Aphrodite beach - municipal beach of Limassol district.

On the beach Aphrodite mostly the sand is gray. The beach strip extends to the West. In addition to the wide, Western end of the beach Aphrodite is the most green and picturesque.


Armonia beach with clean sea waters and a relaxed soothing atmosphere.

In the sea a stone breakwaters that protect the coast from large waves.

The length of the beach is around 600 metres. The beach is predominantly sand grey, rare pebbles found in some places.


Beach Onisilos - municipal beach area Limassol.

This beach is located in the municipality of Agios Tychonas, which is an Eastern suburb of Limassol, which is a famous seaside resort.

Onisilos beach has obtained "Blue flag" - the signs of the purity and quality of beaches and seawater.


Castella beach is one of the beaches of Limassol.

The beach is located in the municipality of Agios Tychonas, which is an Eastern suburb of Limassol, which is a famous seaside resort.

Municipal beach Castella offers a full range of services for a comfortable beach holiday near the sea.


Germasogeia - a municipality in the district of Limassol.

Currently, Germasogeia, along with the municipality of Agios Tychonas, is considered the best place in the district of Limassol.

The basis of the Germasogeia is the coastline, stretching over 3 kilometres, clean sea water, a wide choice of accommodation, plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants.


Mouttagiakia - municipality, one of the villages located in the district of Limassol and functioning as an Eastern suburb of Limassol.

Directly on the waterfront is a bar-club Guaba, with direct beach access with chairs and tables on the coast.


Dasoudi beach is located in the heart of tourist area of Limassol, in Germasogeia municipality.

This beach is considered one of the best in Limassol.

Along the beach lies the natural zalesak - natural Park "Dasoudi". The park is home to eucalyptus, pine and acacia trees, lies a beautiful path for walking, there are several cafes and a bar.


Agios Athanasios is an independent municipality located in the Limassol district and functioning as a suburb of Limassol.

A large part of the area of Agios Athanasios goes inland, while the coast is quite small, with a length of about 400 meters.


The monastery of Saint Nicholas (Cats) in Cyprus or the monastery of Agios Nikolaos ton Gaton - is the oldest and one of the first monasteries on the island.

The monastery of St. Nicholas was founded in the year 327. Since the main occupation of the islanders was fishing, and sailing, the monastery was consecrated in honor of St. Nicholas - the patron Saint of sailors and fishermen.


The embankment Molos in Limassol - Central promenade Limassol's and one of the most vibrant places in the city.

Molos waterfront multifunctional seaside Park, considered one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean basin.

Currently, Molos is a wide promenade framed on both sides with delicate palm trees, where part of the boardwalk is made in the form of small pools.


Salt lake Limassol - the largest inland pond on the island of Cyprus.

Currently, the lake is one of the natural attractions of Cyprus.

In the winter months and off-season, the lake attracts migratory birds, including flocks of bright pink flamingos and herons. Whereas in the summer months, a large part of the lake dries up, leaving an extensive flat area of sand and salt.


lady's Mile beach is the longest beach of Cyprus.

The beach on the Akrotiri Peninsula, between the New port of Limassol and the British military base of Akrotiri.

The length of the beach Lady's Mile is 5 kilometers. The beach is wide, the beach is predominantly dense sand, sometimes mixed with pebbles. Sea water is clean and clear.


Limassol is not only the second largest city of Cyprus, but also the sea life centre of the island.

Port of Limassol is represented by four separate areas: the old port, the Limassol Marina; cruise port; a Marina San Rafael.

The first three ports are located within the city of Limassol, the whereas Marina San Rafael is located 12 kilometers East along the coast from the historic center of Limassol, near Amathus.


The Marina beach Limassol is the Western most pretentious and "expensive" beach of Limassol city.

The beach Marina Limassol on the West side of the harbour of Limassol, near the villas Peninsula.

Marina beach is a small artificial beach. On the beach is fine sand light Golden color. Sunset in the sea is sandy and shallow, depth is gradual.


The beach Akti Olympion - the beach of Limassol, located near the historic center of the city.

The beach Akti Olympion consists of two beaches, the Akti Olympion A and Akti Olympion B, separated by a pier.

Both beaches are a single 2-km long beach is considered one of the most affordable and convenient beaches in Limassol, offering a wide range of beach services.

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