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Coastal Hiking Trails in Limassol (Limassol Embankments)

Limassol is a large city and one of the most famous tourist centres in Cyprus.

In the city and the surrounding area has many historical, architectural and natural attractions, as well as places for walking and recreation. Of particular importance among the places of rest, as in the city of Limassol and in the district of Limassol, is embankments and coastal Hiking trails, the joint length of which is more than 13 kilometers along the sea.

Embankments and coastal trails of Limassol called the visiting card of the city!

The embankments of the city of Limassol

In the city of Limassol can be divided in three tourist zone, which runs along the sea.

The old harbour and Limassol Marina

Limassol Old Port is a small port that is part of the historic centre of the city.

In the port area of pier used for mooring small fishing and tourist pleasure vessel. And along the pier full of life, there are cafes and restaurants, there is a small square and several monuments.

Limassol Marina (Limassol Marina) borders the old port of Limassol. Together the two ports form one of the most visited and popular places in the city for walking and relaxing.

Limassol Marina is a modern complex, which includes:

- living area presents luxurious villas with private berths or direct access to the beach, apartments and duplexes;

a Harbor for yachts, including luxury and convenience;

- the public part, which includes: walking area with a small Central square and a fountain, a Spa and fitness club, cafés and restaurants, boutiques and beach Limassol Marina (Limassol Marina). Read more about the port of Limassol...

Promenade Molos

Molos promenade (Molos Limassol) - the Central promenade of Limassol and one of the most vibrant places in the city; - a multifunctional seaside Park, considered one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean basin.

Currently, Molos is a wide promenade framed on both sides with delicate palm trees, where part of the boardwalk is made in the form of small pools.

From the city to the boardwalk and adjacent Park area - the Park of sculptures. Read more about promenade Molos...

The boardwalk along the main beach of Limassol

The beach Akti Olympion (Olympion Akti Beach) - the beach of Limassol, located near the historic center of the city, bordered by the promenade of Molos.

Along the entire beach strip, the length of which is 2 km along the promenade (the promenade), above which are bike path and road.

On the waterfront there are several cafes and beach bars, also equipped places for rest in the shade of the spreading crowns of coniferous trees. Read more about the beach Akti Olympion...

The coastal trail along the East side of Limassol district

The Eastern part of the district of Limassol, within which we can distinguish the municipalities of Agios Athanasios, in Limassol, Agios Tychonas and Pyrgos Paphos, is the most developed and visited tourist area of Limassol, ideal for a beach holiday.

Along the line of the sea, most part of these municipalities are coastal Hiking trails, great places for recreation and walks. In addition to these areas of the centre of Limassol can be reached on foot or by public bus.

Hiking trail along the beach Dasudi

Along the Dasoudi beach, located in the municipality of Germasogeia is a natural zalesak, he is the natural Park "Dasoudi" (Park "Dasoudi"). The Park is home to eucalyptus, pine and acacia trees, lies a beautiful path for walking, there are several cafes and a bar.

Along the coastal Treaty Dasoudi beach, which extends a little more than 1 kilometer: cafes, playgrounds and places for recreation. Read more about the beach Dasudi...

The embankments of the municipality of Germasogeia

The beach of Limassol Dasoudi beach for presents, at its core, unextended narrow beaches separated by breakwaters.

Along some sections of the quays are equipped, while movement along other possible only directly at the beach. However, walk along the sea the entire municipality leaves work. Read more about the Project...

Hiking the coastal trail municipalities Agios Tychonas and Paphos

Probably the best place for walking along the sea after the Central promenade of Limassol.

Along the entire coastline of the municipalities of Agia phyla Agia phyla, and is equipped seaside pedestrian road (trail). The length of this trail is more than 5 kilometers, it is possible to reach the ancient ruins of Amathus.

A continuous path leads along the beaches Agios Tychonas

then it becomes less crowded, more natural and secluded

leads to the beaches of the municipality of Paphos and stretches to the municipality of Pyrgos.

Interesting coastline, although without equipped coastal trails, is located in the village Pentakomo (beaches Gubernatorial and Kalymnos). Coast this area is characterized by contrasting dark sand and white rocks.

The Western part of the coast of Limassol district

The Western part of the coast of Limassol district could not boast the usual promenades and coastal paths.

Beach Ladys Mile

The beach ladies ' Mile (Lady's Mile Beach) - the longest beach of Cyprus. Located on the Akrotiri Peninsula, along its Eastern side, between the New port of Limassol and the British military base of Akrotiri.

The length of the beach ladies Mile beach is 5 kilometers.

Although along the beach ladys Mile and there is the waterfront, but the walk along the sea, where the pebbly coast gradually gives way to fine soft sand, where directly on the beach there are several cafes and well-developed beach infrastructure, can be a great solution. Read more about the beach lady's Mile...


The beach of Kourion, located in the Bay of Episkopi, also boasts a promenade or infrastructure. However, the undoubted advantage of this part of the coast is its privacy and spectacular panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea and the unspoiled nature of Cyprus, view from the top of the hill, where now are the ruins of Kourion.


Pissouri (Pissouri) - a small village situated on the southwest coast of the island of Cyprus, and a member of the district of Limassol.

The beach of Pissouri or Pissouri Bay (Pissouri Beach Pissouri Bay Beach) is a small, but beautiful, and stunning natural beach, which is along a footpath, she's promenade.

On the waterfront: places to stay, urn, a couple of cafes, tree-lined street and a small chapel.

In our view, Pissouri is one of the best places in this part of Cyprus for enjoying a relaxed beach holiday. Read more about Pissouri...

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