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Sea port and the promenade of the Prince of Asturias in Calpe

Once a fishing village, now popular resort of Calpe, is one of the favorite places among tourists on the Costa Blanca.

Attracts Benidorm tourists, not only to a variety of beaches, which in Calpe there are fourteen, but also interesting sights.

One of the main, by the visited and beautiful attractions in Calpe are considered - sea port and a picturesque embankment of the Prince of Asturias. Both attractions are located close to each other.

The sea port of Denia

Port Pesquera El Raco (port Pesguer el Raco) is located at the foot of the pride of the Spanish town of CALP and the symbol of the Costa Blanca - the rock of Ifach (Rock of Ifac), from the Central sandy beach Arenal-Bol.

The seaport is not great for its size, but quite beautiful and graceful. White yachts lined up in neat rows and the blue sea water, make this place particularly attractive.

Sea port in Calpe

Port Pesguer el Raco, Calpe

In the port fish auctions are held. Fish auction is one of the most popular and favorite among tourists activities.

On the territory of the sea port is a boat with a tour Agency where you can buy tickets and go on boat trips (mini cruises) to nearby resorts such as Benidorm, Denia, Javea or Althea.

Here is the famous yacht club (Reial Club Nautic Calpe), on-site restaurant that serves

The seaport and the promenade of the Prince of Asturias in Calpe

Reial Club Nautic Yacht Club, Calpe

Seaport and restaurant of the Reial Club Nautic Yacht Club, Calpe

Promenade Prince of Asturias in Benidorm

From the port takes the owl beginning of one of the most picturesque waterfronts in Calpe, promenade Prince of Asturias (Paseo ecológico príncipe de Asturias).

This promenade is one of our favorite places in Barcelona, for walks and leisurely recreation. The promenade runs around the Cape Ifach in his foot, and edge of the sea. The length of the embankment is approximately 800 meters.

Prince of Asturias Embankment in Calpe

Prince of Asturias Ecological Trail, Calpe

Paseo Ecologico Principe de Asturias, Calpe

Prince of Asturias Embankment, Calpe

On the waterfront is a helipad

Helipad on the Prince of Asturias Embankment, Calpe

From any point of the promenade with beautiful views of the Mediterranean sea, and overhanging the rock of Ifach, appears in all his glory and power.

Ifach Rock, view from the Prince of Asturias Embankment, Calpe

Mediterranean Sea, Prince of Asturias Embankment, Calpe

Hiking along the Cape, the Ecological trail of the Prince of Asturias, at the same time looking at the territory of the sea port, we, with all confidence, I can recommend to everyone, arrived in Calpe.

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