At present, Limassol is a fairly well developed city, where concentrated cultural, economic and financial life of the country, besides the proximity to the Troodos mountains and the fact that the city and surrounded by the monuments from ancient history, a valuable architectural objects, museums and churches, beaches and parks, contributed to the conquest of the Limassol status as the largest and one of the best resorts of Cyprus.


In Limassol and surrounded by the monuments from ancient history, a valuable architectural objects, as well as museums, churches and parks.

For this reason, a visit to Paphos can be a great solution for those who like to combine a beach holiday with sightseeing.


The main tourist sites of the city is the Old city of Limassol, located in the lower part of the city near the sea.

The old town of Limassol is an abundance of attractions, the narrow streets lined with historic buildings with cafes and restaurants, small shops and souvenir shops as well as churches and squares.


The mosque of Kebir Jami, or Great mosque - one of the most important and oldest churches of the centre of Limassol.

The mosque was built in the 16th century on the foundations of an older Christian Church and currently is a valuable monument, testifying to the rich history and mixed religious culture of the island of Cyprus.


Shopping Mall Kings Avenue Mall is a modern shopping centre located in the centre of Paphos.

With its convenient location (close to Kato Paphos), availability zone, food court, large supermarket, children's Playground, free Fi-Wi throughout the hotel and the cool, permanently maintained in the center of the Mall Kings Avenue Mall, besides shopping and recreation, is often used by tourists as a place where you can while away the time, for example, prior to departure or before arrival.


Omodos is a traditional Cypriot village located in the Troodos mountains, Limassol district.

Currently, Omodos is a tourist village that has preserved its ancient beauty and flavor, anciently famous for wine production and fruit orchards, narrow streets, picturesque views, tavernas, and ancient stone buildings with carved wooden balconies, special place among which occupies the monastery of the Holy cross.


The monastery of Saint (Honest or life-giving) cross - stone monastery, considered one of the oldest and most historic monasteries on the island of Cyprus.

This monastery is located in the current tourist village Omodos and serves as a decoration and pride of the village.


While in Paphos, and Cyprus, no hotels with its own beach, as all beaches are municipal and public, but there are hotels positioning itself as the hotels beach.

These hotels are located on the front line and have direct access to the beach. In some hotels part of the beach strip tightly sun loungers and parasols.


Of particular importance among the places of rest, as in the city of Limassol and in the district of Limassol, is embankments and coastal Hiking trails, the joint length of which is more than 13 kilometers along the sea.

Embankments and coastal trails of Limassol called the visiting card of the city!


The Carob Museum is a museum that houses 1900s equipment that was once used to process carob fruits.

In those days, the fruits of carob trees were one of the main products used by Cyprus for export. The carob tree was called "Black Gold" because it was highly valued not only in Cyprus, but also beyond.


On the territory of the Akamas, in different points scattered many natural attractions. So, one of the most attractive areas of Akamas serves the North coast of the reserve.

North coast introduces such natural attractions as:

- baths of Aphrodite; the Blue lagoon; - bays Manolis and Fontana Amorosa, mountain Calscale, Bay Blage.


Kolossi castle - remains of the medieval castle, located in the eponymous village of Kolossi.

The surviving castle was built in 1454.

Currently, the remains of the castle of Kolossi are some of the most important medieval fortifications that have survived in Cyprus.


Amathus - one of the oldest cities of Cyprus, founded in 1100 BC

The city is closely related to history and mythology. In the ancient Amathus was one of the most important places of worship of Aphrodite.

Ruins of the ancient city of Amathus is located on a coastal hill and, currently, consist of two separate sections - the upper (the Acropolis of Amathus) and lower.


Kourion - an ancient city, situated on the South West coast of Cyprus along the Bay of Episkopi.

Once Kourion was an important city-state. For security purposes, Kourion is situated on the top of the cliff.

Currently, the site is an Archaeological Museum under the open sky.


Limassol castle is a medieval Fort situated in the historic centre of Limassol.

According to the Scriptures, in the Church of Limassol castle in 1191 Richard the Lionheart married Berengaria of Navarre. For this reason, the Fort is also called the castle of Richard the Lionheart.

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