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The beaches of Limassol, Cyprus. Coast of Limassol

The beaches of Limassol, along with the beaches of Paphos, Larnaca, Ayia Napa and Protaras are the best beaches of Cyprus.

All the beaches of Limassol, is that except for a couple parts of the coast, have awarded the "Blue flag" - a sign of purity and quality of the beach and sea water.

All the beaches of Limassol municipal, which means is absolutely free, you will have to pay for the use of beds and umbrellas if desired. The average cost of a sunbed and parasol for € 2.50.

Near the beaches of Limassol there are hotels and apartment (full apartment) with direct access to the beach. Also some hotels have a green refined territory with gardens and swimming pools under the open sky. Sun loungers, awnings and parasols of such hotels are placed on parts of the beaches so that to stay in this place people not staying at the hotel can not practically. It turns out that hotels, conventionally, have their own piece of beach.

Such hotels include:

- 4-star Crowne Plaza Limassol, located on the beach in Miami;

- 5-star Four Seasons hotel, the 4 star Mediterranean Beach hotel and 5-star luxury hotel Amathus Beach, located on the beach Woppa.

- 5-star GrandResort hotel and 4-star Elias Beach hotel, located in the Eastern end of the beach of Santa Barbara.

In addition to sun loungers and sun umbrellas beaches of Limassol offers a full range of services for your comfort: showers and toilets, tower rescue and wooden decks, locker rooms and boxes. Near most of the beaches allocated places for water sports and entertainment. There are playgrounds and a beach café.

Lifeguards with lifesaving equipment and services for first aid are on duty at the beaches from April to October from 09:00 to 17:00 hours to 18:00 hours in the peak summer season.

In the sea equipped with breakwaters protecting the beaches from big waves. However, on the beaches of Limassol are waves, especially in the second half of the day. The beaches are famous for their waters.

The beaches are mostly gray sand, sometimes mixed with small pebbles. Sometimes, there are stones.

The beachfront of Limassol town can be, conventionally, and for convenience, the orientation, divided by the beaches of the Limassol town and the beaches of the East and West coasts of the district of Limassol.

The beaches of Limassol's centre

In the centre of Limassol are the two beaches:

The Beach Akti Olympion (Olympion Akti Beach)

The Central beach of Limassol, located near the historic center of the city, between the promenade of Molos and the coast of the municipality of Agios Athanasios.

The beach Akti Olympion consists of two beaches, the Akti Olympion A and Akti Olympion B, separated by a pier.

Both beaches are a single 2-km long beach is considered one of the most affordable and convenient beaches in Limassol.

All along the beach Akti Olympion lies the embankment, above which are bike path and road. On the waterfront there are several cafes and beach bars, well equipped place to stay. Read more about the beach Akti Olympion...

Beach Limassol Marina (Limassol Marina)

Most Western most pretentious and "Drogo" the beach of Limassol.

The beach of Marina Limassol on the West side of the Marina (harbour) of Limassol, near the villas Peninsula (Limassol Marina Peninsula Villas).

Marina beach is a small artificial beach. On the beach is fine sand light Golden color.

Sunset in the sea is sandy and shallow, depth is gradual. On both sides of the beach is fenced off by stone breakwaters. Read more about the beach Limassol Marina...

Behind the beach Limassol Marina, to the West along the coast and to the border of Limassol, located mostly technical area, which is a cruise and industrial ports of Limassol. This part of the coast nakupila.

The beaches of the Eastern part of the district of Limassol

The Eastern part of the coast of Limassol district consists of 9 municipalities, functioning as an Eastern suburb of Limassol.

This part of the coast is the most popular and the best for a comfortable beach holiday in Limassol.

Agios Athanasios

In the municipality of Agios Athanasios, adjacent to the beach Akti Olympion, the length of the coast is only about 400 meters. Here is the beach of Agios Georgios Frangoudi (Agios Georgios Beach Frangoudi) better known as Miami beach (Miami Beach).

The coast is quite wide, the beach sand is dark gray. Entry into the sea is gentle and comfortable, the bottom is mostly sandy. Read more about Miami beach and the municipality of Agios Athanasios...

Dasoudi Beach

The Dasoudi beach belongs to the municipality of Germasogeia and consists of two beaches - Dasudi 2 (2 Municipal Dasoudi Beach) and Dasudi (Dasoudi Beach), together representing a single coastline.

The length of Dasoudi beach is just over 1 kilometer. This beach is part of the municipality of Germasogeia, located to the East along the coast from the municipality of Agios Athanasios.

Along the beach lies the natural zalesak Park "Dasoudi", is an integral part of the beach Dasudi. The Park is home to eucalyptus, pine and acacia trees, lies a beautiful path for walking, there are several cafes and a bar. Read more about the beach Dasudi...

The Beaches Of Limassol

The Foundation of the municipality of Germasogeia, which attracts tourists, serves the shoreline, the length of which is more than 3 kilometres, clean sea water, a wide choice of accommodation, plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants nearby from the coast.

For Dasoudi beach, coastline divided by breakwaters on small plots, mostly narrow, some of which are sand, sand + pebbles, pebbles or concrete (stone), equipped with stairs for easy entry into the sea. In total, there are sixteen such conditional sites. More about the beaches of Germasogeia...


For boys, Germasogeia municipality should Mouttagiakia.

Mouttagiakia not conducive to a comfortable beach holiday. Most of Motoaki goes inland, while the coastline of the municipality is only about 300 meters.

Directly on the waterfront is a bar-club Guaba, with direct beach access with chairs and tables on the coast. Read more about coast Mouttagiakia...

Castella Beach

Castella beach is bordered by the Eastern end of the coast of the municipality Mutiara and belongs to the municipality of Agios Tychonas.

That's what - what, and by the coast of Agios Tychonas is difficult to find fault. The entire coastline of 4.5 kilometers, has a variety of beaches: there are more quiet and not crowded, there are more tourist and scenic, there are also those lined with luxury hotels, with direct access to the beach. Read more about the municipality of Agios Tychonas...

In the municipality there are seven beaches, a string of successive and smoothly flowing one into another.

All along the beaches is a coastal path (road) which runs along the coast of Agios Tychonas and the municipality of Paphos (to the municipality of Pyrgos). The length of the road is just over 5 miles away, it is possible to reach the ancient ruins of Amathus.

The length of kastella beach is just over 400 metres. The beach strip is quite narrow, extends from West to East.

In the Western end of kastella beach mainly pebbles, while the East side is dark gray sand, sometimes mixed with small pebbles. Read more about the beach Castella...

Onisilos Beach

The length of the beach is about 350 meters. The beach is predominantly sand, dark gray color, rare in some places mixed with pebbles.

Directly at the beach Onisilos, along the beach trail is a 4-star Poseidonia Beach with direct beach access, landscaped garden, adjacent to the beach, a beachfront café-bar, swimming pool, sauna and Spa. Read more about beach Onisilos...

Armonia Beach

The length of the beach is around 600 metres. The beach is predominantly sand grey, rare pebbles found in some places.

Near the beach there is a green Park area, cafes, places for recreation and children's Playground. Read more about the beach Armonia...

Aphrodite Beach

The length of the beach is around 400 meters. The beach is predominantly sand gray. The beach strip extends to the East. In addition to the width, the Eastern end of the beach, Aphrodite is the most green and picturesque. Read more about Aphrodite beach...

Vouppa Beach

The length of the beach is about 350 - 400 meters.

Beach Vouppa, perhaps, the most green and picturesque beach area of Limassol, is part of tops the best beaches of Cyprus.

Sandy, clean and well maintained beach Wuppa is surrounded by greenery, breakwaters are divided into four smaller zones (partitions), three of which offer a full range of services for a comfortable beach holiday. Read more about the beach Vouppa...

Loures Beach

The length of the beach is around 500 meters.

The beach strip is narrow, the beach stones, grey sand and pebbles. The beach is uncrowded and open, often wave.

The beach is not the best place in Limassol for a comfortable beach holiday, however, can be a great place for walking. Read more about the beach Loures...

Santa Barbara Beach

This beach is located in two municipalities - Agios Tychonas (West of beach) and Paphos (East).

The beach of Santa Barbara is quite long, but most of it has developed beach infrastructure.

In the Western part of the beach is mainly stone and pebble seaside. There is a 3-star hotel Atlantica Bay and a beach restaurant-bar PlusSea with sun loungers and umbrellas near the sea.

The Eastern extremity of the beach of Santa Barbara - one of the best places for a beach holiday in this part of the coast of Limassol.

The beach is wide and sandy, the sand is dark gray. There is a pier, a dedicated area for beach and water sports (entertainment). Read more about the beach of Santa Barbara...

Parekklesia Beach

The eponymous beach community Parekklisia, whose length is 400 meters.

The beach is wide and spacious. On the beach the sand is gray, among other amenities there is also a café. Read more about the beach and the municipality Parekklisia...

Panagies Beach

This beach is located in the municipality of Pyrgos.

Beach Panagias has a touch of glamour, with yachts moored on the docks of San Rafael, which also protects the sandy beach from the South-West winds.

Near the beach and Marina in San Rafael is a 5-star resort, St Raphael Resort , with gardens, two outdoor pools, a Spa centre, a restaurant and bar, two tennis courts and a children's Playground.

Aoratoi Beach

The beach is located in the municipality of Pyrgos and stands out natural beauty and quaint coastal character surrounded by prestigious hotels.

On the beach of fine gray sand, there are stones and pebbles.

The combination of semi-circular bays and large flat stones along the coastline near the beach where large and small water deepening successive, make this place especially attractive for lovers of unspoiled nature and natural species.

To the deep waters around the beach can be reached with a small Marina. The proximity of the cliffs to the beach (10 meters) also makes this beach a popular destination with anglers.

Here, in landscaped gardens, the hotel is a 5-star resort Spa hotel Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa Limassol features an indoor and 3 outdoor swimming pools, gym and other amenities.

Further, the East coast of Limassol close to the border with the district of Larnaca mostly wild and rocky-rocky, with stretches of bays, with easy access to the sea and suitable for swimming.

Governor's Beach Kalymnos Beach

These beaches are in the municipality Pentakomo is the most Eastern municipality of Limassol. Eastern coastal edge of the municipality Pentakomo belongs to the district of Larnaca.

Governor's or Governor (Governors beach) - the beach contrasting with the dark sand and white rocks.

Governor's beach consists of two parts: the beach of Governor's beach Kalymnos.

The first part of Governor's beach has dark grey sand and a rough surface, characterized by receding into the depths of the sea, white cliffs, and the second part of the beach (Kalymnos), a distance of about 200 metres from Governor's beach - has a smooth surface and a long narrow stretch of sandy coast.

Both parts of the beach can boast calm waters and the ideal place for walks.

Here there are cafes and restaurants, Parking and camping, as well as:

- 3-star hotel Andreas & Melanie Beach, equipped with free sun loungers and straw umbrellas on the beach;

- apartment complex at the Governors Beach Panayiotis offers a restaurant, bar, air-conditioned studios with a furnished balcony and free sun loungers and parasols on the beach;

- the house Governor's Beach Greenway , a garden and a terrace.

The beaches of the Western part of the district of Limassol

Lady's Mile Beach

Beach or lady's Mile Lady's mile is situated on the Akrotiri Peninsula, along its Eastern side, between the New port of Limassol and the British military base of Akrotiri.

The length of the beach ladies Mile beach is 5 kilometers. The beach is wide. On the beach mostly dense sand, sometimes mixed with pebbles, pebbles. In the Central part of the beach sand is dark gray in color, in the South becomes Golden-brown, and in the North, closer to the New port of Limassol, on the beach mainly pebbles.

Marine waters are characterized by shallow water, which is very convenient for families with young children. The beach has all the amenities and beach cafes, bars and restaurants. Read more about the beach Lady's mile...

Kourion Beach

The Kourion beach is located at the Episkopi Bay, has a length of 1 kilometer and impresses guests with its natural color palette and majestic ancient history.

Delineated swimming area of the beach is exceptionally wide beach consisting of pebbles and sand. Sea water is crystal clear and contain various shades of blue, beautifully contrasting with the surrounding white hills. Here you can also Windsurfing.

Close to the beach, on a hill, which offers stunning views of the coast, is one of the most famous archaeological sites of the island are the ruins of the ancient Kourion; which features a magnificent Greco-Roman amphitheatre.

Further West the coast area of Limassol is characterized by rock formations with areas available for swimming shoreline.

Pissouri Bay Beach

Closing the Western part of the coast of Limassol, Pissouri beach, located in the homonymous village of Pissouri, on the border with the North-Eastern part of the district of Paphos.

Pissouri beach is one of the most unique and popular beaches not only in the district of Limassol, but also just Kira. The beach is very popular among European tourists, but among our countrymen, unknown until now.

The beach has the shape of an open Bay. The beach is mostly small pebbles, sometimes mixed with sand, color from grey to Golden.

Along almost the entire Pissouri beach, a Hiking trail, she's promenade.

Near the beach there is a Parking and a beach café, places to stay and a small Church.

Especially popular in this area enjoys a 5-star resort Columbia Beach Resort, set amongst extensive landscaped gardens. Featuring a 80-metre lagoon pool, 5 restaurants and 7 bars. Read more about the beach of Pissouri...

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