TOP-9 Attractions of Benidorm! Or, what to see in Benidorm?!

Benidorm is a modern resort that, in addition to the beautiful and long beaches, also rich and diverse attractions: historic, modern and natural.

Basic, the most exquisite and most visited attractions of Benidorm are:

The Mediterranean balcony (Balcon del Mediterraneo)

Balcony of the Mediterranean is a viewing platform which offers panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea, the island of Benidorm, the coast and part of the city. The Balcony leads to the white staircase running along the side of a cliff.

Benidorm Attractions - Mediterranean Balcony

Benidorm Attractions - Mediterranean Balcony

Near the stairs leading to the Balcony of the Mediterranean is a beautiful white square - Plaсa de Castelar. Here are the balustrade, arches, lookout points and places to relax. Part of the landing is decorated with ornamental mosaics. And in front of the stairs in the center of the square, you can see old cannons.

Benidorm Attractions - Mediterranean Balcony

Benidorm sights - ancient cannons

Church of St. Joachim and St. Anne (Church of Saint Jaime and Saint Anne)

This Church is perhaps the main historical attraction of Benidorm. Beautiful snow-white Church with blue domes, elegant looks among the low buildings of the Old town of Benidorm.

Attractions of Benidorm-the Church of St. Joachim and St. Anne

Both of these attractions are on the Cape in the Old town area of Benidorm. In addition to the balcony of the Church and the Old town of Benidorm is a low building in the traditional Spanish style, small and cosy squares, narrow winding streets, which are concentrated abundance of cafes, bars, restaurants and shops, and also a great place for shopping.

The Port Of Benidorm

A small but pretty port city located at the foot of the Old town, near one of the main sandy beaches of Benidorm - Poniente beach.

In the port with white yachts. You can also arrange a boat trip on one of the boats. Leaving the sea port are boat trips to Benidorm island (Benidorn island), the only inhabited island of the Costa Blanca – Tabarka and other nearby cities on the coast.

Attractions of Benidorm - seaport

Attractions of Benidorm - seaport

Attractions of Benidorm - seaport

At the sea port of Benidorm from the sea, is a pleasure pier (mol), on which a lighthouse is situated

Benidorm attractions - walking breakwater

Benidorm Attractions - Lighthouse

Near the port is a very picturesque square, which, on a winding staircase, you can climb to the Old town.

Attractions of Benidorm - the square near the port

Elche Park

Lovely green area, located near the port and the Old town, in the Eastern part of the Poniente beach.

In the Park: a fountain, places for rest and children's playgrounds. It is a favorite place of local residents and visitors for recreation and walks.

Benidorm Attractions - Elche Park

Benidorm Attractions - Elche Park

Benidorm attractions - Poniente Beach promenade

Benidorm Attractions - Elche Park

Park Elche flows smoothly into the promenade of the Poniente beach. Promenade lined with colored tiles, there are benches for relaxing, there is a ledge in the form of balconies, which offer beautiful views of the beach and the Mediterranean sea.

Benidorm attractions - Poniente Beach promenade

Attractions of Benidorm - viewing platforms of the Poniente embankment

Park L of Aguera (Parque de l'aigüera)

Park L of Higuera is a beautiful promenade in the neoclassical style with an amphitheater for performances, created by the architect Riccardo Bofill. This Central city Park is the largest Park in Benidorm, located in the city centre. In the Park, thick vegetation and palm trees.

Benidorm attractions - L'aiguera Park

Viewpoint Gran Hotel Bali

Observation decklocated in one of the tallest buildings in Benidorm - 4 star hotels, Gran Hotel Bali, is the highest point in Barcelona, which everyone can enjoy Benidorm, its beaches and the sea, from the height of bird flight.

Benidorm Attractions - Gran Hotel Bali observation deck

Benidorm Attractions - Gran Hotel Bali observation deck

Benidorm Attractions - Gran Hotel Bali observation deck

Natural Park of Serra Gelada (Parque Natural de Serra Gelada)

Park Natural de Serra Gelada - a unique natural Park bearing the status of natural reserve, located on the coastline. This Park is quite large and most of it parts (and maybe half) geographically belongs to Benidorm.

Park Sierra Helada - the North (East coast) point of Benidorm, originating straight for the beach Levante.

The Park is a few paved trails that encircle the slopes of the hills. These comfortable walking paths run right through mountainous terrain, accessible for all and suitable for families or people with disabilities, and Cycling.

Benidorm Attractions - Serra Helada Nature Park

Benidorm Attractions - Serra Helada Nature Park

While walking, you see the beautiful rocky coast with small bays, which is the main pride of the reserve.

Benidorm Attractions - Serra Helada Nature Park

Benidorm Attractions - Serra Helada Nature Park

Benidorm Attractions - Sierra Helada Park

Benidorm Attractions - Sierra Helada Park

Here, between the rocky coast, there are two secluded coves, suitable for bathing. It's two beaches of Benidorm Almadrava (Cala L'almadrava) and Ti Ximo (Cala del Ti Ximo).

Benidorm Attractions - Almadrava Bay

Benidorm Attractions - Ti Himo Bay

In the Park there is an observation deck with scenic views

Benidorm Attractions - Sierra Helada Nature Reserve

Benidorm Attractions - Sierra Helada Nature Reserve

historical sites

Benidorm attractions - the Tower

Attractions of Benidorm - a historical monument

and, perhaps, the main attraction of the Park, for which many tourists visit this beautiful place lookout Cross Benidorm/Benidorm La Creu, which offers panoramic views of Benidorm. The mark is the cross, which is visible from any point in the Park, go down on him, up and up the hill, and you will not get lost. From the viewpoint of the other side of the hill, also runs track, but maloudobnye and not paved.

Benidorm attractions - Benidorm Cross Observation Deck

Or maybe you want to Supplement your pyramid stone, for good luck))

Benidorm Attractions - Serra Gelada Nature Park

Mountain Tosal-de-Cala

At the westernmost point of Benidorm is one interesting attraction is the mountain Tossal de la Cala.

On the territory of the mountain are:

- the ruins of the ancient settlement of the Iberians, Tossal de Cala;

- the chapel Ermita Virgen del Mar (Ermita Virgen del Mar);

- two viewing platforms.

Benidorm attractions - Mount Tossal de Cala

Benidorm Attractions - Hermita Virgen del Mar Chapel

Attractions of Benidorm - observation deck on the Tossal de Cala mountain

The ascent to the mountain is comfortable, equipped with stairs and walkways. Along the way you will follow the signs, getting lost is impossible.

Benidorm Attractions - Tossal de la Cala

The concert hall "Benidorm Palace"

The concert hall "Benidorm Palace" is considered one of the best in Spain. Every week and in the holiday season and more frequently at the concert hall hosts colorful dance shows, including flamenco, are also troupes who come here from all over the world give concerts of pop stars, take part well-known orchestras. During concerts enjoy dinner with dishes from the chef of the restaurant.

Benidorm Attractions - Benidorm Palace Concert Hall

In addition, in Calpe you can visit the museums, of which the city is not enough. And entertainment the whole family can go to one of Benidorm's theme parks: the modern zoo Terra Natura; the amusement Park and attractions of Terra Mitica; small Aqua Natura, which is adjacent to Terra Natura Park; theme Park and Mundomar marine animal near the last water amusement Park Aqualandia.

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