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Del Cura beach in Torrevieja (Playa Del Cura) - central and lively

Beach Del Cura (Playa Del Cura) - one of the city beaches of Torrevieja and, in our opinion, the most picturesque.

The beach is located in the city center, walking distance from attractions, the seaport and the bus station. The distance from the seaport to the beach of Del Cura is 1 km, from the bus station to the beach - also 1 km.

Close to the beach are the main entertainment of the city, the abundance of bars, cafes and restaurants, hotels and apartments for every taste and budget, there are also souvenir shops, supermarkets and shops, a beautiful promenade (the area for walking) and the historic town of Torrevieja.

In the holiday season at the beach is always something going on: holiday events, entertainment shows and so on.

Due to its location in Playa del Cura is the most popular beach in Torrevieja.

Del Cura Beach

In the height of tourist season the beach is crowded, it is sometimes difficult to find a place to stay.

Del Cura Beach in Torrevieja

Playa Del Cura

The beach strip has a length of 375 meters and 27 meters wide. By the standards of beaches in Spain, beach Del Cura is a very small, but Torrevieja is quite a decent size.

On the beach is fine and pleasant to the touch the sand is light in color. The sand is clean. Every morning the beach is clean, sand dub. The entrance to the shallow sea, the bottom of the sand, the sea water is clean and clear.

Playa Del Cura, Torrevieja

In the left (Eastern) part of the beach has a distinct rounded shape

Eastern part of Del Cura beach, Torrevieja

The Western (right) part of the beach Del Cura

Western Del Cura Beach, Torrevieja

The Central part of the beach Del Cura

Central part of Del Cura beach, Torrevieja

On the beach, all necessary infrastructure beach: wooden decks, boxes, rescue and medical units, showers for the feet, an area of water sports.

Torrevieja Central Beach - Del Cura

Mediterranean Sea, Del Cura Beach in Torrevieja

For an additional fee you can rent sun loungers and sun umbrellas

Sun loungers and parasols at Del Cura beach

Sun loungers and parasols at Del Cura beach, Torrevieja

Del Cura beach in Torrevieja, prices

Most tourists bring their own umbrellas, beach towels or folding chairs. Great economy option.

Del Cura Beach, Torrevieja

In case anyone is interested, we have an overview of all the beaches of Torrevieja, ranging from the small and quiet coves, ending the main sandy beaches.

The promenade, beach Del Cura

Along the beach is a scenic waterfront (Avenue Los marineros/Av. de los Marineros). On the waterfront of slender palms and benches, resting on which you can admire the beach and the sea.

Embankment of Del Cura Beach in Torrevieja

Prospect Marineros, Torrevieja

Embankment, Prospect Marineros, Torrevieja

Promenade and beach Del Cura, Torrevieja

Promenade and beach Del Cura, Torrevieja, Spain

Also here an abundance of cafes, bars and restaurants. There are small shops, souvenir shops, stalls with sweets, nuts and seeds

Cafe on the promenade near the beach of Del Cura, Torrevieja

On the promenade near Del Cura beach, Torrevieja

Waterfront stalls near Del Cura Beach, Torrevieja

Prospect Marineros

Prospect Marineros, Torrevieja, Spain

There is Bicycle Parking

Bicycle parking on the promenade of Del Cura beach, Torrevieja

The scenic waterfront originates from the seaport (a Marina) and extends along the Central part of the coast of Torrevieja. The promenade of Torrevieja is a great place for walks and leisurely recreation. In our opinion, this is one of the most beautiful promenades of the Costa Blanca.

Where to stay near the beach Del Cura in Torrevieja

Since the beach is located in the heart of the city, locations close to the beach a lot. The choice here is quite large, starting from simple and budget hotel rooms, to suites and Junior suites. All accommodation in Torrevieja you can view and book here.

Torrevieja, Spain, panorama of Del Cura beach and the surrounding area

PS Making a conclusion about the beach Del Cura in Torrevieja, you can say this is a good and convenient option for those who like to combine a beach holiday with an active life, urban rides, Hiking trails and evening walks.

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