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Mountain Tossal de la Cala in Benidorm: ancient settlement of the Iberian, chapel and the observation deck

At the westernmost point of Benidorm is one interesting attraction is the mountain Tossal de Cala (Tossal de la Cala).

On the territory of the mountain are:

- the ruins of the ancient settlement of the Iberians, Tossal de Cala;

- the chapel Ermita Virgen del Mar (Ermita Virgen del Mar);

- two viewing platforms.

Rocky hill Kala bordering the large sandy beach of Benidorm Poniente. Apparently so, the rock is also called Poniente.

Mount Tossal de Cala, Benidorm

To get to the sights and viewpoints of the mountains of Benidorm or the surrounding neighborhoods, both on foot and by car.

The ascent to the mountain is comfortable, equipped with stairs and walkways. Along the way you will follow the signs, getting lost is impossible. The road, from the foot of the hill to its summit, takes about 20-30 minutes.

Mount Tossal de Cala, Benidorm

The first thing you meet when going up the hill, is a small lonely chapel Ermita Virgen del Mar/Ermita Virgen del Mar

Ermita Virgen del Mar

Ermita Virgen del Mar

Ermita Virgen del Mar

Near the chapel there is an observation deck which offers panoramic views of the Poniente beach, Benidorm and the surrounding area.

Observation deck near the chapel, Mount Tossal de Cala

On the mountain are the ruins of the Iberian settlement of Tossal de la Cala. The data ruins were discovered on top of a hill in the middle of the XX century when archaeological excavations. Iberian tribes who lived in the area, scientists refer to the ancient age, III–II centuries BC. After the excavation, the surface was extracted ceramic and metal items of the era. Research is ongoing at the present time.

Ruins of the Iberian settlement of Tossal de la Cala, Benidorm

At the top of the hill you will meet a viewing platform, made in the form of a balcony. From this point open even more spectacular views, on the same beach and Poniente part of Benidorm

View of Poniente beach and the city of Benidorm from the observation deck of the Tossal de Cala mountain

In the distance is a rocky ledge, it is the Old town of Benidorm

View of the Old Town of Benidorm from the observation deck of the Tossal de Cala mountain

On the right side we see part of the mountain, on the summit of which bears Torre del Aguila. This is already the area of Villajoyosa.

View of the Torre del Aguilo Tower from the observation deck of the Tossal de Cala mountain

And in the endless blue sea, you can see the same name Benidorm island, located just a few kilometers from the coast. From the centre of Benidorm port and Levante beach, on the island, several times a day, cruising catamarans.

View of the island of Benidorm from the observation deck of the Tossal de Cala mountain

Insights on mount Tossal de Cala and its attractions

A good place for diversity of leisure. Located within walking distance from the centre of Benidorm. Hiking up the mountain can not only make a difference to a beach holiday, but also give the opportunity to relax from the urban bustle and populousness, while admiring the beautiful views from the viewing platforms.

In the summer to go to the mountain in the morning or evening, daily gain, under direct sunlight, can become somewhat uncomfortable. In winter and in summer, to climb the mountain is good at any time of the day.

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