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Latchi, Polis, Cyprus. Latchi Beaches

Laci, Laci or Latchi (Lachi / Latchi, the Greek name Λάχι), in different sources there are also the names of Latchi, Lachi, Latsi and Lakki (Latsi, Lakki) is a small village, part of municipality Policy.

Is Latchi on the North coast of Pafos district (Bay fishing) and is a Western suburb of the Policy.

Currently, Laci is a very popular destination among tourists wishing to spend a holiday in a quiet environment, because Laci has kept its pristine virginity, and the color and atmosphere of a true Cypriot coastal village. There is no abundance of entertainment and attractions, as well as noisy parties and naughty night life. Holidays in Latchi is a serene and very secluded.

The area enjoys a very wide popularity among the couples in age, newlyweds and families with children.

It is believed that the best fish restaurants and tavernas of Paphos, where you can taste dishes of fresh fish and seafood, are found in this part of the island in the village of Latchi and the surrounding area (city center of Polis, the village of Neo Chorio, Pomos, Pyrgos, etc.).

The Climate Of Latchi. When to go to Latchi

The climate in Paphos is typical Mediterranean, with hot and dry summers and mild, warm winter months. Here only in winter, when there is no possibility to swim in the sea, holidays in Latchi will be boring, but there are daredevils who are not averse to plunge into marine waters throughout the year.

In the winter months and also early spring and late autumn it is better to have a rest there where there is something to see and where to go - nearby, is the center of Paphos.

The maximum temperature in Paphos, at the height of the summer tourist season may rise up to +35°C. the Sun this time of year mercilessly, sunscreen is a must.

The water in the sea can warm up to 28°C and sometimes even higher. In our opinion, sea water in Latchi and the surrounding area is one of the warmest in the North-Western and Western coasts of Cyprus.

The Port Of Latchi

The port of Latsi (Latchi Port) is a harbour, small Marina and the heart of the village Laci. It is in port and around the main tourist flows such life.

Here from morning until late at night hard life. Along the narrow pier promenade, around the pedestrian area, with cafes, restaurants and taverns with fresh fish and seafood, as well as travel agencies, shops, supermarkets, a sailing club and a boat rental.

In the port you can purchase excursions in the neighbourhood, on the land, and by sea.

In the harbour of Latsi are assumed to be of marine mini-cruises, you can also rent a boat with a captain, visiting the Blue lagoon or other places of the North coast of the Akamas, with the possibility of swimming where you want, in case of leasing of individual boats. Read more about Latchi Marina...

The Beaches Of Latchi (Latsi Beach)

In Laci has two beaches and both are collectively called Latchi beach or, more to know - Latsi beach.

The beaches stretched on both sides of the port. Municipal beach of Polis Chrysochous - Eastern side with the beach, souli (also known as the Latsi beach) from the West.

Both beaches are awarded "Blue flag" - a sign of cleanliness and quality of beaches and seawater.

The beaches of Latchi offer a full range of services for a comfortable beach holiday: sun loungers and parasols, showers and toilets, tower rescue and wooden decks, locker rooms and boxes. Directly near the beach there are cafes and restaurants.

The cost of renting a sunbed and parasol for € 2.50. Free Wi-Fi.

Visits to the sea convenient, depth comes rather abruptly. The bottom is mostly shingle, but comfortable.

Lifeguards with lifesaving equipment and services for first aid are on duty at the beaches from April to October from 09:00 to 17:00 hours to 18:00 hours in the peak summer season.

The souli beach - long beach municipal, originating just behind the Western extremity of the port of Latchi.

Although the beach is long, but the village of Latsi is only a small part of it - the Eastern end of the beach. Learn more about souli beach...

Municipal beach of Polis Chrysochous is also extended, but to the village of Latchi applies only to the Western part of the beach length of about 350-450 meters, it is also the most developed part of the beach Policy.

Near the beach there is free Parking. Along the beach runs a pedestrian coastal path (narrow road) with green space and places to relax. There is a bar, restaurant, kiosk with ice cream, children's and sports grounds.

In the Eastern and Central parts of the coastal strip on the beach the sand is light Golden color, stones, pebbles near the water. Closer to the port on the beach of a large sulfur sand with a predominance of pebbles.

In the water a stone breakwaters that protect the beach from large waves. However, in the second half of the day, sometimes the waves are coming.

It is better to bathe at a little distance from the port, as near the port in the water you can feel the impurities of petroleum products from boats, boats and boats. Read more about the beach...

Just above the beach line and the port is a narrow road, along which cafes, restaurants and shops, there are several free car parks.

Where to go from Latchi

The centre of Polis

The centre of Polis is located on the hill (near the bus station), distance from the centre of Latchi, approximately, 3 kilometers.

In the Policy there is a Park, a small historical centre with the main square, narrow streets lined with low buildings, cafes, restaurants and taverns. There are several churches, the archaeological Museum of Marion-Arsinoe, shops and a large supermarket.


Akamas national Park is the pride of Cyprus. It's North coast, it is the most popular and most visited, is located near the ancient Paphos.

In the North-Western part of Akamas are popular attractions, such as:

- the baths of Aphrodite,

- Blue lagoon,

- Hiking routes in the reserve, among which are the trails of Aphrodite and Adonis;

- as well as other less known but no less lovely places, for example, bays Manolis and Fontana Amorosa.

To the baths of Aphrodite is a direct bus ride.

How to visit the North coast of the Akamas Peninsula and its attractions can be found here.


Paphos - fourth in terms of population and one of the most beautiful resort towns of Cyprus, situated on the West coast of the island.

Distinguish top or Pano Paphos, Paphos, known as Ktima - more modern residential area (city center) and Lower Paphos or Kato Paphos, the coastal area of the city. Exactly Kato Paphos is the most popular holiday destination among tourists. Also in Kato Paphos provides the largest number of attractions of historic and architectural value, has a promenade and the harbour. Read more about Paphos and the surrounding area...

Where to stay in Latchi

The choice of accommodation in Latchi is a small, but very diverse. Accommodation here are hotels and apartments located both near the beaches and the harbour, and more remotely from the latter.

Within walking distance to the Latchi Marina, 10 minutes walk from the village of Neo Chorio, you can rent one of the villas with swimming pool, garden and Mediterranean sea views.

All accommodation in Latchi you can view and book here.

How to get to Latchi

The closest airport to the village of Latchi - Paphos international airport, located at a distance of 46 kilometers from the harbour of Latchi. Tickets to Paphos, and Larnaca...

To get from Paphos airport to Latchi and Polis and other cities and resorts of Cyprus, more convenient and faster than a taxi. Book a taxi/Shuttle service is possible in advance, even from home. At any time of the day, at the airport, you will meet your driver with a sign, which will be written your name and surname. For taxi is enough to tell us your flight details! Find out the cost and order a taxi here...

If you plan to travel around Cyprus, then car rental will be an ideal option. You can choose and order a car in advance, at the appointed time your car will be waiting for you near the airport. You can also rent a car in other places of the city and Cyprus in general. You can view and pick up a car here...

On a car you can drive so, first to the Policy (bus station), on the road Е713 down to the sea, on the same road without turning anywhere leave little to the left and we are at the port of Latchi.

Public transport - buses. Direct bus from both the airport and Paphos town centre goes to the bus station Policy. How to get to Polis from Paphos (airport, city centre and coral Bay), see here.

From the bus station of Polis to Latchi Marina, about 3.5 kilometers. You can go on foot or by bus. Buses No. 622 and 623, as passing by the port of Latchi and along the beaches.

The fare is € 1.50. A day ticket is 5 Euro. Tickets are available from bus drivers.

Photos of bus station of Polis

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