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Sights of Torrevieja: historical, modern and natural

Torrevieja is a developed resort on the Costa Blanca. In addition to a variety of beaches, both long sandy and small and lively - central, Torrevieja has something to boast of. It will definitely not be bored here, in Torrevieja there is where to go and what to see. First of all, it is a beautiful long promenade, parks, lakes, monuments, churches, as well as other bright sights.

It is about the sights of Torrevieja and some other interesting places that can hardly be called attractions in the literal sense of the word, we will tell in this article.

Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception (Iglesia Arciprestal de la Inmaculada Concepción)

Undoubtedly, the main attraction of the center of Torrevieja, stands the Catholic Church of the Inmaculada Concepción. The Church was built in neoclassical style and stands out brightly amid the surrounding architecture. For the first time this Church was erected in 1789, but during the earthquake of 1829 was almost wiped off the face of the earth later, completely remodeled.

Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception, Torrevieja

Iglesia Arciprestal de la Inmaculada Concepción

The main hall of the Church nice and discreetly decorated, here you can see the altar made in Baroque style, and anyone can turn electroswitch.

Iglesia Arciprestal de la Inmaculada Concepción, Torrevieja

Main church of Torrevieja

Main Church of Torrevieja, Spain

Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception, Torrevieja, Spain

Church of Torrevieja, Spain

The temple is located close to the beach and port, on the beautiful square Park of Plaza de La Constitucion/Plaza de la Constitución, where, among flowers and greenery, you can relax, play with the kids, or enjoy a small fountain.

Plaza de la Constitucion

Plaza de la Constitucion, Torrevieja

Plaza de la Constitución

To the Church are well maintained and picturesque streets, a walk which will be an enjoyable experience. There are many shops, cafes and restaurants.

Streets of Torrevieja

Streets of Torrevieja, Spain

Torrevieja, Spain

Salt (pink) lake Salinas (Salinas de Torrevieja)

Laguna Salada de Torrevieja is not only the main natural wealth of Torrevieja, but also one of the most beautiful places of the city. In the waters of the lake contains large amounts of salt and other useful minerals. And at sunset, depending on the time of year, the lake has different shades, from pink to purple.

Salt (pink) lake, Torrevieja

Part of the lake is solidobalanus enterprise. Salt, mined in the lake, sent to all corners of Europe.

Salt Mining Enterprise, Torrevieja

In addition, the lake serves as a free Spa resort. In the lake you can swim, well not in the literal sense of the word "bathe", but rather lying on the surface of the lake. They say that water and mud of the lake have healing properties and help to recover from illnesses, mostly skin diseases and are used in cosmetic procedures. Many compare this wealth of Torrevieja with its famous Dead sea.

To the lake trails, the pass is free and available to the public. If you are going to plunge into this lake, don't forget to grab a bottle of clean water, the lake is so salty that after bathing the skin is salt, greatly tightening the skin and providing discomfort.

Las Salinas Road, Torrevieja

Nations Park (Parque Jardín de las Naciones)

Beautiful city Park, the jardín de Las Naciones is the main and most visited Park of Torrevieja, located in the city centre. This is a great place for rest and walks with the whole family, has gained popularity, universal love and become one of the sights.

The Park has a large pond in the shape of the European continent. Here roam freely swans, geese, ducks, there are a few peacocks, I saw green parrots. There are sculptures, a fountain, places for rest and Playground for children.

Park of Nations, Torrevieja

Parque Jardín de las Naciones

The Area Waldo Calero (Plaza Waldo Calero)

A small area Waldo Calero also located in the tourist centre of Torrevieja, near the port and promenade. On the square is a cafe and restaurants, and the main feature area, which distinguishes it from other, is a beautiful fountain and places to stay made in the form of the waves and the mosaic pattern that simulates seawater. Although attraction of this place is difficult to call, but the area with the fountain, no doubt, attract attention. I recommend a visit.

Valdo Calero Square

Fountain in Valdo Calero Square, Torrevieja

Plaza Waldo Calero

Casino of Torrevieja (El Casino de Torrevieja)

The area Waldo Calero is the famous casino of Torrevieja, which houses the headquarters of the Cultural society casino of Torrevieja/Cultural Society Casino of Torrevieja. In how interesting called! The facade of the building stands out against other adjacent structures. There is a restaurant here.

Casino Torrevieja

Boulevard Vista Alegre (Paseo Vistalegre)

If from the Casino to walk a few meters further, we face Boulevard Vista Alegre or alley Vistalegre. The Boulevard is a pedestrian promenade that includes a sunscreen and places to stay.

Boulevard Vista Alegre

Paseo Vistalegre

This famous Boulevard and its monuments located at the two ends of the Avenue:

the Habanera monument (Monumento a las Habaneras)

Habanera Monument

and the monument to the musicians of Torrevieja (tower of homage Monumento a los Músicos Torrevejenses)

Monument to the musicians of Torrevieja

The seaport and pier

Sea port of Torrevieja or Torrevieja harbour - Puerto de Torrevieja/Puerto de Torrevieja, is a significant part of the coastline in the center. Here snow-white yachts and boats, lined up in graceful rows.

Seaport, Torrevieja

Puerto de Torrevieja

In the area of international Maritime port, close to Marina, is an interesting place - the Marina international (Marina Internacional). This complex is quite colorful and picturesque, surrounded by a garden on one side and yacht Marina on the other. Secluded location almost in the heart of the bustling historic centre of Torrevieja. On the territory of the complex there are hotels, green area, couple of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, browsing in which, you can admire the white yachts lined up in neat rows.

Complex Marina International, Torrevieja

Yacht marina, Marina International complex, Torrevieja

Near the port, in the depths of the Mediterranean sea at 1440 meters stretches walking the breakwater or pier El Paseo del Dique de Levante. This place is rightly read by the attraction of Torrevieja. On the pier are equipped for leisure, as under tents and under the open sky. In the morning and evening hours when the sun is not very warm, they say this turns into a Playground and a Jogging trail. The people here are warm up, crunches, running, rollerblading and Biking.

Pier, Torrevieja

El Paseo del Dique de Levante

A walk along the pier will bring a lot of positive emotions. First, this place offers picturesque views of the coast and part of the city of Torrevieja.

Views from the Torrevieja Pier

Second, the pier is one of the most famous monuments of Torrevieja - the wife of a sailor/fisherman (tower of homage el Monumento a la Mujer del Marinero), near which there is a column with potable water. This monument can be seen in many photographs, postcards and Souvenirs Torrevieja. The monument is a memorial honoring all women, wives of sailors and fishermen, made in the form of sculptures of beautiful young ladies, accompanied her beloved in the sea.

Monument to the wife of a sailor, Torrevieja

And thirdly, at the end of the breakwater is a lighthouse (Faro Torrevieja)

Lighthouse, Torrevieja

The Promenade Of Torrevieja

Certainly difficult to equate the promenade to places, usually about the quays we write separately, but not in this case. To say that the promenade of Torrevieja is only a place for walking, so nothing to say. The promenade of Torrevieja is truly beautiful. Not only is she one of the nicest, if not the most beautiful nabrezina on the Costa Blanca, it is also comfortable and kind home, she's like a magnet, attracts to itself again and again. Besides, on the waterfront there are several sculptures and monuments-tourist attractions.

Embankment Torrevieja

Embankment Torrevieja, Spain

Embankment in Torrevieja

Along the promenade a small area, places to stay, a lot of various cafes, restaurants, bars and souvenir shops. And here's a little cozy beaches are replaced by rocky and picturesque coast.

Embankment in Torrevieja, Spain

Waterfront Square in Torrevieja, Spain

The monument Man of the Sea (Monumento al hombre del mar)

Monument to the Man of the Sea, Torrevieja

On one of the rocky parts of the quay is a figure of a girl sitting on a bench and looking out to sea. This monument is the beautiful "Lola" or a sculpture Beautiful Lola (Estatua de la Bella Lola). They say that this sculpture is dedicated to a very specific girl - Lola. Beloved Lola went on a long sea voyage and died tragically, his ship sank. After receiving terrible news, Lola was unable to come to terms with the death of a loved one, and by day and by night was sitting near the sea, not taking his eyes away from the sea waters, hoping to see away the ship, which had sailed off her betrothed.

Sculpture Beautiful Lola, Torrevieja

The pillars of Ethnographic monument: a monument of culture in the Mediterranean (Monumento a las culturas del Mediterráneo)

Mediterranean Cultural Monument, Torrevieja

Municipal Theater of Torrevieja

The municipal theatre of Torrevieja is a large building built by the project of Antonio Marquerie Tamayo and Alejandro Zaera Polo. The walls of this theatre hosts all of the most famous events in the field of culture.

City Theater Torrevieja

Municipal theatre is situated in the center of Torrevieja, in the square Miguel Hernandez/Plaza Miguel Hernandez, who also acts as the Park. The area is interestingly decorated and there is space for relaxation, sun shades, there are several cozy cafes and a small Playground.

Miguel Hernandez Square

Plaza Miguel Hernandez

Church Of The Sacred Heart (Parroquia Del Sagrado Corazón)

The Church Parroquia Del Sagrado Corazón, attracts attention with its interesting modern architecture, large arched Windows and a cross, crowning the main façade of the building. This is the modern Church of Torrevieja, and possibly the entire Costa Blanca.

Church of the Sacred Heart

The Church interior is also modern and modest

Church of the Sacred Heart, Torrevieja

Parroquia Del Sagrado Corazón

The Church is located in the heart of Torrevieja, on Plaza de Oriente/Plaza de Oriente, where there are places to stay, cafes and a small Playground.

Oriente Square, Torrevieja

Plaza de Oriente

Playground on Oriente Square, Torrevieja

Park mill

Specifically to go to this Park does not make sense, but if you are close to such, then look certainly worth. This Park is located near the jardín de Las Naciones, which we described above.

Park mill, is a small Park with swings, Playground, Seating, a small fountain and a place for dogs. There is a kiosk with ice cream and drinks.

Park with a mill

Park with mill, Torrevieja

And, of course, the main landmark and attraction of the Park for which it is visited by most tourists, stands an old mill.

Old Mill, Torrevieja

Old Tower (Torre del Moro)

The old Tower is not only one of the main attractions of Torrevieja, but also the main symbol of the city.

At the law Tower, we had to put on one of the first places in the list of attractions, but I didn't for one simple reason: all of the above attractions and interesting places located in the center of Torrevieja, while the Old Tower is located somewhat remotely from the city center, close to the resort of La Mata, at a distance of 3.5 kilometres from the centre of Torrevieja.

To get to the old tower on foot, following along the line of the sea, or by public bus to La Mata before reaching Cabo Cervera.

The old Tower is a historical monument, first erected in the XIV century, but the tower was destroyed, after which the locals, in the same place built a new "old tower" that we see now.

Old Tower, Torrevieja

Torre del Moro, Torrevieja

There is an old tower in the green modern Park where, besides the tower, there are modern sculptures, interesting decorated walkway, there are places to relax and a small Playground.

Park of the old tower in Torrevieja

Park Old Tower in Torrevieja

Park Old Tower, Torrevieja

The Water mill Park (Parque del Molino del Agua)

Park Molino del Agua, translated as Water mill, a beautiful Park that bears the "title" of the nature reserve. The Park has a pond, places for walks in the shade of pine trees. Very beautiful place, perfect for walking.

Park Water Mill, Torrevieja

This Park is part of La Mata and a large nature reserve where there are mobile sand dunes is another natural attraction of Torrevieja. Along the dunes offer wooden carriages for walks, part of which is the beautiful promenade along the coast and the long sandy beach of the suburb of Torrevieja, with the same name - La Mata beach (Playa de la Mata).

Moving Sand Dunes, Torrevieja

Dunes in Torrevieja

In addition to the Park, the dunes and the seafront in La Mata, there are several attractions:

Central Plaza encarnación Puchol (Plaza de Encarnación Puchol), located on the beach in the heart of the district. Square attractions for kids, held celebrations and festivals. Around the area are concentrated the abundance of cafes and restaurants

Encarnacion Puchol Square

The Catholic Church Parroquia Nuestra Señora del Rosario, located on the square

Catholic Church Parroquia Nuestra Señora del Rosario

historical monument - Embarkadero de la sal, located close to the square

Historic Monument - Embarkadero de la sal

and, a small Plaza Gaspar Perello (Plaza Gaspar Perelló)

Gaspard Perello Square

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