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Old town Calpe, Spain - Calpe pearl

The old town of Calpe (Casco Antiguo en Calpe) is the pearl of Calpe, the historical center and a small quarter located in the heart of Calpe, near the bus station, central tourist routes and beaches. The old town in Calpe is small in size, it is easy to get around on foot, so it is more like the old quarter or the old part of Calpe than the old town.

The old town of Calpe is probably the most visited place in Calpe, no tourist will avoid such a colorful place. In the old quarter, you can fully experience the Spanish style and immerse yourself in the past. There is a tangle of narrow streets with low traditional Spanish houses, many of which are painted in bright colors.

Old Town of Calpe

Old Town of Calpe

Old Town in Calpe, Spain

The streets of the old town of Calpe

Old Calpe

The streets of old Calpe

The streets of old Calpe, Spain

Cozy cafe tables are lined up in bright rows on these streets, and children are playing ball.

Old Quarter, Calpe

Cafes on the streets of the old town in Calpe

Bar in the old town of Calpe

Cafe in the old town of Calpe

Prices in cafes in the old town of Calpe

Old Calpe, Spain

Tiny, but such nice squares, where cafes, bars and restaurants are located, with tables under the open sky.

Squares in the old town of Calpe

Squares in old Calpe

Casco Antiguo en Calpe

Moorish Quarter, Calpe

Moorish quarter in Calpe

Moorish quarter in Calpe, Spain

On the territory of the old city, the remains of the fortress wall (defensive fortifications of the city) from the time of the Moorish rule have been preserved. And the unique cathedral (old church) of La Iglesia Antigua, made in the style of Moorish Gothic. It is not for nothing that the Old Town of Kalp is also called the "Moorish Quarter".

The defensive tower of Torreón de la Peça (Torreón de la Peça), next to which you can see two of the four surviving cannons.

Torreon de la Peca Tower, Calpe Old Town

Cannons in the old town of Calpe

The dominant and central place in the old town of Calpe is the Catholic Church-the parish of Parroquia Virgen De Las Nieves, located on the square de La Villa (Placa de la Villa). Services, weddings and other ceremonies are held in the church.

Parroquia Virgen De Las Nieves Catholic Church, Calpe

Plaza de La Villa, Calpe

In addition to walking along the streets, you can visit museums in the old part of Calpe, there are several of them here.

Archaeological Museum of Calpe. The museum has two floors + a basement. Admission is free. The Museum of Archeology clearly shows the history of Calpe. Here you can see photos of the early Calpe, get acquainted with the excavation process and the history of such architectural monuments as: the tower-mill of Morello (Torre Moli del Morello), located on the Calpe embankment and the excavations carried out on the Ifach rock. And also visit the exhibition of coins, kitchen utensils and other items discovered during the excavations.

Archaeological Museum of Calpe

Museum of Archeology in Calpe

Exhibition at the Museum of Archeology in Calpe

Museum of Archeology in old Calpe

Calpe in the past

Excavations in Calpe

Museu dart. The museum hosts exhibitions of masters. We got to an art exhibition where you could not only see the works of contemporary artists, but also buy a masterpiece you liked. Admission is free.

Museu dart, Calpe

Exhibition at museu dart, Calpe

In the old town of Calpe there are also other museums, attractions and interesting places that can be discovered by walking along the winding and pretty streets.

Painted walls of houses in the old town of Calpe

Painted walls of the houses of the old town of Calpe

Calpe, old town

Calpe, old town, Spain

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