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Midoun city on the island of Djerba, Tunisia

Midoun (Djerba Midun) - located on the Tunisian island of Djerba and is the second largest city of the island after its capital Houmt Souk. Although the Tunisian standards of the island, and it is a big city, but by our standards it is quite small and rather more like a village. Generally on the island all of a modest size, even shops that are called boutiques? and restaurants, you will certainly be amazed for its slim size.

Although Midoun, the town is not large, but is a popular place among tourists who travel to Djerba. First of all, the city attracts a location, it is located near the main resort area of the island, wide beach, where the majority of garbisch hotels. And also the fact that in Medina city is the famous Bazaar/market and shopping Mall, which is a supermarket of the French network Carrefour/Carrefour. And third, the city attracts tourists because walking through its streets can be fully immersed in a typical gerbilsky life, and touch the unusual Oriental flavor of the country.

To get to Midoun by taxi, the fare depends on the distance and is equal to about 3 Dinar.

The market in Midoun is located in the city centre, with prices although a bit higher price on the market in Houmt Souk, but much lower than in the tourist shops near the hotels. And the choice of products on the market, it is therefore more attractive than in the tourist shops.

By the way Midoun, is the name of the city on Djerba, but the Medina is not the second name of the city Midoun, as it may seem at first glance. Medina called the old part of cities in the Maghreb and North Africa in General, built during the Arab rule, the so-called "heart of the city". In the heart of the city usually organises all kinds of bazaars and markets where always full of life.

In the market of Midoun is possible to buy Souvenirs, olive oil, leather goods, natural cosmetics, pottery of local artists, dates, coffee, spices, the famous Tunisian sweets and other Tunisian products.

When buying goods on the market, certainly need to take into account the peculiarity of the Tunisian trade. The fact that the markets of Tunisia, in contrast to the shops with fixed prices, sellers name the price that pleases, and sometimes she surprises. Here is one rule, haggle and again haggle, they love it. Sometimes the price can be down more than a few times.

For example, the seller tells you the price per bag of 70 Dinar, feel free to say 10, so after five-ten minutes "disputes" you will come to a 25-30 Dinar. Or box dates you want to sell it for 20 Dinars, feel free to call the amount of 5 Dinars. If the dealer does not agree, say I quit and walk away, to leave you, the seller is unlikely to give. This way you can buy two boxes of dates for 10 Dinar.

Prices are higher, and the range of goods to select significantly inferior to Houmt Bitch. Therefore, if you want "good buy", in fact it is better to go to Houmt Souk. After all, the market there is more colorful and more interesting, is where to roam.

Walking through the market, you can stop by the Mall, located in the heart of the city. And to go to the supermarket Carrefour.

What else is interesting, Midoun!

Attractions Of Midoun:

Boast a variety of attractions the city can not, it is not Houmt Souk or village potters. However, there are mosques! To look at which will be very interesting.

The most famous mosque in Midoun is the mosque Fallon.

Also within the area is the famous Midoun Djerba Explore Park. In the Park are the main attractions and entertainment, such as:

- crocodile farm, visiting which you will see feeding of Nile crocodiles;

heritage village "Heritage, consisting of buildings garbinski traditional architecture and residential complex, and describing how previously lived on the island;

- the Museum of folk traditions and crafts "Lella Hadria".

Admission to the Park is best to allocate a separate day. Details about the Park, crocodiles, feeding and museums, as well as the prices and many other interesting things, we talked in a previous article. To learn, to see pictures and videos from feeding the crocodiles here.

Also in Midoun you can just walk around town looking in the many small retail shops, with my own eyes and seeing the life of the locals and then sit in a small café, drink a Cup of Tunisian coffee or freshly squeezed juice and to smoke in galenicom.

By the way, a lot of tourists, that come in Midoun - Shisha and try the famous coffee at one of the institutions of the city.

Or wander through the streets of the city, considering its inconspicuous architecture, small squares and public gardens

White houses

And "architecture" outside the city centre

Midoun is a town, so to visit it, along with shopping and walking, it is enough for a few hours.

Although the town and quiet, with a large number of police and European tourists, but still, going for a walk, it is necessary to observe some caution:

- not to dress provocatively, especially for the ladies;

- not to go with strangers. There are times when a local man comes up to passers-by and starts a friendly conversation with a smile on his face. In a conversation, he finds out where you are from, then he tells you that not far from here, just at this time, you are very lucky, a fair, a holiday or something else will be called for you. Most likely, he will lead you all to the same market or store, he will not do anything naturally terrible to you, but he will ask for a fee for his services at the end of the journey. You need it?!

Happy holiday to you on Grebe and interesting visit Midoun! Just remember, no matter what country you are, you are always in a "Choo" country, with its own rules, customs and traditions. Be careful and vigilant. Then your holiday will be successful and will have a great success!

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