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Holidays on the island of Djerba, Tunisia - everything you need to know!

The island of Djerba, Tunisia!The Djerba island is the most southern of the Mediterranean resort of Tunisia. Temperature on the island is always a few degrees higher than on the continent, so the holiday season on the island is quite long and lasts until the end of October.

Djerba (Djerba) is the largest island off the Mediterranean coast of Africa. However, its area is not so large, only 514 sq. km., as a result, while on holiday on Djerba, it is realistic to travel around the island.

Brochures are full of colorful pictures, extolling the island as the perfect place for a beach holiday with white sandy beaches, pink flamingos and palm trees. Like it or not, try to understand in this article and give some information that will definitely be useful to everyone who decided to spend a couple weeks on the Sunny island of Djerba.

Djerba and Zarzis

Before the trip, you need to understand this question! Djerba Island itself and the Zarzis region! Zarzis is located not on an island, but on the Tunisian mainland, but also belongs to Djerba. Therefore, before book a hotel, or buy a tour, decide exactly where you want to go on vacation, if you want to get to the island itself, then immediately discard the Zarzis region as an accommodation option. Although prices in Zarzis may be more attractive than in Djerba, but geographically, it is no longer an island, although it is considered its "twin brother".

The island of Djerba and the region of Zarzis on the map

Djerba island on the map

How to get to the island of Djerba

To get to the island of Djerba in three ways:

on water, ferries from the mainland (from the village of Jorf) will take you to the city Adzhim (Ajim);

by land, the bulk of the Roman road connecting the island to the mainland of Tunisia;

and by air, by plane. This is the fastest and most convenient way to reach the island.

Airport on the island of Djerba

Airport on the island of Djerba only one, is located 9 kilometers from the island capital of Houmt Souk. The airport bears the name Djerba Zarzis, also known as Melita airport.

This airport is quite large, although it has only one runway. The airport accepts both domestic and international scheduled flights, including charters from other countries of the world. So that was going to relax on Djerba, you will arrive in this airport.

Djerba Zarzis Airport

The most easy, comfortable and safe way to get from the airport Djerba Zarzis to your destination (the hotel) will take a taxi. A yellow taxi stand directly after the exit of the airport. Or, you can order a taxi/Shuttle service on the website, in advance, even from home. At any time of the day, at the airport, you will meet your driver with a sign, which will be written your name and surname. To order a taxi is enough to inform your flight details.

Currency and currency exchange on the island of Djerba

The currency in Tunisia and, respectively, on the island of Djerba Tunisian Dinar (TND, TD). 1 Dinar = 1000 Millimes, so after the comma/point you can see a three-digit number.

The exchange accepts us dollars, euros and other currency.

To exchange currency better at the airport or in hotels. In our experience, the exchange rate at the airport was a bit cheaper than in the hotels of the island.

When exchanging currency you must give a receipt. A receipt must be collected if during the return flight you have the cash, then exchange them back for dollars, euros, etc. you will be able only at the airport with a receipt.

To exchange currency it is better in small amounts. Prices on the island are low, and where to put the remaining amount, if not to spend? In a reverse exchange you lose on the exchange rate difference and take home... why she's there.

Tunisian Dinar, Tunisian currency

Transport on the island of Djerba

The main transport on the island is by taxi. Besides, this is a quick and inexpensive way to get around. Taxis on the island are well developed, to catch a car can be almost anywhere or order at the hotel at the reception.

Taxis go by the meter. The fare depends on mileage, mile, about 1/2 a Dinar.

When boarding a taxi on the meter will be displayed the amount 0,450 Dinar. Why so we have not figured out, likely for fit.

Taxis on the island of Djerba, Tunisia

Transport on the island of Djerba, Tunisia

Beaches and the sea on the island of Djerba

On the vast beaches lined with palm trees, in the is really exaggerated.

The beaches there are and they are quite decent, and wide with white soft sand, but they are all located in the touristic part of the island, where the greatest concentration of hotels.

Almost all the rest of the coastline is a mixture of clay, seaweed, stones, and something else incomprehensible.

The best beaches on the island located near the region of the Midoun/Midun, it is here and the most developed tourist infrastructure. In this area the Djerba beaches are wide and sandy, like in the brochures. Sand beaches are mostly small and white, very nice for walks, in places like the powder.

Djerba Island Beach, Tunisia

The law says that the beach is within 30 meters from the sea cannot be occupied by private beaches. Therefore, all beaches are public, this means that the beaches you can meet local residents, traders, fruits and Souvenirs, dogs, camels and horses. However, the discomfort all this provides, on horses and camels you can ride and make memorable photos. Camel riding is 15 Dinar for both of us.

Djerba beaches

But this does not mean that the beaches are "forgotten by all". Every hotel takes care of "his beach", removes it, leveled the sand clean of algae, arranges sun beds and umbrellas. So, going on a beach holiday, should choose a good hotel, it will depend on the quality of the beach.

We stayed at hotel Djerba Plaza 4*, beach worthy

Djerba beaches, Tunisia

Beach Hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

The beaches of other nearby hotels

Beaches of the island of Djerba

Sandy beaches of the island of Djerba

Sandy beaches of Djerba

On the beaches of the island of Djerba

On the beaches of the island of Djerba, Tunisia

For exploring the beaches of camels and horses, they say that the beaches there are feces on the beach there were no such apparently well cleaned, and here at hotels of 3-stars we have personally seen these same poop.

During the harvest, on the beach, sometimes there is an unpleasant smell, from which it originates is unknown, probably from algae.

The beaches are on duty security guard, but more often on the beach and to keep track of everything, of course, can not, therefore, by reason of the "public beaches", the valuables on the beach is better not to take, they can grow legs. It happens, but rarely.

The beaches of the tourist area of Djerba entirely public, too, is impossible, on the beaches of the local residents are almost there, with the exception of merchants and workers. Still, most of the hotels located within walking distance from the settlements.

The sea in Djerba

The sea is nice, really nice sky blue color and clean. Standing in the water chest, you can see small fishes. But this is also not always on the island often wind, so after lunch most often there are waves, but before lunch, the water is very admirable. All depends on the weather.

The entrance to the sea is gentle and shallow. The water is warm, the second half of October was +24 -+25 degrees.

Sea on the island of Djerba

Algae in the sea are those beaches, which hotels less follow

Sea on the island of Djerba, Tunisia

Jellyfish, crabs and small fish in the sea on the island of Djerba

Jellyfish in the sea was, but it is rare and isolated. They are large and dark in color, so easily visible in the water.

Also near the shore saw the crab, and in the water small fish.

All this does not prevent a comfortable rest.

Beach activities on Djerba

In addition to riding on horses and camels on the beach there are other water activities. You can, for example, scuba diving, flying a parachute over the sea surface for about 25-30 dollars for two, or enjoy a 20 minute jet ski for $ 25.

You can play beach games or go outdoor fitness

Beach Fun, Djerba Island

Hotels in Djerba

Vacation on the island of Djerba will depend entirely on the hotel where you stay, the better the hotel, the better and more comfortable will be your rest.

Hotels on the island are all-inclusive. And all because is near the resort areas and hotels you will hardly find a variety of cafes and restaurants, there is almost nowhere. The best hotels and beaches of the island are in the vicinity of Midoun.

Outside the hotel, in the tourist part of the island is often expensive, a couple of shops the team halophytes and a couple of cafes.

Djerba, Tunisia

Supermarkets on the island of Djerba, Tunisia

Also, as already mentioned above, the better the hotel, the better beach. And, accordingly, service, rooms, entertainment, grounds etc.

Weather in October in Djerba

We visited the island of Djerba in the second half of October. Prepare for the trip according to the forecasts of "loved and respected" Gismeteo, which we foreshadowed a few rainy days, temperature in the evenings is 18 degrees and the sea water 23 degrees. So we took some and jackets and pants, which were in place, it is not useful.

In the afternoon the weather was beautiful, reaching 30 degrees in the evenings +24 - +25 nor one rainy day, and the water in the sea was +24 - +25 degrees. So, our stay in the second half of October was great. The afternoon sun was not beating down, the evening was warm, the sea water travelers, and vacationers significantly diminished.

Since the end of September - beginning of October starts the season of ripening dates, so the number of flies on the island increases.

Pink flamingos, palm trees and nature on the island of Djerba

Pink flamingos on the island, you can count on one hand and those seasonal phenomenon. On the spit, which was previously associated with flamingos and called Flamingo island/L'île aux flamants roses, Flamingo long gone. We managed to find a small separate flocks near the coast by the road from Houmt Souk to Midoun, but that's it. The Flamingo color was not the deep pink and pale. The fact that the colour of the plumage of birds flamingos depends on the food that is in the diet, because on the island they are pale pink and even gray.

The abundance of date palms, we, too, could not be found. But the olive trees with a vengeance.

The abundance of greenery on the island is concentrated in the tourist area, but in cities she skudnenko.



In the cities, on the roadsides and on the streets a lot of household trash. The houses are old and dilapidated. Some tourists even said that the island looks like after the Apocalypse like it's a good job the tornado, and that's only just started to restore everything)) Well and what you would like, although the North, but this is Africa

Streets of Djerba, Tunisia

Streets of Djerba Island, Tunisia

Djerba, Tunisia

Thalassotherapy and talassocratic on the island of Djerba

The island is famous for its thalassotherapy. It is the fourth largest and income activity on the island. The first three places are occupied by:

- agriculture, the cultivation of olives, dates and figs;

- tourist activity is developing well;

- fishing and catching sea sponges.

Thalassotherapy on the island placed under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of health. So many of the French, the Germans and the British go on the island, primarily to improve health and rejuvenate.

Thalassotherapy centres have to do with the hotels, and standalone buildings. Can be ordered as separate procedures, and systems.

Myself thalassotherapy on the island we have not tested, but guests of the hotel in which we lived, he gave the following reviews. Smile the centres well, but the procedure is carried out so-so, where is the smear, where will miss part of the body, roll up in blankets and lie down. But as noted, plus the low cost of such procedures.

Talassocratic also prevalent on the island. First of all it natural oils, lotions and other cosmetic products based on them. Prized oil of black cumin seed for ingestion, imported from Pakistan, the average price of 7 Dinar for a bottle of 30 ml. Also on oil from Morocco and cactus, for those over 50.

The range includes, toothpaste herbal, cleansing soap on oil-based black cumin, masks, shampoos, clay, cream, balm, etc.

Thalasso cosmetics, Djerba, Tunisia

Thalassocosmetics, Djerba, Tunisia

The travel Agency offers a free half-hour trip to a boutique, Thalasso cosmetics. The prices are reasonable, decent range. All these products can be found at markets and shops of the island, but as we can see, in the store, which carry the "tour", prices are lower.

Thalasso Boutique Cosmetics, Djerba, Tunisia

In the boutique there is a possibility to pay in dollars or euros. However, the rate is extremely favorable. Better to pay in Dinars.

Exchange rate at the thalasso cosmetics store, Djerba, Tunisia

Generally, in the usual sense, boutique, shopping Mall, supermarket, etc., those shops that you go to Djerba, so quite difficult to call. The island is small, and therefore shopping centres are too small. Shop two by two is already a boutique, and a small building that houses a couple of shops, is shopping center.

Local alcohol and hookahs in Djerba

Local alcohol is beer, wine, liquors and Tiberin Cadratin, Buch.

Beer nothing so ordinary. The wine is delicious. But the liqueurs and Buch we did not like. Tabarin tastes like mild absinthe, cadratin - poorly gives lemon, Fig and the local vodka Buch - the Tunisian national alcoholic drink with a strength of 36 to 40 %, but this fortress is not felt.

For lovers of alcoholic drinks, local alcohol can be a good souvenir from Tunisia.

Drinks of the island of Djerba, Tunisia

Hookahs, another feature of Djerba, which are happy, many tourists leave the comfort of their hotels and travel to numerous cafes and restaurants on the island.

Shopping in Djerba

Shopping, the island also can not boast.

The most popular souvenir brought from Djerba, in addition to magnets, postcards and other stuff, is ceramic tableware and Souvenirs from Gellary. It is in the village of potters, also known as Hallalu are some of the best pottery studios in the country. It is made of various plates, jugs, pots, vases, figurines and Souvenirs. Ceramic products can be bought not only in the village Hallelu, but in any store or in any market on the island.

Ceramic dishes and souvenirs, Djerba, Tunisia

Island taking:

- olive oil. Tunisia is famous for them, important to choose a high quality oil. One in which the acidity (Acidityk) is 0,8, and, of course, for the Bank to present the words Extra Virgin olive oil. And produced in Djerba, of course))

- Thalasso cosmetics, about which we spoke above;

- fresh or dried dates;

- Eastern spices in the markets of Djerba their multitudes;

- Oriental sweets;

- Tunisian coffee and tea;

- local spirits;

- blankets and rugs;

- leather: shoes, bags, jackets, etc.;

Leather Products, Djerba, Tunisia

You can also bring variety of fish preserves, Fig jam, figs, or cactus, halva, national costumes and everything interesting and unusual local production that you see in the shops and markets.

Halva on the island made from sesame seeds, is quite tasty. We liked the peanuts, almonds and pistachios. Even regretted a bit that I bought just two cans))

Bazaars on the island of Djerba

Since I started talking about shopping, you probably need to tell you where you can buy everything.

In the souvenir shops and the shops near the hotels or in towns.

However, lower prices and greater choice will be on the Eastern bazaars/markets. The biggest market on the island is located in the capital city of Houmt Souk. Also there are markets in other cities, for example, near to the tourist center, the city of Midoun.

Visit the market not only become a shopping, but also will be able to fully experience and enjoy life in the Eastern Islands. A very interesting exercise, to explore the souks of Djerba we sincerely and heartily recommend every tourist.

Oriental Bazaars, Djerba, Tunisia

Markets on the island of Djerba, Tunisia

Cafes and restaurants on the island of Djerba

Basically, they are also concentrated in the cities.

Most tourists come to the island all-inclusive. Therefore, if out in a cafe, for a Cup of the famous Tunisian coffee, a well-known hookahs, and of color, of course.

Cafe on Djerba island, Tunisia

Common pizzeria. Well, that, cheap, hearty, delicious

Pizzerias on the island of Djerba, Tunisia

Tips on Djerba

Tipping is not mandatory, but welcome. In addition, the Tunisians their passion for love, well, who doesn't like money... and sometimes a coin in a couple of Dinar creates such wonders.

Wages on the island are low, the average is 150-200 dollars. Any tips a very good support to local residents.

We left a tip almost always. First, many do their job so that the hand reaches into his pocket for a coin. But for others without tears will not look, the country is poor. So, a few extra coins we are not impoverished, but help is always nice.

Prices in Djerba

Some examples of prices we have already cited in the article. Here are the prices of the cafes

Prices on the island of Djerba, Tunisia

Prices in a cafe on the island of Djerba, Tunisia

A leather bag or backpack you can buy for 25-40 Dinars, depending on size. 300 ml freshly squeezed orange juice costs 3 Dinar. Jam from cactus, a jar of 220 gr. about 4 Dinar, a can of sardines in tomato sauce, local production of 125 gr. - 2 Dinara (suggest to buy and to compare our sprats in tomato sauce), halva with nuts 350 gr. - 4 Dinar. Olive oil Bank 1 litre - 8 Dinar.

Prices on the island depends on the place of purchase. Near the tourist areas are more expensive in the markets and in supermarkets - cheaper.

In shops with fixed prices, the price tag is not shot down, but the markets made to trade. Sellers always call for exorbitant prices, and trade love, love, the impression that they do not feed bread, let alone someone to bargain with. So feel free to haggle, so you can bring the price down from the initial 2-4 times.

Security on the island of Djerba

It would not frighten us on TV and in the news, but well, it is all well and safely. On the island prefer to relax, the French, the Germans and the British. Also the island of Djerba is considered the safest resort in Tunisia.

In the cities, the streets go to war with guns. Do not worry, they are not for you)), the precautions needed as a result of the proximity of the unstable country.

At all the entrances and exits of the tourist areas are something like a militia posts. Officers of the law closely and vigilantly in control of the situation. Again, don't get scared, it's not for us.

Local quite welcoming and friendly, they have the sense to understand that we are their bread and salt, or dates and fish)).

The only thing I would like to mention, leaving the hotel in the city is not to dress too provocatively, especially for the ladies. Don't look for trouble. Respect local traditions and culture. Not to wander at night in unfamiliar places. Well, not to go anywhere with strangers, no matter how sweet tales and stories they don't touted. To kill you they won't kill, but the money for that showed something or walked somewhere, even on the same market around the corner, ask))

What to do on the island of Djerba! Sights, activities and excursions in Djerba

All the most interesting and significant sights of the island. And also about how to have fun, where to go with family and children, and on excursions we are told in detail in a previous article, read and see pictures here.

Won't increase the size of this article and in the second round to say the same thing, except that I want to mention that we are most on the island, like the following sights and attractions:

1. Park Djerba Explore. Although small, but interesting, informative and well-groomed Park. The Park has a crocodile farm where you can see the feeding of Nile crocodiles. Video feeding we laid out in this article. Also in the Park are stylized traditional Tunisian village consisting of buildings with traditional architecture and garbinski residential complex and telling about how once lived on the island. And the Museum of folk traditions and crafts "Lella Hadria".

2. The village potters of Guellala. In and around the village sights such as:

- a workshop for the manufacture of ceramic products, which can be visited to see the production process of pottery and kiln and clay caves which extract the clay;

one of the best of the island's museums - the ethnographic Museum of Guellala, visiting which you can clearly learn about the life and traditions of the local people. Bobowski Museum, very interesting;

and of course, the center Hellali, with numerous souvenir shops and a small colourful shops, where you can see and buy Souvenirs and other products pottery.

3. The capital of the island of Djerba - Houmt Souk. The city is home to the largest Bazaar of the island (great shopping), the Fort Borj El-Kebir or Ghazi Mustafa, seaport, mosques and amphitheater.

4. The synagogue of El ghriba in er Readhe.

The best sights of the island of Djerba, Tunisia

Major cities of Djerba island that you can visit

As has been pointed out, is of course the leader - Houmt Souk.

Humt-Souk, Djerba, Tunisia

And also mentioned in this article - "tourist center" - the city of Midoun.

Midoun, Djerba, Tunisia

The town of Ajim is the main fishing port of Djerba. Here arrive the ferry from the mainland. Here you can stroll along the promenade and see firsthand how they catch sea sponges and octopus, using large clay jugs, as a trap.

A few personal opinions about recreation on the island of Djerba

Overall, the stay in Djerba we liked it! Nice, colorful, eat, where to go and what to see! Good beaches and warm clear sea! Service of course is always difficult, but this is on the island things are good.

At its core, Djerba, it's a beach vacation, so choosing this island for your trip, you need to be ready most of the time to spend relaxing beach-sea schedule.

A couple of weeks to stay on the island will be for the eyes, for this time will be the opportunity to swim in the sea, nanaitsy under the warm rays of the sun, take a couple of three Thalasso treatments, entertain, and travel around the island, read about its attractions!

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