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The Attractions Of Alicante, Spain. What to see, where to go in Alicante?!

Stay in Alicante by many tourists is seen only as a rest in the hotel, beaches and excursions. But in Alicante there is another side of the holiday: main attractions, a walk through the parks, squares and picturesque streets of the Spanish city, as well as shopping. From all this diversity it is possible to get unforgettable emotions, moreover, to see it all with my own eyes, not necessarily to buy expensive trips. All these places of interest located in the heart of the historic part of the city, walking distance from the beach, so go around them independently, and the necessary information be found on our website in the "category of Alicante".

In this article we will discuss the most in our opinion interesting places in the city that deserve special attention.

So, the attractions of Alicante, Spain:

Pedestrian Esplanade Boulevard - Explanada de Espana (Paseo Maritimo) in Alicante

Esplanade Pedestrian Boulevard-Explanada de Espana (Paseo Maritimo) in AlicanteOne of the most famous sites in Alicante with a pattern of sea waves under the feet is considered to be a pedestrian Esplanade de españa. The Esplanade is a pedestrian Boulevard and is a favorite place for walks and recreation of residents and guests of the city of Alicante.

Along the Esplanade on both sides by towering palm trees, under whose shade is so pleasant to walk. On one side of the Boulevard located souvenir shops, and on the other, lined up in a row numerous cafes, eateries and restaurants. Evenings on the Esplanade, playing music, are the street performers, and locals and visitors walk, dance and dine in restaurants under the open sky. Read more...

The Promenade Of Alicante

Alicante EmbankmentPromenade of Alicante is another great place that deserves attention. The promenade is long and very beautiful, it stretches along the Central Postiguet beach, past the town centre, then runs through the port, and went off along the coast.

Along the beach, at the beach, the promenade tiled three-dimensional images. Which side do not look at the tile, they look like pyramids, spread up your arms or a plurality of three-dimensional cube-Rubik. Located on the waterfront promenade in the Spa area, a pier that goes far out to sea. In the area of the seaport is perhaps the most beautiful part of the promenade - pedestrian walkway along which stretch to the sky tall trees and under palm trees, in the shade, conveniently located benches for rest.

Also on Alicante's seafront promenade are cafes and restaurants with open and covered terraces, which are so pleasant to quench their thirst in the midday heat and the evening dinner of Spanish dishes and seafood, conceding a glass of wine. Read more...

Sea port of Alicante

Sea Port of AlicanteSea port of Alicante has become almost the Central symbol of the city. It is a large and very picturesque port, much of which is a Yacht Marina. Boats, yachts, boats and small vessels, landing of the shores of Alicante, is so diverse and beautiful that the rays of the sun, on a background of blue sky and sea with white yachts lined up in a row, present a picture of gorgeous beauty. Read more...

Santa Maria Basilica (Basilica de Santa Maria) in Alicante

Basilica of Santa Maria (Basilica de Santa Maria) in AlicanteThe important Basilica in the heart of Alicante, just five minutes walk from the sea Boulevard and the Esplanade. Her second title St. Mary's Church. It attracts attention because it is the oldest Church in the city, which rightly bears the title of the most important attractions of the Spanish city of Alicante. In addition to his years, the Basilica is also very beautiful architecture. Several times a day you can hear the bells of the Church that is spread throughout the County.

In the square at the Basilica is another attraction of Alicante Museum of contemporary art (Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Alicante, Maca). Read more...

The old town of Alicante or Santa Cruz (El barrio de Santa Cruz)

Alicante Old Town or Santa Cruz district (El barrio de Santa Cruz)That's really where-where, but to walk the streets of the old area of Alicante is a must. There is only the opportunity to get closer to old Spain, and to see how they lived native Spaniards many years ago.

The district of Santa Cruz is located in the heart of the city, at the foot of mount Benacantil. The entire old district's narrow winding streets that climb up the hill, the picturesque low houses of all colors, old stage and almost absolute loneliness on the streets. It would seem that you're just a few moments ago, I was in the thick of things, where day and night are not fading life, and now, just a few meters and you're already in the stone silence.

Walking through the streets of the old quarter of Santa Cruz and fall prey to the charm of a rural Spanish life, not to notice how wander farther and farther away, sometimes even fever takes, and the subconscious draws the illusion that here now, out of the gate POPs bandoleros, and you become his prey:) More...

The castle of Santa Barbara (Castillo de Santa Barbara) in Alicante

Santa Barbara Fortress (Castillo de Santa Barbara) in AlicanteThe castle of Santa Barbara is located in Central Alicante, on the top of the mountain Benacantil or Benakantil (Mount Benacantil) at an altitude of 166 metres above sea level, within walking distance from the beach, promenade and the rest of the Central attractions of the city. Climb the fortress in two ways: for free through the old quarter of Santa Cruz and the green Parc de La Ereta or just one minute on the Express Elevator for a separate fee, respectively.

This castle is a true gem of Alicante, is the history and culture of the entire city. In the fortress there are exhibition halls, museums, fortifications of the last centuries and intricate passages, to wander through which sounds fascinating. In the evening at the fortress, where local artists give concerts in costume telling about Spanish life. And all these pleasures are absolutely free. Read more...

Central market (Mercado Central), Alicante

Central Market (Mercado Central) AlicanteThe Central market of Alicante is one of the most popular places in the city where it is constantly full of life. Mercado Central is also the largest market of the city. On the market sell sea fish, from fresh to fried and smoked, exotic fruits, vegetables, Spanish wines, olives in all colors and sizes, sweets, meat, Ham and lots and lots of stuff.

In addition to the huge and diverse range of products on the market, the building market is included in the list of the main attractions of the city. The Central market was built on the Foundation that once was the city wall of the eighth century. Its facade is designed in eclectic style with elements of modernism. The decoration are the stone bas-reliefs, mosaic images of animals and plants, and to the main entrance leads up to a large Grand staircase. Read more...

Corrida or bullfighting in Alicante

Bullfight or bullfight in AlicanteIn Alicante bullfighting arena is called the Plaza de toros de Alicante. In the building of bullfighting hold exhibitions and concerts, here you can find names of famous bullfighters Alicante and the juicy tournaments, and also see the attributes that are used in bullfighting.

Outside the Bullring is a green square in Spain - Plaza de Espana. In this square you can see the famous running of the bulls and the picador, also the monument to the cutting debris, the fountain in the center of the square and the miniature design of filling containers, ditches or ditches with water. To miniature you can come spin the wheel and experience the whole process of "water supply". Very interesting and fun both for kids and for adults. Read more...

Puerta del Mar and the house of Carbonell in Alicante

Puerta del Mar Square and Carbonel House in AlicantePuerta del Mar is one of the main areas of Alicante. This is quite an interesting urban place, where at any time it is possible to meet a large crowd not only tourists but also local residents.

In the center is a round the city fountain, which is a monument-a monument with a white stele, at the foot of which are three famous personalities.

Particularly noteworthy in the Puerta del Mar is located almost in the square at the beginning of the Esplanade, the home of Carbonell/Casa Carbonell. The home of Carbonell is a historical landmark, it from the first minutes amazes with its architecture and is perhaps the most beautiful building of Barcelona. The white building is built in modern style with elements of neo-Baroque, has two towers with cupolas. In addition to the appearance and architecture of the house of Carbonell attracted by the legend of its creation, enveloping the whole structure. Read more...

The square of the town Hall and town Hall in Alicante

City Hall Square and City Hall in AlicanteThe town Hall square/Placa de Ajuntament (or Plaza del Ayuntamiento) in Alicante is one of the most famous and visited tourist areas of Alicante.

Town hall square, unlike most other Spanish areas are not green, except it is absent of any vegetation, except that ornamental trees in pots on the balconies of houses and near restaurants. It is a stone square, rectangular, plate, asphalt and grey stone buildings on all four sides. In the center of the square from under the stone slabs playful beat jet fountain.

The most significant building on the square is the City Hall or town hall of Alicante (Ajuntament d'alacant). The town hall, an interesting building, designed in the style of the Spanish Renaissance, which was built in the 18th century, known in those days by the architect Lorenzo Chapala. The town Hall is three-storied, with two sides surrounded by lofty towers. The tower is visually similar, however, to distinguish them quite easily in the upper part of the right tower built clock. Read more...

Parks Alicante

It is not about theme parks or water parks, and those green places where locals love to spend a Siesta.

Actually in Benidorm, wherever you step, to stumble on some little square or Park, so even just walking around the city everyone is likely to accidentally find at least a couple of these places. The Spaniards called all of their parks, but from our concept of Park in the truest sense of the word them parks, of course far. It is often a small heel at the intersection of. It is naturally very green, all planted with trees, shrubs and flowers, but still so tiny. In the parks-parks are placed benches for rest, work a couple of cafes, and often a fountain in the center. Very beautiful public gardens in the plan of arrangement to us to learn.

Of all the parks in the city, we have identified three of the most beautiful and memorable:

Parc de La Ereta (Ereta Park) in Alicante

Park de la Ereta (Ereta Park) in AlicantePark Area is one of the biggest and green parks in the city. The Park is located in the center of Alicante, on the rise of mount Benacantil, it is through this Park is free to climb up to the Castle Santa Barbara.

The Park has its own flavor and a certain charm. Walking on it you can spend hours enjoying the green areas, so naturally dilute secluded place for rest and for romance. The Park includes a fountain, flowers smelling of watermelons, bushes smelling of urine, olive and pomegranate trees.

Because the Park is located on the hillside, it is an ideal place from which opens a breathtaking panorama of the city of Alicante, its coastal areas and the marine port. In good weather, the slopes of the Park Ereta you can see Tabarca island, 20 kilometers from the city. Read more...

Square Gabriel Miro (Plaza Gabriel Miro) in Alicante

Square Gabriel Miro (Plaza Gabriel Miro) in AlicanteThe Spaniards call this Park area, but in fact it is a Park. With the most luxurious, beautiful and green Park of the city of Alicante. What trees, what trees grow in this Park, huge size, with a huge green canopy and roots, many roots of trees floating in the air. This is the main advantage of the Park Gabriel miró. And it is located in the most that neither is the center of the city.

At the center lies a large fountain with a flowerbed, and around the perimeter of the fountain, in the shade of the trees and shrubs are placed benches for rest. To the center of the square and the fountain, are the shady alleys, paved with patterned tiles. Read more...

Park, Santa Teresa and Pantheon Governor Kahina in Alicante

Santa Teresa Park and the Pantheon to the Governor of Cajino in AlicantePark Santa Teresa, the Spanish name of the Plaza Santa Teresa, a small green square in the centre of the Spanish city of Alicante. In the center of the Park is the Pantheon with the remains of former Governor of Alicante Kahina. This Pantheon is the main decoration of the Park and symbol of the city.

The Pantheon is a stone mausoleum, established in honor of the former Governor of Alicante Trino gonzález de Quijano (Trino Gonzalez de Quijano), who during the cholera epidemic refused to leave the city and died of cholera in 1854. According to legend it was on this spot are buried the remains Kahina. The Pantheon is a symbol of the tragedy and memory in gratitude for human kindness, courage, fortitude, faith, and devotion to his people and city. Read more...

If you have already managed to enjoy the warm Mediterranean sea, hot Spanish sun and visit all the sights of Alicante, to see the parks and squares of the city, then you certainly have to walk the streets and discover many interesting and hidden corners of this amazing Spanish city.

The most beautiful street of Alicante, consisting of three avenues

The most beautiful street of Alicante, consisting of three avenuesOne of the most beautiful and comfortable places for rest and walks in the city of Alicante is a street consisting of three avenues - Avenue Doctor Gadea Avenue Federico Soto Avenue and moor General (General moor). These three prospectus are interconnected and form one long and green street, a beautiful pedestrian Boulevard in the middle. On both sides of the Boulevard, high palm trees, installed benches for relaxing, playgrounds, flower beds with colorful flowers and buildings in Spanish style.

Located on the Avenue of monuments, monuments, squares, parks, the Institute and its main decoration, beautiful large fountain on the square of Luceros. In its architecture, the fountain has sculptures of horses with kids and the column, on the sides where you can see women's faces and red stars. Read more...

Walk the streets of Alicante

Walk through the streets of AlicanteHere is where lie the true pleasure and mystery, is on foot through the streets of the city. Believe me, just walking the streets of Alicante, also have to look at the buildings and cathedrals, interesting old architecture, monuments and sculptures, busy streets and deserted stone alleys, wide avenues and interesting streets with cartoon mushrooms and beetles, shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs that serve small Spanish sandwiches - tapas.

All this and more can be found just walking the streets of Alicante, a destination and a plan, just walking aimlessly. Read more...

For those who like to combine leisure and shopping, Madrid is also prepared a lot of interesting places!

Shopping in Alicante - shopping malls, shopping streets, supermarkets and markets

Shopping in Alicante - shopping centers, shopping streets, supermarkets and marketsAlicante is a beautiful resort town on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. It is the object of marine recreation, a major trading port and a place with lots of attractions. In fact, this area is very beautiful and interesting. In addition, the city is great for shopping tourism. Alicante has long attracted tourists from all over Europe for a Sunny vacation and shopping.

I must say, and we were in Alicante, knowing little about shopping in this city. But our experience exceeded all expectations. Alicante is a large and shopping centers, and shopping streets and shopping outlets, supermarkets, markets and many other places mind-blowing experience. Read more...

Outlet Park, the outlet stores in Alicante

The outlet stores in AlicanteOutlet Park is a shopping complex of outlet stores under one roof. The shopping center offers products with discounts up to 70% of the most famous brands of clothing and household products to Spanish and European brands. Most of this stuff from past collections different seasons, driven in the outlet of all the commercial stores of the city.

The outlet stores is truly a Paradise for shoppers. The building complexes of the outlet is quite big and beautiful, designed in a modern style. It offers presented a well-known clothing brands, the choice is admittedly quite large, there is plenty to choose from. In the outlet ze Stares wide variety of sports apparel and equipment, as well as a decent selection of denim clothes and shoes all seasons. There are shops of cosmetics and perfumery. Read more...

We all mentioned and mentioned about beaches and the sea in Alliance, and so did not tell... But it is only in this article. The beaches and the sea in Alicante on our blog dedicated a whole article with descriptions and photos, so those curious about a beach holiday, you can read the article clicking on this link.

Walking and sightseeing very interesting, but how to do this without a map of the city!!! If you come to Alicante, and upload map to phone for some reason has forgotten and you have the Internet doesn't work, then you should not be disappointed to buy a city map in the center of Alicante as buying for a fee, and taking free. Where they sell maps of the city, and where you can take them for free , see here.

And now, at the end of the article, a little out of the city limits and go one more wonderful place, the island of Tabarca, which is 20 kilometers from Alicante. To get to the island is not necessary to buy expensive tours, you can do it yourself. From the Central promenade and seaport of Alicante to Tabarca island and back, several times a day water cruising catamarans. These catamarans in the morning will take you to the island, and in the evening take back. Details on how to get to Tabarca island and how much it costs, read here.

Tabarca Island, Spain

Tabarca Island, SpainTabarka, a small island, to get around it all in two hours, so one day on the island will be enough. A small, cozy and very hospitable island in the Mediterranean sea.

The island has beaches, picturesque residential area with small houses and the Central square, cafes and restaurants with set menus and taberski dish Caldera. Also the island is famous for its monuments of ancient architecture - the Governor's house and tower of St. Joseph's 15-century building, the old lighthouse and dilapidated houses, where once lived the fishermen. Read more...

The beaches of Tabarca island, Spain

Beaches of Tabarca Island, SpainThe island has several beaches. Central facilities for recreation and wild. Sea water along the coast of the island is much cleaner than the mainland. And since the island is a protected area and fishing is not allowed there, the marine life near the shore is found apparently invisible, even standing in the water knee-deep, you can see colorful fish. And what to say about how to swim with flippers and mask or snorkel from the catamaran on the high seas...

The Central beach of the island there is a free public toilet, shower and sun beds with umbrellas that can be rented for an additional fee. Read more...

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