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Beaches of Calpe, Spain. An overview of all the beaches of Calpe

Calpe or Denia, one of the most famous and beautiful cities in the resort area of the Costa Blanca.

Famous and popular among tourists, Benidorm is not only its color, such famous landmarks as old town, the rock of Ifach and the salt lake inhabited by pink flamingos, but above all - a vast beach.

The beach is Benidorm stretches for 11 kilometers along the line of the Mediterranean sea, on which there are 14 beaches, from small rocky coves to long and wide sandy beaches. Several beaches of Calpe awarded the "Blue flag".

Many of the beaches of Calpe is easily reached on foot, while some can be reached only by water.

Near every beach in Barcelona is an information stand where you can see where there is a particular beach.

The beaches of Calpe on the Map

Calpe beaches on the map

The most popular and visited beaches of Calpe are two main beach that occupies most of the coastline of the city. It is the Central city beach Arenal-Bol or Arenal-Bol and La fossa beach or Levante.

Both beaches are Blue flag. On the beaches of soft pale sand, the coastline is long and broad. Has all the necessary infrastructure: bins, rescue rigs, changing cabins, showers for feet, sun loungers and parasols, children's playgrounds, children's rope climbing structures, a dedicated area for beach football, with wooden flooring, facilities for those with limited mobility.

Sandy beach Arenal-Bol (Playa Del Arenal-Bol)

This beach is the largest, Central and most visited beach of Calpe. Located in the centre of town and stretches for 1200 meters from the historic center to the foot of the mountain Ifach.

Calpe Beaches-Arenal Bol Sandy Beach

Sandy La fossa beach (Playa De La Fossa) or Levante

Is the second most popular sandy beach in Javea, the beach of Arenal-Bol. It is less long and wide than Arenal, its length is 950 meters. However, La fossa beach is less crowded than Arenal, respectively clean and neat.

Is the Playa De La fossa to the East of the Arenal beach, on the left side of the rugged rock of Ifach, near the salt lake Las Salinas.

Calpe Beaches - La Fossa sandy beach

Share the above two beaches of the mighty Calpe rock, the peñon de Ifach, which is a hallmark of Barcelona, but also a modern Marina and a lovely promenade area, she's promenade Prince of Asturias (Paseo ecológico Príncipe de Asturias).

In the photo, the view from the observation deck of the mountain Ifach on the Calpe beaches, seaport, salt lake and the city itself

View from the observation deck of Mount Ifach to the beaches of Calpe

Between the beaches Arenal-Bol and La fossa, on both sides of the foot of the mountain and sea views, located 4 small beach.

From Arenal-Bol in the direction the cliff is

Beach Morello (Morello Cala)

Beach Morello little in the form of bays, its length is only 50 metres away. The beach is predominantly sand, entering the water framed by rock formations. The beach has rubbish bins, other beach infrastructure is missing.

Morello Beach in Calpe

Morello Beach in Calpe

From the beach Arenal-Bol beach promenade Morello, which is a historical monument Moli del Morello. The coastline is rocky.

Moli del Morello Embankment and historical monument, Calpe

Then follows

The Cantal Roig Beach (Cantal Roig)

In many reports the beach Cantal Roig is the second best beach in Calpe, after Arenal-Bol. But, we would put this beach on the third place by popularity and convenience, after beaches Arenal-Bol and La fossa.

The length of the Cantal Roig beach is 200 metres away. In the centre of the beach strip is quite narrow, the widest part of the beach is the one closer to the mountain Ifach. The beach is predominantly sand, in places interspersed with rocky rocks. The entrance to the shallow sea, the bottom is sand, with occasional stones.

Cantal Roig Beach in Calpe

Cantal Roig Beach in Calpe

Visually the beach is divided into two parts by a small rocky ledges extending into the sea.

Cantal Roig Beach in Calpe

On the beach urn, soul to feet, small children's play area.

Cantal Roig Beach

Cantal Roig Beach, Calpe, Spain

From the beach Morello to the beach Cantal Roig promenade, breakwater. The coastline is rocky.

The promenade connecting Morello beach with Cantal Roig beach in Calpe

Sea line from Morello beach to Cantal Roig beach in Calpe

Behind the beach Cantal Roig originates yachting Marina, which is located behind

Pebble beach Ate Raco (Cala El Raco)

A small pebbly Bay. On the lake there is a café-bar.

El Rako Beach in Calpe

From the beach of El Raco originates picturesque embankment of the Prince of Asturias. The promenade runs along the foot of the mountain Ifach. In this place you can experience the charm of overhanging rock.

Prince of Asturias Embankment in Calpe

Prince of Asturias Embankment at the Ifach Rock in Calpe

The next beach

Del Penal (Cala Del Penyal)

Located on the opposite (East) side of the rock of Ifach. To get to the beach you can follow at the foot of the mountain.

Del Penal is a small rocky Bay. Very quiet and secluded place. This beach can advise those who are tired of the bustle of the main beaches and wants to be alone with yourself and nature.

Del Penual Beach in Calpe

East beach Del Penyal is second in importance and attendance sandy beach of Calpe La fossa. On the beach we described above.

Behind the beach of La fossa located

The Bay Of La Calalga (Cala Calalga)

The beach of the Bay is narrow, the length is 100 meters, mostly rocky. The sea water is clean and clear. The beach is equipped with descent on the beach boxes.

La Calalga Bay in Calpe

La Calalga Beach in Calpe

From La fossa beach the Bay is separated by a rocky shore. You can get there via the promenade that runs along the line of the sea.

Near the beach of La Calalga, Calpe

Promenade to the beach of La Calalga, Calpe

Behind the beach Calalga are two coves - Mallorgui and Bassetes. Popular places among divers.

To the West of the historic center of town and Central beach Arenal-Bol, at the foot of mount Toix, are five small beaches (coves): Manzanera, Port Blanc, Les Urgues, Gasparet and El Collao

The beaches of Callao (Collao) and Gasparet to get quite difficult, they're separated by rocky cliffs. These sites are great for snorkeling, diving and fishing. For bathing you may need special shoes.

The Cala La Manzanera is located in the area of residential real estate La Manzanera. On the beach mainly pebbles and boulders.

The beach of Puerto Blanco (Puerto Blanco) or the Port Blank (Port Blanc) - small, pebble-sandy beach, located near the homonymous small port and a diving centre. Sunset in the sea is quite shallow, the depth does not occur immediately. The beach is equipped with necessary equipment - fountains for the feet, rubbish bins, saving post.

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