TOP-6 Attractions of Calpe! What to see in Calpe?!

The beautiful Mediterranean city of Calpe attracts not only with its beach holidays, but also with a variety of attractions. Here everyone will find something to their liking.

The sights of Calpe are chic viewing platforms, a colorful old town, beautiful walking areas, historical monuments, and other interesting places, a visit to which will leave behind a lot of impressions and unforgettable vivid memories. All the attractions of the center of Calpe are located within walking distance from the beaches.

The main and most visited sights of Calpe are

Peñon de Ifach Rock

The grandiose rock of Ifach (Peñón de Ifach), towering over the city, has long been the most visited attraction and the hallmark of Calpe.

Ifach rock has the status of a nature reserve, on the territory of which many species of rare plants grow, and birds nest on the steep cliffs.

You can climb the mountain using convenient paths. Here, on the slopes of the cliff, there is an observation deck with fantastic views. This is the main reason why the Ifach rock has gained its popularity among tourists. Also on the rock you will find: the historical monument Pobla de Ifac and a cave, which is a tunnel leading to the opposite side of the rock.

Sights of Calpe - Ifach Rock

Sights of Calpe - Ifach Rock

Sights of Calpe - Ifach Rock

Seaport and fish auction

The port of Pesguer el Raco is located at the foot of the Ifach rock, on the side of the central sandy beach of Arenal Bol.

The seaport is not large in size, but it is quite beautiful and graceful. Snow-white yachts lined up in even rows and the blue of the sea water make this place especially attractive.

On the territory of the seaport there is a boat tour agency, where you can buy tickets and go on boat trips (mini cruises) to nearby resorts. Here you can also visit the famous yacht club, on the territory of which there is a restaurant.

Sights of Calpe - Seaport

Fish auctions are held in the port. The fish auction is one of the most popular and favorite events among vacationers.

La Lonja de Calp is the name of the building where the fish auction takes place from Monday to Friday, from 17:00 to 19:00. The fish auction is quite an interesting sight, here fishermen sell fresh catch at auction, information about each bid appears on the screen. You will have to pay 1 Euro for admission. A small fish stall was opened in the auction building for everyone.

Sights of Calpe - fish auction

Prince of Asturias Embankment

One of the most picturesque embankments of Calpe originates from the seaport - the Prince of Asturias Embankment (Paseo Ecologico Principe de Asturias). This embankment runs around a part of Cape Ifach, at its foot, and borders the sea. This is an ideal place for walking among palm trees, steep cliffs and the sea.

From any point of the embankment, you can enjoy beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, and the overhanging rock of Ifach appears in all its beauty and power.

Sights of Calpe - Prince of Asturias Embankment

Sights of Calpe - Asturias embankment

Old Town of Kalp

The old town of Calpe is the pearl of Calpe, the historical center and a small quarter located in the heart of Calpe.

The old town of Calpe is probably the most visited place in Calpe, no tourist will avoid such a colorful place. In the old quarter, you can fully experience the Spanish style and immerse yourself in the past. There is a tangle of narrow streets with low traditional houses, many of which are painted in bright colors, tiny, but such nice squares, where cafes, bars and restaurants are located, with tables under the open sky.

Sights of Calpe - Old town

Sights of Calpe - old Calpe

On the territory of the old town there are several museums, the remains of the fortress wall and the unique cathedral (old church) La Iglesia Antigua, made in the style of Moorish Gothic, have been preserved. And the dominant and central place in the old town of Calpe is the Catholic Church-the parish of Parroquia Virgen De Las Nieves, located on the square de La Villa.

Sights of Calpe - Parroquia Virgen De Las Nieves Church

Sights of Calpe - Old town squares

Morello Mill Tower and Royal Baths

The historical monuments of the Tower-Mill of Morello (Torre Moli del Morello) and the Royal Baths of Los Banos de La Reina (Baños De La Reina) are the ancient sights of Calpe, representing a historical and architectural value and an archaeological ensemble. These two attractions are located next to each other, on the embankment, near one of the central sandy beaches of Calpe - Arenal-Bol.

Sights of Calpe - Morello Mill Tower

Morello Mill Tower, Torre Moli del Morello

Salt Lake Las Salinas

The salt lake of Las Salinas de Calpe (Las Salinas), is a natural attraction and a unique wealth of the city of Calpe. It is in this place that you can observe beautiful birds-pink flamingos.

Lake Salinas in Calpe is a lagoon with salt water, located near the historical center of the city, at the foot of the Ifach rock and within walking distance from one of the central beaches of Calpe - La Fossa.

From the sea side, along the lake, there are benches for recreation, on which you can sit down, relax, while admiring the lake and its inhabitants.

Attractions of Calpe - salt lake and pink flamingos

Attractions of Calpe - Salt Lake Las Salinas de Calpe

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