Hotel Djerba Plaza 4 * on the island of Djerba, Tunisia - our review

This time, going to relax on the Tunisian island of Djerba, we for your stay chose the 4-star Djerba Plaza Hotel, the full name of which sounds like LTI Djerba Plaza Thalasso & Spa 4*, all inclusive.

Our choice for the best all inclusive fell for two main reasons:

1. I just wanted to relax, not thinking about food and not going for each meal in a cafe or supermarket. The main goal was to simply lie in the sun, swim in the sea, eat, drink and explore the island.

2. Tourist center of the island located near the sea, in a place where outside of the hotel grounds, we would not be able to find a wide variety of cafes and shops.

In this article we will tell you about the hotel Djerba Plaza

Overall the hotel is quite good, quite suitable for advertising brochures and leaflets.

The rooms are comfortable, the grounds are lush and well-kept, maintenance is appropriate. Of course, there is the hotel its flaws, but those who wish to find fault will always be something to find. Personally, we on the little things just don't pay attention. But in any case do not forget that we arrived in North Africa, and that, like it or not, leaves its mark.

Hotel LTI Djerba Plaza Thalasso & Spa 4 *

The hotel is located inside a palm Park, in the heart of the tourist area of Midoun, Zone Touristique Midoun, 4116 Midoun, Tunisia.

To visit this hotel either independently, booking a room, while also take care of the flightor tour package.

Let's start with

rooms at the hotel Djerba Plaza

They are quite spacious, with balconies and all necessary amenities.

On arrival the bed was decorated with Swan towels and flower petals. Bed wide and comfortable, the bed was comfortable. The linen was changed frequently, cleaned the room and changed the towels every day. Beside the bed two bedside tables, an armchair and a small table.

Rooms at the Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

Opposite the bed, Desk, chair and TV. And on the table we were greeted by a small plate with fresh fruit.

Rooms at the Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

The Cabinet table is built in a small fridge with drinks - a bottle of Cola, Fanta and water. The drinks were added as we get them drinking.

Drinks in the rooms of the hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

In the hall a large built-in wardrobe, built in safe. Use of the safe free, key issued when checking in at the reception.

Hotel room Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

Safe in the hotel room Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

In the bathroom shower, sink, toilet and a Hairdryer. Toiletries (soap, shampoo, gel and shower cap) was also added as use.

Bathroom in the rooms of the hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

Small balcony with two plastic chairs and a table and an ashtray and clothes dryer. Smoking is almost everywhere, ashtrays are in the hallways, in the lobby, on the street, etc. Someone didn't like it, but for smokers, it's fine.

Balcony in the rooms of the hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

The view from the balcony. Not all rooms have a balcony overlooking the pool and sea, there are those that overlook the courtyard and the opposite direction. When booking it is better to specify in the comments which room you prefer, ie which floor and what side you want to have a balcony. Possible your wishes will be fulfilled, we were completely satisfied.

View from the balcony of the room at the Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

The food in the hotel Djerba Plaza

All inclusive is Breakfast, lunch and dinner, free drinks in the lobby and at the pool bar until 24:00 hours, as well as pizza, pancakes, sandwiches and beverages at the snack bar.

Breakfast and dinner are served in the main restaurant

Buffet at the Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

The choice and taste of dishes are good. There is always fruit, salads, cheeses, fresh and marinated vegetables, meat, fish, pasta, appetizers, soups, side dishes, 4 types of ice cream, cake, etc. Soups, usually 1-2, and this is the cream of soups, vegetables and some greens. Cake is varied and very tasty, we overeat, it is not cloying and high-times for our taste.

Cake at the hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

Fruit at the Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

In the area of the grill for Breakfast omelets are served with vegetables and pancakes - pancake. For lunch, fish for dinner and meat. Different meat, then pork, then chicken, lamb or beef, also sausages or liver.

All Inclusive at Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

In General, the choice of dishes is quite good, but at the same time monotonous, in a few weeks, even the variety is boring. Although trying to diversify, spending days a variety of cuisines, which are repeated weekly. For example, Monday - Italian buffet Tuesday - international, Wednesday is fish, Thursday is again international, Friday - Tunis, Saturday - a candlelit dinner, the same international Sunday - again an international buffet.

What to eat can always be found, otherwise yourself to assemble the salad, before you have different vegetables, cheeses, marinades, spices and seasoning. Vergani whatever you want.

Food at the Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

A couple of times gave shrimp and mussels

Photo of food at the hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

Seafood at the Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

Lunch, weather permitting, is served in the restaurant near the pool and on the beach

Summer restaurant at the hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

Buffet Restaurant at the Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

Buffet on the beach at the Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

In addition to main meals in the "main" restaurant, on site, from 10:00 to 00:00 hours a snack bar where you can eat pizza, pancakes or sandwiches, and to drink beer, coffee, juice and other drinks.

Snack bar at the Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

Pizza at the snack bar at the Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

In the bars, local beer, wine, spirits, and juices, carbonated drinks, tea and coffee. Local strong alcohol is not tasty, preferring these drinks better stock bottle to another in the mouth. But beer and wine are nothing pleasant.

Coffee and beer at the Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

Cocktails in the lobby of the hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

Pool bar

Pool Bar at the Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

When ordering drinks you will be asked to sign in kvitochka and specify the room number. If you are all inclusive, you should not be afraid, the money will not take, it is necessary for their internal accounting. But if you are not all inclusive for drinks and additional food will have to pay separately.

The prices of food and beverages in lobby and snack bars

Prices for alcohol and drinks at the hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

Food Prices at Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

The beach and sea the hotel Djerba Plaza

The beach is public. In Tunisia, the law, according to which the beach is within 30 meters from the sea is a public area and cannot be occupied by private beaches. So, no matter what hotel you are staying, the beach will have to walk.

The path to the beach fast, and the road is quite pleasant

Hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia, access to the beach

Road to the beach, Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

Road to the beach, Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

Road to the sea, Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

Every hotel cares "for his" beach. The higher the level and class of the hotel, and the beach is cleaner and better.

Beach Hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

At the beach bar, sun beds with soft mattresses and umbrellas free of charge. On duty security guard, but he's one to keep track of everything can not, therefore, to take valuables to the beach is not recommended.

Beach at the hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

Because of the public beach, on the beach there are vendors of fruit, hats, tunics and other stuff. As well as camels and horses, anyone can ride for a fee. Run dogs. But all this does not provide any discomfort, on the contrary, adds character and diversity. At least we were all on a high.

Camels on the beach of the hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

Overall the beach is clean with white sand and sea water is a nice pale turquoise. Rarely, but there were jellyfish, they are large and dark in color, so in water they are clearly visible. Once came the crab))

Tunisia beaches, hotel Djerba Plaza

Sea, Hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

On the beach can not only swim, sunbathe and enjoy a refreshing drink from the bar, and to have fun. For example, to fly on a parachute over the sea surface for 25-30 dollars for two, to ride 20 minutes on the jet ski for $ 25, or ride a camel for 15 Dinar for both of us.

Water activities, hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

Animators on the beach to conduct fitness classes, water aerobics and volleyball

Beach Volleyball, Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

The beach has toilets, showers and changing area.

Beach towels are in the booth next to the pool. When you check in you'll be given a card based on each person one at a time. On these cards you can borrow beach towels, take a towel - pay card, give the towel - take a map. Towels can be changed as much as anyone, gave the wet, dry picked, or given in the evening, took the card, and in the morning again exchanged the card for a towel, etc., etc. is Important not to lose and when you hand over a towel, if you do not take dry and clean, be sure to pick up the card. At checkout you will need to surrender either a card or a towel. Otherwise to pay 20 Dinar for each card.

Territory Hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

The pools at the hotel Djerba Plaza

The hotel has two pools, one indoor inside the hotel, and the second under the open sky.

The outdoor pool is large and beautifully decorated. Water of different depths, a children's part. Next to the pool bar and sunbeds with umbrellas. Day music plays.

Territory Hotel Djerba Plaza, Djerba Island, Tunisia

Hotel Pool Djerba Plaza, Djerba Island, Tunisia

Animators are dancing, Aqua aerobics and water Polo, for everyone

Hotel Pool Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

Indoor pool is small. Summer, naturally, it is deserted. Open from 10:00 to 18:00 hours.

Indoor Pool Hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

Animation and entertainment the hotel Djerba Plaza

Animation, as animation. Animators try young gay guys and girls who are pleasant to talk to and joke around with.

Their show, the simple light jokes and fun, but they deserve respect as a good and kind people. Great guys. Respect!!!

In the evening in a separate room entertained, and after a disco until 01:00 in the morning. Here's the bar, but in the midst of it all, remember, all drinks are free only until 00:00 hours))

Animation at the Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

The hotel Djerba Plaza

The hotel itself is, as elsewhere, corridors, courtyards, lounge, lobby, with nightly live music. The reception where you can exchange currency, if necessary, to find out information and book taxis.

Lobby and alcohol at the Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

Hotel Hall Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

Corridors at the Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

Interior at the hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

Courtyard of the Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

Also, the hotel has Thalassiosira, but otherwise, thalassotherapy business card of Djerba. For extra charge you can visit thalassobretagne. We did not go to them, but the hotel told me that the service is mediocre, they smile good, but the procedure is carried out so-so, where is the smear, where there is no... Ah whatever. However, it is much cheaper than in the "homeland," a set of procedures, usually for 2.5 hours on the average cost of 3 000 rubles.

The hotel also has an Italian restaurant where you can dine, if you are bored with the buffet, for the money of course.

A small gym. Where every day we hung out.

Gym at the hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

Gym at the Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

Fitness equipment at the hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

Children's room

Children's room at the hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

And "game" for adults

Slot machines at the hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

A small shop, a souvenir shop. Where you can buy Souvenirs, olive oil, coffee, cigarettes, and other typical tuniso-gerviskiu products. The price is almost the same as in the shops outside the hotel but more expensive, respectively, than in the populated cities and markets of the island. So, for shopping and color, to go better in the nearby Midoun or the island capital, Houmt Souk, and there prices will be lower and there is something to see and where to go.

Souvenir shop - shop in the hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

Guests can play tennis and table tennis, free

Table Tennis at the Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

Tennis at the Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

The grounds of the hotel Djerba Plaza

The hotel area is not very big, especially to walk anywhere. In the evenings, probably due to savings on electricity, it's dark.

But it is quite nice and pretty green

Hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

On-site live pussy. Don't know how anyone, but to us they were even pleasant, we love nature and all living things

Djerba Plaza Hotel, Djerba Island, Tunisia

A small Playground under the open sky

Playground at the hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

Car Parking at the main entrance of the hotel

Parking at the Hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

Outside the hotel Djerba Plaza

Hotels on the island located a little distance away from local residence. Therefore, the hotels you will see the road.

Near the hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

At the hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

Djerba island, Tunisia, hotels tourist area

Turning right and walking along which you go to several stores and small cafes. A favorite pastime of tourists in the evenings. Well, what else to do at the hotel, you either sleep or eat or drink, or just hang around the area.

Supermarket near the hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

Shops near Djerba Plaza Hotel, Tunisia

Shops near the Ottle on Djerba Island, Tunisia

For 15 Dinar benches you can go on a carriage pulled by a horse

In the streets near the hotel Djerba Plaza, Tunisia

The hotel is situated near Golf courses.

Internet and gratuities at hotel Djerba Plaza

Wi-Fi is accessible only in the lobby, and the lobby and then at times figovenko.

Tip Tunisians love. And not give them impossible, some of them really deserve for their work, while others will not look without tears and the hand she reaches into his pocket for a coin. Besides, their salaries are very modest, the average s.p. the island 150-200 Dollars. And a small tip of 1-2 Dinara can work wonders. When cleaning a room it "lick", when ordering drinks you will be served first, and at Breakfast, lunch or dinner for 10 Dinar will enjoy a private table with drinks and wine and will be served out of turn. All this is of course wrong, the service staff should be the same for all, but not when someone is sitting and waiting for your Cutlery or drinks for 20 minutes while the waiter rushed to greet the guests came for 10 coins. But the fact remains.

Tip it is better to leave at the end of the holiday, as many argue, will look like, how it went and then decide. In this case, such thoughts are not the best... But from the beginning, and then during the holidays, you will fully feel the impact of the greedy nature of the people, when the sound of the sweet sound of coins))

P. S. Happy holidays to Djerba! Hotel Djerba Plaza is really good and quite decent!

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