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Salt lake in Calpe - Las Salinas de Calpe (Salt Marshes)

The salt Lake-Las Salinas de Calpe (Las Salinas), is a natural attraction and a unique wealth of the city of Calpe. It is in this place that you can observe beautiful birds-pink flamingos in Calpe.

Lake Salinas in Calpe is a lagoon with salt water, located near the historical center of the city, at the foot of the Ifach rock and within walking distance from one of the central beaches of Calpe - La Fossa.

Since the Kalp region has been fishing since ancient times, already in the times of the Roman Empire, Salt Marshes were used to extract salt, so necessary for seasoning and preserving fish. Salt was mined in the lake until recently, then salt mining brought income to the city. Today, the lagoon is an important wet zone of the city and a protected nature reserve.

Salt Lake in Calpe

Las Salinas de Calpe (Salt Marshes)

This ecosystem has its own vegetation that can adapt to the high concentration of salt in the soil and water. The moist salty area, rich in flora, attracts a variety of different animal species: crustaceans, insects, amphibians, reptiles and large colonies of migratory birds that come to the lake in search of food and for recreation. Among the migratory inhabitants are flamingos, herons, black-winged stilts, plows, etc.

Pink flamingos are of particular interest to tourists, the number of which increases in spring and autumn. Walking along the lake, even from afar, you can still observe these graceful migratory creatures.

Pink flamingos on Lake Salinas in Calpe

Pink flamingos in Calpe, Salt Lake Las Salinas

From the sea side, along the lake, there is a roadway, there is a bicycle path, there are benches for recreation, on which you can sit down, relax, while admiring the lake and its inhabitants.

Las Salinas Salt Lake in Calpe

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