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Rhodes island, Greece - vacation at the confluence of two seas

Rhodes is one of the biggest, most famous and visited Islands of Greece, which is a developed tourist center that attracts many tourists from all over the world.

Attracted to the island primarily because of its mild temperate climate, beautiful landscapes, interesting medieval monuments, ancient ruins and romance of two seas, an abundance of beaches, narrow medieval streets and delicious selection of food.

Here we could not pass a party to such an interesting Greek island and set his sights on Rhodes.

Streets of Rhodes, Greece

Visa to Rhodes

Greece is part of the Schengen area. To visit the country, you may need travel insurance.

The Currency Of Rhodes

Greece is in the Euro zone, so the state currency is Euro. All calculations are made in Euros. Payment is accepted as cash or credit card. If you are used mainly to pay by Bank transfer, we still recommend you to have a small amount of cash. In Rhodes there are places, souvenir shops, stalls etc., where you can pay only in cash.

Personal experience. Weather in Rhodes

In General, the rest of the island we liked, left a lot of impressions and positive emotions. The rest was rich and varied, accompanied by swimming in two seas - the Mediterranean and the Aegean, visiting small bays with crystal clear sea water, historical attractions and unique natural reserves in Europe. Also enjoy delicious local dishes, seafood, hot bread, and, of course, isprobavano local alcoholic drinks - grape vodka, wine and beer.

On the streets of the island is quite clean, sometimes found in household waste. The locals are smiling and quite friendly. Willing to contact, communicate and help when necessary.

Rhodes, Greece

In Rhodes we were in the middle of September. Can year was like this, and maybe Rhodes is always the weather and it's just his personality, just do not know such nuances did not go deep, but in mid-September, it was windy. The wind blew almost always and everywhere, causing some discomfort when swimming and when exiting the sea.

The day was hot, and the nights became quite cool, put on light sweaters, a couple of days and pants.

In September it was not crowded, the beaches, semi-desert, families with kids a little bit. So quiet and mental rest we were provided with.

During your holidays in Rhodes, I met a young couple from St. Petersburg, they go to rest in Greece is not the first and they say that on Crete they find comfortable. Prices are lower, the weather is warmer and the island itself they like more interesting, more diverse. We, nothing about the comparison of Crete and Rhodes, I can not say, Crete was not yet. How will visit, will write an article about Crete.

Water in the Mediterranean sea was about 24 degrees in the afternoon. Not fresh milk, very refreshing.

Mediterranean Sea, Rhodes, Greece

Upon returning home, inquired about the weather on the island. Of course, it all depends on the year and the place that you chose to stay on the island. The highest temperature of water in the sea occurs in July - August months, reaching an average +25-+26 degrees, in may and June +22, September-October +24, Nov +20. As you can see the temperature of sea water "in the bathroom" +27 - +28 degree Rhodes does not happen. Although it is said that the tourist season on the island lasts from March till November. However, as we were able to learn and notice, for lovers of Sunny beaches, the best months are July - August. But, for enjoying to wander – to travel plus to a dip in the sea, more suitable June, September months.


Its permanent location on the island, we chose the same city and the capital of the island - Rhodes town. And does this not regret it. Rhodes, like any capital city, developed city, plus the tourist center of the island.

To all the main attractions of the island and deserted coves we went to the car rental. Comfortable, quick, cheaper than public transport and much more mobile. Go along the coast, saw an attractive place, cozy cafe with views of wild beaches and charming Cove, stopped, got out, ate, swam, walked, and drove on. But to stay on the island is where the coast hides many beautiful hidden places. Parking is free almost everywhere. Gasoline costs an average of 1.52 euros per liter, where a little cheaper, where a little more expensive, but the difference is small.

Rhodes town is divided into the modern part, where there is the tourism industry, with modern, comfortable hotels, elegant shops, boutiques of all famous brands of clothes, shoes, perfumes, cosmetics and accessories. In this part of the city developed entertainment area, there are bustling cafes, restaurants and night life with discos. To be honest, we such areas is not very prefer to relax, the more we love the historic part of the city, the so-called old centers.

Second, conditional part of Rhodes town is its historical part. It keeps the memory of the middle ages and ancient ruins, picturesque narrow streets, and incredible peaceful atmosphere of museums, temples and numerous monuments.

Here is the most prominent landmark of the city and a significant part of the history of the island - Rhodes old town.

Rhodes Old Town, Greece

Rhodes old town

The old part of Rhodes town is a real city-Museum, a historical monument, walking the streets that we came back again and again.

Old Rhodes town is surrounded by high walls and is a medieval Rhodes with its color and narrow cobblestone streets. To enter the city from different sides of Rhodes town, you can't miss, all roads lead to this part of the city.

The old town in Rhodes is considered one of the best preserved medieval cities, walled in Europe.

Rhodes Old Town, Greece

The main attraction of the old town is the castle - Palace of the Grand masters of the knights/of Rhodes fortress. Once the main defensive structure of the medieval city of Rhodes, the former residence of the Grand master of the knights. Currently, the world heritage monument of UNESCO.

In the castle of the masters is a Museum, entrance fee, 5 Euro per person.

Palace of Masters/Rhodes Fortress, Rhodes, Greece

Also, in the old town just to walk out, here you will see small squares, fountains, ancient ruins of the temple of Aphrodite, the temples, stroll along the famous street of the knights.

On the streets of Old Rhodes, Greece

Old Town in Rhodes, Greece

Squares in the old town of Rhodes, Greece

Although the whole old town and is a Museum of history and architecture, however conditionally, for myself, we were divided into three parts. Of course, properly part of the old town are called differently, to find all of them easily on the Internet.

Deserted – streets and surroundings in which but we let a couple of tourists no one else walked. Here you can enjoy privacy and plenty to see the walls of the defensive walls and the castle.

Defensive walls of Old Rhodes, Greece

The residential part of the old city, which is still inhabited by local residents. Here narrow streets, modest houses, a small front door, with balconies lined with lanterns and greenery in pots. It looks like a toy, in the same way it is so nice and sweet, to realize that so simply, unobtrusively, among the tourist center, the family lives of ordinary Greeks.

Residential part of the Old Town of Rhodes, Greece

Residential Old Rhodes, Greece

Tourism – in the heart of the old town, the fortress, is the epicenter of tourist life and the liveliest part of the old town of Rhodes. Here is constantly full of life. Streets with many cafes and restaurants, pavilions, souvenir shops and shops selling all sorts of things, ranging from the well-known Souvenirs to sea sponges and olive oil. It is this part of Rhodes old town most often printed in travel brochures and booklets, as well as on magnets, postcards and other Souvenirs.

Tourist Center of the Old Town of Rhodes, Greece

Shopping streets of the Old Town of Rhodes, Greece

The touristic centre of the old town - square of Hippocrates and the ancient fountainlocated in the center of the square.

Hippocrates Square and the Ancient Fountain, Rhodes, Greece

In the old town, and indeed on the island, as we have seen, there are lots of cats. The locals feed them constantly and protect. And we, as visitors to the island, happy to have adopted this wonderful tradition and also fed the cat on the beach near the hotel.

Cats in Rhodes, Greece

The old town out to the coast

Old Town by the coast, Rhodes, Greece

On the seafront is a beautiful place which combines several attractions: Fort Saint Nicholas, a small port of Mandraki, where once stood the legendary Colossus of Rhodes, the windmills on the mole of the port, the lighthouse and the famous columns with statues of deer.

Fort of St. Nicholas, Rhodes, Greece

Mandraki Port and Windmills, Rhodes, Greece

Deer are considered a symbol of the city. According to legend, in ancient times the island was home to many snakes, they are bred and brought a lot of trouble to local residents. And then I had decided to get to the island deer which trampled all the snakes. Then the deer became the symbol of the island. In other versions, the deer lived on the island always, and the third was brought by the Italians. The image of the deer can be seen in many places, and even on the manhole covers.

Deer-the symbol of Rhodes, Greece

In the same part of the city that the Fort promenade. It is for that promenade, and near the Fort, the port and the old town centre in the evenings is full of life, locals and guests of the city are walking, sitting in cafes and restaurants, talking, relaxing and having fun.

Tourist promenade of Rhodes, Greece

Natural attraction of Rhodes town

Rodini Park/Rodini Park. Little known among tourists, the Park located in the centre of Rhodes town. Because of its little-known among visitors to the city, in the Park uncrowded and quiet, mostly locals walking dogs.

Rodini Park, Rhodes, Greece

The Park is a "wild" state. Walking on it you're fully touching the eternal nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Park although malariagen, but natural objects is not inferior to the famous Park of butterflies. We walked around the Park with great pleasure, received a lot of positive emotions and cheerfulness.

Rodini Park, Rhodes, Greece

Rodini Park, Rhodes

Rodini Park, Greece

The Park is home to geese, ducks, turtles, peacocks

Inhabitants of Rodini Park, Rhodes, Greece

In the pond swimming fish

Rodini Park on the island of Rhodes, Greece

And the atmosphere of the Park to some kind of mysterious, sometimes even scary

Charming Rodini Park, Rhodes, Greece

Tip! Going for a walk in the Park, bring bread to feed the local inhabitants. They are so used to getting Goodies from the guests that you walk the walk, and they flocks reach for you))

The Park is open around the clock, free admission.

The hotel

We lived in a small three-story hotel of the Congo/Congo Hotel, close to the sea and a 10-minute walk from the old town.

Hotel Congo, Rhodes, Greece

Hotel Congo, Rhodes, Greece

The hotel front Desk, Billiards, backgammon and bar

Hotel Congo, Rhodes, Greece

Hotel Congo, Rhodes, Greece

The rooms are small with EN-Suite and balcony

Hotel Congo, Rhodes, Greece

The room cost includes Breakfast "buffet". For Breakfast a choice of dishes is small, but all quite well and tasty

Congo Hotel, Rhodes - Breakfast

Congo Hotel, Rhodes - Buffet breakfast

The view from the room at

View from the Congo Hotel, Rhodes

The conclusion is clear: the hotel is clean, free Wi-Fi throughout, price reasonable, Breakfast included, allowing you to save, the hotel has a good location - close to sea and beach (2 minutes walk) to old city center.

You can choose any other hotel on the island of Rhodes.

The waterfront in Rhodes

Close to our hotel and the beach promenade as such, in the usual meaning of the word, with a cafe and recreational area was not. The beach from the town separates the road.

Near the Congo Hotel, Rhodes

The main promenade for evening walks and recreation, as mentioned above, located along the fortress walls of the old city and near the port.

The beach and sea Rhodes town

The beach near the hotel is pebbly and sandy, mostly sand with very small pebbles, wide and clean. The sea water is calm and clean. In September, uncrowded and peaceful. A large number of girls on the beach sunbathing Topless.

The beach is divided into parts. One part of the beach given for the rental of sun loungers and sun umbrellas. The cost of two sunbeds and one umbrella for 10 euros a day. About the same cost on the island. In the same part of the beach entrance to the sea is more flat and smooth.

Away from landscaped of the beach at the entrance to the sea of seaweed and sharp coral formations. But in this part of the beach can heartily snorkel and fins - lots of wildlife - colorful variety of fish, meet small ramps.

Beach near the Congo Hotel, Rhodes

After resting in the city of Rhodes, on the Greek island of Rhodes, we came to the conclusion that for a comfortable stay, the hotel is better to choose near the old town and the beach. It then would be where to swim, eat, walk and relax, and it will all be in walking distance.

The beaches of the island of Rhodes

Most of the island's beaches are mostly sandy-pebbly and pebbly, but the sea is clean.

Rhodes island is washed by two seas - the Mediterranean and the Aegean. Tourism is considered to be developed East coast, washed by the Mediterranean sea. In this part of the island-developed tourist infrastructure. Here is a beautiful and wide beaches, bays of various shapes and sizes from the most famous to secluded. The bulk of hotels are concentrated on the Mediterranean coast of the island.

The Western side of the island washed by the Aegean sea. It is more violent, it is almost always waves and windy. The coast is wild and mostly rocky, and the water temperature in the sea is several degrees lower than the inland side. Residential areas and hotels in this part of the island is much smaller. The agriculture is developed.

When driving a rented car, rolled down the two coasts of the island. The Aegean is so-so, we didn't like here come mostly surfers. But the Mediterranean coast, well maintained and more suitable for relaxation.

Sit in the car and go on the Mediterranean coast of the island of Rhodes

Faliraki Beach. Sandy found a small pebble. Wide and long

Faliraki Beach, Rhodes, Greece

The beach is close to Faliraki. Approximately 1 km from Faliraki. Pebble.

Beach near Faliraki, Rhodes, Greece

Pebble beach near Faliraki, Rhodes, Greece

Beach and the Mediterranean Sea near Faliraki, Rhodes, Greece

Bay of the Mediterranean sea Rhodes

Sea water in the Bay is warmer than on open beaches, and more relaxed, which is natural for such natural phenomena.

Tourists go around the Bay mainly because of the natural beauty. And it's worth it, the coast of Rhodes and really diverse, wonderful and exciting.

Of the most famous and visited coves, this

Bay (beach) Anthony Quinn and Ladiko, located near each other and near to Faliraki. Near a Nude beach.

Bay (beach) Anthony Quinn and Ladico, Rhodes

St. Pauls Bay, Bay love. One of the most famous bays of Rhodes. Located near the town of Lindos. The Bay is famous for the fact that on the coast stands a small white chapel is a favorite wedding venue by local residents.

St. Pauls Bay, Rhodes, Greece

Lovers Bay, Rhodes, Greece

After the wedding, the couple sit in the boat facing the Bay and go for a ride on the sea. Supposedly we are going to ride in cars after marriage, only they ride along the island/Islands in the sea.

St. Pauls Bay, Rhodes

Beaches and bays on the coast of the island of Rhodes abound. All writing does not make sense. The only thing I can recommend is to take a vehicle and go along the coast exploring the area and looking for pleasant places for you personally.

Food and prices in Rhodes

As with any tourist destination, mostly living off of tourists, Rhodes is full of all sorts of catering establishments. This cafe, coffeehouses, taverns, pubs, restaurants and small places where you can sample local "fast food".

Restaurants in the Old Town of Rhodes, Greece

Restaurants on the island of Rhodes, Greece

The choice of such institutions is enormous. Menu with prices usually can be seen at the entrance to the school, come, look and choose the most pleasurable place.

Of course, the largest selection of cafés and restaurants will be in tourist areas and large cities of Rhodes, and then to Faliraki and Lindos.

In the town of Rhodes, a large number of catering establishments, from small kiosks to full-fledged restaurants are concentrated in the old city center. It is there in the evenings, stroll and dine drained mass of tourists from all over the County.

Say that prices in the old town much higher than outside it. We are, however, a big difference is not noticed. If you take the institution of the same class, the prices can vary, but only slightly.

So we had dinner in the old town. At the exit of the old town, prices are slightly lower than in the center. A full dinner for two with drinks cost around 30 euros. The portions are large, the second dish and salad you can eat together. A diner for two you can eat for 10 Euros, some Shawarma.

Food on the island of Rhodes, Greece

Coffee and desserts in the old town, for us was more delicious than the outside. Here's a snack: tea, coffee and two desserts costs about 25 Euros.

Desserts on the island of Rhodes, Greece

Many sources I read that Rhodes should try ice coffee (cold coffee), though they have very tasty. Tried it, nothing special, as everywhere, for everybody.

But the hot waffle flavors (chocolate, fruit, ice cream, etc.) liked it. Average price 8 Euros for a dessert waffle. Often at dinner, when ordering main dishes, dessert was served for free (as a gift).

Waffles with additives, Rhodes, Greece

In the local small cafes can be a good snack. In such institutions in the dishes more often you will encounter that some meat + potatoes and salad. The dishes are big, one is enough for two. Provided of course, if you eat a little and watch the figure and health.

Or 12 euros to take a plate on which are two Shawarma and fries.

In the photo one dish, taken for two

In a cafe on the island of Rhodes, Greece

So, of course, better for lunch not dinner or Breakfast. The cost of meals in an average of 10-12 Euros. We had dinner at cafe Pita Fan, not far from the hotel. 1st, it is close to the pool and beach. 2nd, cheap + when ordering meals drink for free.

Pita Fan, Rhodes, Greece

Prices in the local cafes. The photo cafe Pete Fan

Prices in cafes, Rhodes, Greece

Food prices, Rhodes, Greece

Prices, Rhodes, Greece

Pasta dishes with meat in restaurants cost about 8-10 euros, with seafood 11-13 euros, a platter of French fries + fresh vegetables + fish fillet - 7-8 euros for the entrance to the old town.

The second dish is often already part of a side dish and a salad or fresh vegetables. The bread is croutons drizzled with oil with grape vinegar, or pitas.

Noticed in small establishments local cuisine, prices for tourists are alone and when they come local, the prices for them below.

In the island's restaurants, guests can taste seafood and fish, so meat, fruit and find restaurants of different cuisines.

Seafood in Rhodes, Greece

When you drive around the island stayed to dine in the local taverns on the way. Go, choose a restaurant with views of the coast, the main thing that such an institution was not in the tourist area. What's the advantage of these institutions, tastier meals much tastier. But the prices and portion sizes are all about the same.

Tavern, Rhodes, Greece

Dishes in taverns, Rhodes, Greece

On the terrace of a tavern, Rhodes, Greece

Drinks: beer, wine and local grape vodka. Beer and wine are okay. Vodka in principle, too, has the flavor of the grape.

Tip! Check your bill. There was this one time, but you never know... the account was written off the dish we didn't order.

The trip by car around the island. Sightseeing and excursions of the island of Rhodes

On the island of Rhodes serviced by public transport, but it is inconvenient. First, you tied to the time of the route and stops. Secondly, that it was important for us, it's the mobility, which cannot be obtained by public transport.

Rhodes, the island is small, it has a well-developed rental and motorcycles. We rented a car for two days, during which he traveled to all places of the island who wanted to visit and more. Along the way stayed in any of the bays, poselochek, taverns for snacking, at night went for a swim on the beaches of the island.

Small but roomy car for two days for four cost us 40 euros to rent, + tank of gas. Booked online. Chose a car, agreed on a time to which we drove her to the entrance of the hotel, we signed the contract and insurance in 10 minutes, gave the money, got all the receipts, keys and set off to explore the island. The fuel tank just enough to reach the nearest filling station.

Car rental, Rhodes, Greece. Explore the island

Traffic on the island is not intensive, the road is quite decent. One main road that goes around the island along the coast, everywhere there are signs of residential areas and attractions. It is impossible to get lost. Drive on the right. Valiant police officers have never met, Parking lots full of free.

The confluence of the two seas

The first stop on our journey was the attraction - "Kiss of two seas".

Kiss of the two seas, is one of the main attractions of the island, the extreme southern point of the island where the two seas meet - the Mediterranean and the Aegean, which shares a small sandy isthmus. Visiting the island of Rhodes, not to see this merger impossible.

There is a merge on the Cape Prasonisi/Prasonisi, the eponymous beach of "Panagia".

The photo on the right the Aegean sea left the Mediterranean.

The kiss of two seas - the Mediterranean and the Aegean, Rhodes

Wishing to see the sights and swim in the two seas was enough. The beach is equipped with sun loungers and parasols. Free use of showers and toilets. There are summer cafes and souvenir shops.

Although it is said that the Aegean sea is colder than the Mediterranean, but at this point of the Aegean were warmer. But the Mediterranean, as expected, quieter, the Aegean was the waves.

The Aegean sea attracts lovers of surfing, but people with boards for some reason was in the direction of the Mediterranean sea.

On the way back, drove along the Mediterranean coast, call in "the lonely tavern", swam in the coves and on the beaches, climb the mountains, resting. The nature of Rhodes is attractive and varied, the fresh sea air mixed with the smell of pine needles. And here is what they write, that it shines with greens, unfortunately, we personally can not say this, vegetation is enough, but not bursting.

Here, pines, plane trees and cypresses, flowers and shrubs, rocks and secluded bays, all of this creates a perfect panorama. Still not in vain, the island of Rhodes is called emerald.

Rhodes Island

Rhodes Island, Greece

Travel to the island of Rhodes, Greece


The second main stop of the day was the town of Lindos.

The ancient medieval town of Lindos is famous not only the island, but throughout Greece, to see which go not only to visit the Islands, but also from the mainland and other nearby countries.

Lindos is famous for its rich history, and especially the Acropolis. The Acropolis of Lindos is the second largest and significance in Greece. In it, in the past, was the residence of the knights of St John. The entrance to the Acropolis pay, 6 Euros.

Lindos, Rhodes

On a par with the Acropolis of Lindos attracts with its narrow whitewashed streets, the famous Bay of St. Paul, of which we spoke above, and of course the eponymous Lindos beach.

Narrow streets of white buildings in the old quarter, colourful buds of flowers. Walking among them, you will find temples, cozy cafes and stalls.

The night went swimming at the beaches. And on the second day we went to the butterfly Park on the Aegean coast of the island.

The Aegean coast is not like. It is a wild, steep and rocky. It does not have those lovely coves and long wide beaches, but waves galore.

Butterfly Park

Butterfly valley/Valley Petaludes, one of the most famous landmarks of the island of Rhodes. Natural, another plus.

Butterfly valley is a national Park of Rhodes and a rare nature reserve in Europe, the territory of which it is possible to see millions of butterflies (about this number they say in advertising brochures) that come here every summer during the mating period. Attracts butterflies in this place the cleanest air on the island, as well as coolness emanates from the natural environment, and the vanilla smell of resin plane trees. But about the smell and air the truth.

Outset, the amount of butterflies that you will promise in the Park you will not see. Even in the best year, butterflies are not so much. We were warned right away that this year was not the season and butterflies, but we went anyway. Especially is this the Park near the town of Rhodes, the entrance costs 3 euros.

Shady trails, bridges, Creek. Although part of this is done artificially, but the impression is terrific, in addition to which fresh smell of pine needles and resin, heady head.

Butterfly Valley, Rhodes

Petaloudes Valley, Rhodes

The path goes up, up, up, so, going into this Park, wear comfortable shoes.

Petaloudes Valley, Rhodes, Greece

Butterfly Valley, Rhodes, Greece

We had a chance to see two butterflies are from the scrutiny of a large number of people decided to demonstrate what come to the Park.

Butterfly Park, Rhodes, Greece

As well as a few crabs on the rocks))

Crabs in the Butterfly Park, Rhodes

Other attractions of the island of Rhodes

- seven Springs (Επτά Πηγές). Natural Park with the remains of the waterworks, situated near Kolymbia;

- ancient Kamiros. Ruins of the ancient city with its city square, residential quarters and the water supply system of the V century BC.

- ostrich farm/zoo. Located near the butterfly Park, different animals, but there are not many who eat right out of hand. The restaurant on the farm, you can try an omelette from eggs and burgers made from ostrich meat;

- Castle Of Kritinia/Kritinia Castle. From the heights offers spectacular views of the sea and the valley;

- The monastery of tsambika where is the Holy relic - the miraculous icon of the virgin Mary. The virgin Mary is the patroness of married couples, including childless who come to visit the temple and ask for help from Zambike;

Church of the assumption of the virgin in the village of Asklipio and the medieval castle.

Excursions and entertainment on the island of Rhodes

Excursions in Rhodes for every taste and budget, ranging from the inexpensive (on the island) to individual tours to the Islands, the mainland and neighboring countries.

There are a variety of water sports - catamarans, diving, fishing, boat trips and excursions to entertainment and without, day cruises on ferries.

Various tours of the island, its attractions and coves, as well as a jeep Safari, shopping for fur coats or a visit to a Greek night.

Individual tours: fishing, yacht tours, diving, tours by plane, visits to the mainland and other Islands of Greece, nearby countries, such as Israel.

As they say, any whim for your money:

What to bring

The best shopping, of course, will be in the capital of the island. The bulk of the shopping for Greek products and Souvenirs goes to the old town and small shops.

With Rhodes taking the marine sponge, local wine, grape vodka, honey, olives or olive oil, Greek jewelry, carpets, ceramics, cosmetics, soap, traditional Greek sandals made of genuine leather, bags, wallets and jackets, clothes (mostly t-shirts) prints and embroidery Greek symbols.

How to get to the island of Rhodes. Rhodes Airport

Airport on the island one is named Diagora Rhodes. Is about 10 km from Rhodes town.

To get to the island either by air or by water.

The plane, with a quick and convenient way to get to the island of Rhodes.

Rhodes is connected with many countries. Connecting flights can be reached at any time of the year.

From the airport to the centre of Rhodes town can be reached by public bus or by taxi. Taxi/transfer service can be booked in advance, even from home, on the website. At any time of the day, at the airport, you will meet your driver with a sign, which will be written your name and surname. To order a taxi is enough to inform your flight details. For example, the machine for 4 persons from Rhodes airport to Rhodes town centre worth 31 Euros, and up to Faliraki from 35 Euros depending on the car (economy, comfort, premium).

On the water the island can be reached by ferries from mainland Greece, Crete and many Aegean Islands, as well as from Turkey, Israel, Italy, Cyprus and so on.

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