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La Mata or Torre La Mata is a small town (municipality) and resort considered to be a suburb of Torrevieja.

La Mata is situated to the East along the coast from Torrevieja, surrounded by a natural Park, moving dunes and salt lakes. From the historic centre of Torrevieja to La Mata, approximately 6.5 kilometers. From the West coast of Tenerife is bordered by the urbanization of Cabo Cervera.

Despite its small size, Tenerife is one of the most popular places to stay in the area of Torrevieja. Here is less lively than in the center of Torrevieja, a quiet and peaceful. The area is clean and quite well maintained, there are several important attractions, the natural Park with dunes, a dedicated green areas for walking, playgrounds, supermarkets, small shops, cafes and restaurants.

In addition to all of the above Benidorm attracts many tourists, primarily because of its magnificent, spacious beach. The longest and, in our opinion, the best sandy beach in the center Torrevieja.

The beach of La Mata

The eponymous La Mata beach (Playa de la Mata) stretches of 1930 meters in length and has a 47 meter wide. Almost two kilometers of beach strip is completely covered with fine and soft sand of light yellow color.

La Mata, Torrevieja

La Mata Beach, Torrevieja

The beach is cleaned daily, the sand dub. Along the line of the sea in some places is found natural debris, put on shore by the sea waves, but it doesn't.

La Mata Beach

The sea water is clean and transparent, the entrance shallow, sandy bottom.

As La Mata is a long and open beach, it is not protected mountainous terrain and cliffs, and there are no breakwaters, often on the beach there are waves. In the first half of the day, the sea more calm, and after lunch most of the waves are coming. But here, it all depends on the weather, time on time is not necessary.

La Mata beach, sea

On the beach has all the necessary beach infrastructure: bins, toilets, Luggage storage, showers for feet, medical care, and rescue rigs, small children and sports grounds, wooden decks, facilities for people with disabilities, can play beach soccer or volleyball.

La Mata Beach Infrastructure

Natural shade on the beach is almost none. In order to shelter from the sun's rays, you can rent sun loungers and parasols, as well as chairs for sitting. You can also rent water entertainment facilities.

Sun loungers and parasols on La Mata beach

The cost of sun loungers and parasols on La Mata beach

Directly on the sandy beach strip there are several cafes, they can enjoy a cold drink and a snack.

Cafe on the beach of La Mata

Cafe on the beach of La Mata, Torrevieja

Prices in a cafe on the beach of La Mata, Torrevieja

Ice cream on La Mata beach

Prices in a cafe on La Mata beach

Playa de La Mata a great location for a family holiday with children. In the midst of the holiday season La Mata becomes a busy tourist destination, people come here to relax, as the Spaniards, and visitors to this beautiful Sunny country.

The resort of La Mata is popular for Windsurfing and diving.

In case anyone is interested, we have an overview of all the beaches of Torrevieja, ranging from the small and quiet coves, ending the main sandy beaches.

Embankment and natural Park in La Mata

Along the beach runs a long pedestrian promenade.

In the Western side of the beach stretches a beautiful natural Park (Parque del Molino del Agua). This Park is considered a nature reserve, the Park has a pond, places for walks in the shade of pine trees. A very beautiful place.

Along the beach, between the small dunes, there's a wooden promenade. Embankment originates from the urbanization of Cabo Cervera and stretches to the center of La Mata.

Promenade, La Mata Beach

Promenade, La Mata beach, Torrevieja

Embankment, La Mata, Torrevieja

In the center of La Mata, located on the waterfront places to stay, small cafes and restaurants where you can sit and admire the beach. As well as guest houses and apartments. This is the busiest part of the beach and the area of La Mata.

La Mata Promenade

La Mata Promenade, Spain

Cafe on the promenade of La Mata, Spain

For La Mata, on the East side of the coast, located a half-civilized beach and a continuously moving ecosystem - dunes of Guardamar del Segura (Guardamar del Segura). Among the dunes there are also wooden walkways. But by the dunes is better not to go, do not violate such a unique ecosystem.

Moving Ecosystem - Guardamar del Segura Dunes, Spain

Attractions Of La Mata

Attractions Torrevieja can not boast. Of the few:

- Central Plaza encarnación Puchol (Plaza de Encarnación Puchol), located on the beach in the heart of the district. On the square - attractions for children, are celebrations and festivals, and concentrated around an abundance of cafes and restaurants;

Encarnacion Puigol Square, La Mata

Near Encarnacion Puigol, La Mata

Encarnacion Puigol, La Mata, Torrevieja

- Catholic Church Parroquia Nuestra Señora del Rosario, located on the square;

Catholic Church Parroquia Nuestra Señora del Rosario, La Mata

- historical monument Embarkadero de la sal, located close to the square;

Historic Monument - Embarkadero de la sal, La Mata

a small Plaza Gaspar Perello (Plaza Gaspar Perelló).

Gaspard Perello Square, La Mata

Close to La Mata is another unique natural landmark - green (emerald) lagoon, one of the two famous lakes of Torrevieja - salt lake Salada de La Mata (Salada de la Mata).

Streets and market in La Mata

The district La Mata is quite small, it is easy to walk to. There is a small green public gardens with children's swings, stone streets with: a couple of supermarkets, a small shopping centre, other shops and souvenir shops, small and cozy cafes and restaurants.

Parks La Mata

Parks La Mata, Torrevieja

Streets of La Mata, Torrevieja

Every Wednesday, in the morning, in the Eastern part of town, is visiting street market (Mercadillo de La Mata). Traders from all over the County set up tents on the streets. Here fruits and vegetables, cheeses and sausages, clothes, shoes, bags and other goods. The landmark street La Curing (Calle la Lecha) and other nearby streets.

Where to stay in La Mata

La Mata is a small area, so accommodation here is mainly apartments and guest houses.

The guest house Alba. The beach can be reached in just 1 minute. It offers rooms with sea views, air conditioning and a balcony, a restaurant and a cafe bar.

The 3-star Aparthotel Lloyds Beach Club. The beach can be reached within 1 minute. It offers 3 double/single rooms and 25 apartments. From the Windows and balconies offer views of the Mediterranean sea.

Apartments Sunrise. The beach can be reached within 1 minute. It offers a balcony with sea views and free Wi-Fi. The apartment features a flat-screen TV, kitchen with fridge, microwave, stove and coffee machine. Featuring a terrace.

Apartments Of La Mata. The beach can be reached within 4 minutes. The apartment offers a seasonal outdoor pool, a terrace for sunbathing. It offers free Wi-Fi. The kitchen is equipped with microwave, toaster, fridge, cooking hobs and kettle.

Duplex apartment Adosado Los Suecos, located in La Mata, 1.3 km from the beach. Can accommodate guests with Pets. It offers a terrace and an outdoor pool. The complex offers free private Parking, it is possible to play tennis.

And La Mata Beach Apartment and Aparthotel Sole Bello.

All accommodation facilities in La Mata, from budget to luxury, you can view and book here booking.

How to get from Torrevieja to La Mata

From Torrevieja to La Mata can be reached by city bus line And the fare is € 1.35. Bus from Torrevieja to the center of La Mata, the path makes a slight detour and stopping in Cabo Cervera.

Bus La Mata - Torrevieja

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