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Ayia Napa, Cyprus

The city-resort of Ayia Napa, it is called, while Agia Napa (Turkish name Aya Napa) is located in the Eastern part of the Republic of Cyprus and parole refers to the Greek part of the island. In Greek the name of the city, while Agia Napa literally means "Holy wood" or "sacred forest". This city derived its name due to the fact that Ayia means "Holy" and Napa "charcoal alley" because in ancient times the area surrounding the city was covered with dense forest.

The resort of Ayia Napa has a reputation as the most incendiary, exciting and dynamic resort in Cyprus. There is always a lot of young people, entertainment and a very lively nightlife. There is an amusement Park, water Park, and developed water sports.

In Ayia Napa there is no airport, the nearest international airport is in the city of Larnaca. To the hotel we drove pretty fast for 25-30 minutes. On Cyprus, we went in early September.

The sea and the beach of Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Daily went to Nissi beach (Nissi Beach), rather went. Clean warm sea, with a convenient setting, you go away still quite small.

On the beach of white Golden sand. The beach is quite clean, for one thing, a lot of cigarette butts. Perhaps for Europeans it is not garbage all other garbage thrown in the bins, but kebony, where smoked.

Nissi beach is perfect for youth and for families with children.

Nissi Beach Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Nissi Ayia Napa Beach, Cyprus

blue water of the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus

Cafes and restaurants located along the beach. In the midday heat you can sit in one of the cafes and enjoy a cold drink in the shade of the canopies.

Umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach pay. Umbrella + deckchair per day are 7.5 euros, and sun lounger - 5 Euro.

On the beach we went to after lunch as before lunch, too hot and basically spent time in a hotel near the pool.

The beach offers a variety of nautical activities – banana boating, tablet, inflatable kayaks, jet skis, water skiing, flying over Morin on parachute, departure by boat to the open sea.

Ayia Napa Water Attractions, Cyprus

We went on the jet ski. 10 minutes is 40 Euro. Rode for the first time, got a lot of unforgettable experiences, very much. Jet-skiing was not in our plans initially wanted to go diving, but after talking with the local, he changed his mind. Is diving in Ayia NAPA is not popular, he said there was scant, according to the Turkish type. So we decided to ride a jet ski. Now don't even know what we like more, jet-skiing or scuba diving, even difficult to say, but after "hydroxatone" diving, this time we were not needed.

jet ski Cyprus

jet ski Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Food in Ayia NAPA, Cyprus - street, in cafes and restaurants

In the city center a wide variety of cafes, pubs and restaurants. Also many stalls with street food.

Barkers on the streets and the waiters speak good Russian.

From common street food tent with pizza. I went to the kiosk, in the window, spinning a pizza with different toppings, choose a piece, you served on a paper plate. Waste to the side and eat. A slice of pizza costs € 1,20.

In addition, the city there are other types of fast food. We so often eat. Although the little two in the shop fast food costs about as much as lunch at a restaurant.

Restaurant prices for a serving of any dish is approximately 8 to 13 Euro. The portions are large, sometimes one can eat together. The most famous and common dish in Cyprus is the Cyprus shashlyk. Cyprus kebabs are from a variety of meats and seafood.

Photo lunch at the restaurant: pasta Carbonara for € 8 and a traditional Cypriot dish of Meze. Often the Mesa is meat or seafood. We took the meat meze. In serving traditional Cypriot dishes included assorted meat kebab (pork, chicken, etc. meat), assorted fresh vegetables and several types of sauces and pita. This dish 13-20 Euros per person.

lunch at Ayia Napa restaurant, Cyprus

Luna Park Ayia NAPA, Cyprus

Luna Park in Ayia NAPA - Parko Paliatso is located in the heart of the city. It's an amusement Park, entertainment, located at the address: Nissi Avenue, 5340 Agia Napa, Cyprus.

It, like any other Park there are rides, various rides and other entertainment stuff. Any special or super extreme fun there.

Ayia Napa Luna Park Cyprus

Parko Paliatso Cyprus

The Park also contains a cafe, gift of affection, a kiosk with snacks, sweets and candy floss.

We are particularly attracted big wheel display. It has beautiful views of the city and its environs.

panorama of evening Cyprus

ferris wheel in Ayia Napa amusement park

Stores, prices in Ayia NAPA, Cyprus

Small shops in the city a lot. Prices for products are not cheap, for example 2-liter butelka of Coke costs around 5 euros.

Near Luna Park there is a grocery store with wholesale prices. We are in the early days was trying to find out where he is, but all said that there is no such store... can somehow not explained.. But then you found it. The prices are really cheaper than in the shops of the city.

In the shops of Ayia NAPA you need to be careful, can cheat. So we bought a bottle of perfume Miss Dior Cherie 50 ml. for 13 euros. On display in the probe was the original perfume. A bottle of bought spirits was Packed in cellophane and we unpacked it on arrival home, it turned out, the spirits are not the same, it smells different, the labels pasted crookedly, in General, fake.

In the city that sell a large variety of Cypriot wines. The 0.7 liter bottle of wine is 2.5 euros. Cypriot wine we did not like.

Walk on the donkey, a tour of Ayia NAPA, Cyprus

Decided to go on a tour of the surrounding area, while Agia NAPA. Guide so vividly praised the tour: a walk (ride) the donkeys. Painted that we bring, meet the donkeys, specially trained people the poet temperament will select each his donkey. Further each of us along with his donkey will take on a green meadow where we will distribute the fruit of fresh beans and we're going to feed the donkeys, so they got used to the new temporary owner... Cost this tour is 35 euros per person.

In reality it turned out well. We went to places more than an hour in each direction. Came to the farm, where a herd of donkeys, each of our weight and height quickly picked up the donkey. Beans for donkeys, it was necessary to buy separately. One bag of feed for donkeys table 2 euros. We have trivia was not much, putting the same they have large bills was not, at least so said. So we bought one bag of beans for two and a small sandy heels feed the donkeys. On the feeding of donkeys was very dusty, because instead of a green glade there was a sandy plot of land, which from the hooves and the constant trampling of donkeys raised a cloud of dust. Then we sat each on his donkey and ride on them the small circle. All riding took twenty minutes.

donkey ride, Cyprus

While riding on donkeys we photographed the photographer. After an excursion suggested to buy a ready-made and laminated pictures for the price of 10 euros apiece. The pictures of course turned out beautiful and high quality, but they are not worth the money, so we looked at the pictures quickly took a picture of them on the phone. One of these photos as a frame from the past))

excursion - donkey riding Cyprus

In addition to the donkeys on the farm is inhabited and other animals

farm Cyprus

farm animals in Cyprus

donkeys in Cyprus

Then we held a small etnoturistic complex. The complex is home to the building's interior, telling about how once lived in Cyprus. Something similar to the Ataman Cossack village in the Krasnodar region. During the tour we got acquainted with the locals, their customs and traditions.

After we were fed and entertained. The table was Swedish, consisted of several salads, appetizers, side dishes and meat dishes. Drink was wine, which, too, could gain as you want. We're at the end of lunch they wanted to go and score yourself a bottle of wine, but the barrels were already empty... time had before.

During lunch in front of us were two men, entertaining the Cypriot national dances. We also performed the famous dance with glasses. After they called all those wishing to learn the local dances. It was pretty fun.

national cypriot dance with glasses

Despite the lunch and entertainment with dancing, 35 euros for the trip is still expensive. The entire tour took us a whole day.

The hotel and the streets of Ayia NAPA, Cyprus

We stayed at the hotel Tsokkos Holidays 3 stars.

The hotel is situated in the heart of the city, near the so-called street discos. Street disco is a street where you can find nightlife - clubs, bars. By day this street is just dying, and in the evening and night it is full of life, merry people walk through it, moving from club to club.

Hotel booked at the best prices still at home through the website online hotel booking Instead. We also recommend you to use the booking system of hotels Booking

From the hotel to the Nissi beach far away, walk for 40 minutes. Can be reached by bus, the fare is 1.5 Euro. Or by minibus, taxi designed for 8 seats. The vans are right in front of the stop. The drivers themselves are suitable for people at the bus stop and ask anyone on the beach, when reaching a full bus, passengers without stopping transported to the beach. A taxi to the beach costs the same as the fare in public transport is € 1.5.

Although the hotel was located in the city center and far from the beach, we did not regret that chose it because hotels near the beach there is such a diversity of cafes, restaurants, shops and nightlife. Arriving in the city on the bus, for example, in the club, back will have to return to the taxi, and it costs much more.

Nearby in walking distance there is a small beach that we came on the first day. But this beach we did not like, wild, uncultivated, with a pebbly coastline. Vacationers at this beach, we counted exactly three people.


Somewhere on the way to the beach

somewhere along the road to the sea of Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Ayia Napa Cyprus

Also within walking distance from the hotel there is another very wide beach - Pantahou beach (Pantachou Beach), but we did not go, can not tell anything.

The cost of accommodation includes meals buffet Breakfast and lunch or dinner to choose from. We chose Breakfast and dinner. The food is delicious and varied. A large number of dishes, especially for dinner. If instead of dinner to take dinner, then for lunch the food's not full of a lot of variety, as is eating little people. So that those who are to stay will choose this hotel, I advise you to choose dinner.

For Breakfast we liked to take French fries and bacon. It was very tasty. What's for Breakfast, what's for lunch or dinner better not come to the end of time, the choice of dishes is less and less.

Oh, and for lunch and dinner is not offered free drinks. All drinks must be paid and they are more expensive than the shops in the city. Glass of beer 0.5 costs about 5 euros. Drinks to carry too. We buy water in stores, left the room and drank after dinner.

The hotel rests mostly young people. There are Russian-speaking. Was present, of course, a few families with young children, but for us, so we would have a child this hotel did not go. Too much action and noise. Our Windows looked out to the pool area in the evening held a disco, and after the young people gathered around the pool talking loudly and laughing. All this created a buzz that even with the Windows closed at night it was noisy.

Hotel rooms are pretty spacious, with a balcony where you can sit in the chair. Furniture in rooms old, but has all - microwave, refrigerator, stove, dishes, pots, pans, if you wish, you can prepare to eat.

How we spent your day on holiday in Ayia NAPA, Cyprus

Probably like all the rest, we just ate, slept, bathed and walked, enjoying the rest and time detached from everyday problems.

Woke up, went for Breakfast after sunbathing and swimming in the hotel's outdoor pool. The sea before lunch did not go, because without an umbrella from the sun is very hot, and to pay 7.5 euros for every day it was just pathetic. A few times playing volleyball. The pool music was always played, sunbeds and umbrellas free of charge.

In the afternoon walked into town, ate. After lunch, when the sun is not so scorching, went to the sea. In the evening went to the hotel for dinner. After dinner, walked around, sometimes went to night clubs.

In general, we liked the rest in Cyprus. It is much more pleasant and comfortable to rest in Europe than in Turkey or Egypt, and the price is about the same, sometimes tours to Turkey are even more expensive.

A holiday in Cyprus is good... but it starts not from the hotel and the sea, and from the road. First of all, to the island need to get, and this is only the airfare. Compare prices and buy tickets at the best prices here, we do.

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