevieja, Spain

The rocky coast of Torrevieja

The rocky coast of Torrevieja, Spain

Basically, this part of the coast not suitable for a comfortable beach holiday. But the views from these points the Mediterranean sea and the coast are just gorgeous. All this rocky beauty stretches almost 2.5 kilometers of the coastline of Torrevieja.

Torrevieja Coast, Spain

Costa Blanca Coast, Torrevieja

The rocky coast of the Costa Blanca, Torrevieja

In this part of Torrevieja prefer to stay tourists travelling by car and coming divers.

On the Costa Blanca, Torrevieja


Playa Los Locos (Playa de Los Locos)

One of the city beaches of Torrevieja. This beach is located a little far from the historic centre, easily reachable on foot. However, the beach of Los Locos popular, and is one of the favorite places for beach holidays among the guests.

The length of the beach is 760 meters and a width of 27 meters. On the beach Locos, mostly fine sand of light color, sometimes mixed with small stones, in some places, the sea and at the entrance to the water meet jutting rock.

Torrevieja Beaches - Los Locos

Above the beach is the sidewalk that serves as a promenade. Along quay - road, and on the opposite side rise residential buildings, which are located near cafes and restaurants.

Beaches of Torrevieja - the promenade of Los Lokos beach

The Bay of Cala del Palare (Cala del Palagre)

This Bay is rather a continuation of the beach of Los Locos, rather than a private beach. Located on the West (South) side of the beach Locos. Primarily in the Bay of rocks, in the centre of the coastline the sand is light gray. The entrance to the sea is not very convenient, at the bottom there are craggy rocks. On the beach there is an urn, a shower for the feet, the descent is furnished with wooden flooring. Along the Bay runs the carriageway of the road.

Torrevieja beaches - Cala del Palagre bay

Over the harbour and to the Central beach Del Cura lies the rocky coast. Here, rocks of various sizes mixed with sand and exposed rocky rocks. The entrance to the sea is not very convenient, however, starting from this point and up to the sea port of Torrevieja, people bathe and rest wherever there is a place: sandy islets, rocky and stony shores. Above sea level is walking area - promenade.

The beaches of Torrevieja - the coast in the city center

Beaches of Torrevieja - rocky and sandy coast

Beaches of Torrevieja - promenade

Beach Del Cura (Playa Del Cura)

The most Central, lively and beautiful beaches of Torrevieja. The beach Del Cura is located in the city centre, walking distance to attractions, the seaport and the bus station.

The beach strip has a length of 375 meters and 27 meters wide. On the beach is fine and pleasant to the touch the sand is light in color. The sand is clean. Every morning the beach is clean, sand dub. The entrance to the shallow sea, the bottom of the sand, the sea water is clean and clear.

Beaches of Torrevieja - Del Cura

Further from the beach Del Cura and to the port, which is approximately 1.2 kilometers, is the center of the city, here the beach, the rocky, the rocky rocks, the stony shore is torn and we see a small section of sandy beach islet that stands out from the stones and rugged rocks. All this coast is actively used by tourists for a beach holiday, the beaches in this part of Torrevieja have no names, they are so small that remained officially nameless.

Beaches of Torrevieja - the center of Torrevieja

Torrevieja beaches - small beaches in the center of Torrevieja

Small beaches in the center of Torrevieja

Beaches in the center of Torrevieja

In this part of the Costa Blanca, starting from the Cura beach and port, are concentrated the main entertainment of the city, the abundance of bars, cafes and restaurants, hotels and apartments for every taste and budget, there are also souvenir shops, supermarkets and shops, a beautiful promenade (the area for walking) and the historic town of Torrevieja. In our opinion, this promenade is one of the most beautiful if not the most beautiful on the Costa Blanca.

Embankment in the center of Torrevieja

On the promenade of Torrevieja

Embankment of the historic center of Torrevieja

The Beach Acequión

Sea port is located in the Acequión beach and the homonymous residential area.

Acequión beach, a little known beach in Torrevieja. Is this beach in yacht Bay, flanked by boats and small yachts, so the beach is popular with locals and visitors alike. The main visitors of the beach are tourists who have chosen for their placement the same district - Acequión.

Playa del Acequión fairly large size, for of Torrevieja, has the shape of a semicircle and a wide area with the fine sand of yellow color, sometimes mixed with pebbles. The entrance to the shallow sea, the bottom is mostly sand. Near the beach there are three green Park.

Beaches of Torrevieja - Acequión

Beach Naufragos (Playa de Los Naufragos)

Close to the Acequión beach is adjacent to the beach Naufragos. Share these two beach Avenue Pinoso and place of transporting salt mined from salt lake.

The beach Is also considered one of the best sandy beaches of Torrevieja. The beach of Los Naufragos in the southern part of the coast of Torrevieja, near the salt lakes - Laguna Salada de Torrevieja.

The length of the beach is 325 metres, and it is the most spacious part has a width of 77 meters. On the beach is fine and pleasant to touch the sand. Sand color, from light yellow and grey, to almost white, depending on the angle at which sunlight strikes.

Beaches of Torrevieja - Naufragos

Along the beach runs a small embankment that serves as a place for walking and relaxing.

Beaches of Torrevieja - the promenade of Naufragos beach

Behind the beach Is re-originates the rocky coast, as the coast is flat, and here the tourists can bathe and rest. Here on the South coast of Torrevieja, you will be met by Cala Piteras (Playa Cal De Las Piteras) and Cala Ferris (Ferris Cala), as well as the small sandy beach of Playa de Punta prima, however, these beaches are away from the historic city centre, in a residential area of Torrevieja.

South coast of Torrevieja

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