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Naufragos beach in Torrevieja (Playa de Los Naufragos) - lively but remote

Naufragos Beach (Playa de Los Naufragos), one of the beaches of the resort town of Torrevieja. This beach is considered one of the best in Torrevieja.

Los Naufragos beach is located in the southern part of the coast of Torrevieja, near the salt lake - the lagoons of Salada de Torrevieja (Las Salinas Nature Reserve). From the historical center of Torrevieja to the beach, about 2 kilometers. Despite this, the beach of Naufragos is one of the favorite places for vacationers in Torrevieja.

The length of the beach is 325 metres, and it is the most spacious part has a width of 77 meters. On the beach is fine and pleasant to touch the sand. Sand color, from light yellow and grey, to almost white, depending on the angle at which sunlight strikes.

Naufragos Beach, Torrevieja

Naufragos Beach

The entrance to the shallow sea, the bottom is mostly sand, there are rocks rocky.

Sea water, Naufragos beach, Torrevieja

The sand is clean. The beach is cleaned daily in the morning, the sand dub. Depending on the weather, along the sea, found natural debris, put on shore by the sea waves.

Garbage on the beach of Naufragos, Torrevieja

Playa de Los Naufragos

Playa de Los Naufragos, Torrevieja

Naufragos Beach, Torrevieja, Spain

On the beach has all the necessary infrastructure beach: rescue towers, medical facilities, changing cabins and toilets, dumpsters and garbage cans, showers for legs, wooden floorings, for people with disabilities. There are a few small playgrounds and sports grounds. You can play beach football or volleyball.

Beach Activities, Naufragos, Torrevieja

Infrastructure Naufragos Beach, Torrevieja

On the beach of Naufragos, Torrevieja

On the beach of Naufragos, Torrevieja, Spain

Toilets on the beach of Naufragos, Torrevieja

In the height of tourist season the beach is crowded and noisy. Natural shade on the beach there is little, perhaps, from the sun to hide in the shade of the few palm trees that serve as more than decoration for the beach than a shelter from the sun. In search of shadows you can rent sun loungers or chairs, also sun umbrellas.

Palm trees on the beach of Naufragos, Torrevieja

Sun loungers and parasols on the beach of Naufragos, Torrevieja

The cost of sun loungers, parasols and entertainment on the beach of Naufragos, Torrevieja

On the beach there are several cafes where you can relax and have a drink and a bite to eat.

Cafe on the beach of Naufragos, Torrevieja

Cafe, Naufragos Beach, Torrevieja

Prices in cafes, Naufragos beach, Torrevieja

Prices for cafes, Naufragos beach, Torrevieja, Spain

All of the above advantages of the beach make it one of the favorite places among tourists in Barcelona, including the beach is very popular among families with young children. Personally for us, the beach is not very good, but this is only a personal opinion, many of the beach Los Naufragos In love.

On the Western side of Playa de Los Naufragos originates rocky coastline, not suitable for swimming.

Behind the Naufragos Beach, Torrevieja

On the East side, beach, almost, borders on the port located in the Acequión beach. Share these two beach Avenue Pinoso and place of transporting salt mined from salt lake.

Transportation of salt mined from the salt lake, Torrevieja

In case anyone is interested, we have an overview of all the beaches of Torrevieja, ranging from the small and quiet coves, ending the main sandy beaches.

The promenade of the beach of Los Naufragos

Along the beach runs a small embankment that serves as a place for walking and relaxing. Along Palma's promenade, places to stay, there are bike Parking lots.

Los Naufragos Beach Promenade, Torrevieja

Waterfront Naufragos Beach, Torrevieja

Waterfront Naufragos Beach, Torrevieja, Spain

Bicycle parking on the promenade of Naufragos beach, Torrevieja

Close to the beach Naufragos

Close to the beach attractions, including: the Catholic Church is the parish of San Roque and Santa Ana (Parroquia de San Roque y Santa Ana) and two small green square Plaza Plaza el Pescador and la Sirena.

Where to stay near the beach Naufragos

As the beach de Los Naufragos is located somewhat aside from the busy historic centre of Torrevieja, in the district of San Roque, the lovers of the beach and prefer to stay within walking distance from the beach. In this area of the Costa Blanca are located mainly apartments and there are several hotels:

- 3-star hotel Tuto. Distance from the hotel to the beach the Property is just 50 metres away. The hotel overlooks the sea and the natural reserve of Las Salinas. The hotel features a seasonal coffee shop, specializing in rice dishes, fish and seafood. All rooms with air conditioning and heating, rooms feature a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with a Hairdryer. Some rooms have a balcony or terrace.

- apartment 100m de la playa. The beach can be reached within 2 minutes. This apartment features free wifi and a private Parking. The kitchen oven and microwave, and a coffee maker. The room has a flat-screen TV. The private bathroom comes with a bath.

- apartment Kallysto. The beach is 2 minutes walk. The apartment allowed Pets. From the Windows overlooking the garden. The kitchen is equipped with oven and microwave. The private bathroom comes with a bath or shower.

- Berry apartments. The beach is a 5 minute walk. The apartment offers views of the city. It offers free Wi-Fi. The kitchen includes a dishwasher and oven. Also includes a flat-screen TV.

- Orange Holiday Housing. The beach can be reached in 7-10 minutes. The apartment features: air conditioning, a terrace and a garden with outdoor pool and year-round outdoor pool. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel. The kitchen is equipped with dishwasher, oven, coffee machine and kettle.

All accommodation facilities in Barcelona, from budget to luxury, you can view and book here .

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