Marbella - a sophisticated, trendy and modern resort located in the South of Spain, in the province of Malaga on the Costa del Sol.

Due to its convenient location: the South of Spain, on the North side of the city is protected by coastal mountains - Marbella has a unique microclimate, with an average annual temperature of +18 degrees, where almost all year round the sun shines and there are no strong winds.


Marbella - perhaps the most popular beach resort on the Costa del Sol.

Coast Marbella is a practically one vast beach area, stretching along the centre of the city and its environs, gentle strip is 27 kilometers. The Marbella coastline divided into 26 separate beaches among which a couple of beaches for Pets.

The bulk of the sandy beaches of Marbella, well equipped with all the necessary amenities.


Marbella - not only a fashionable resort, but also a very picturesque city in which, in addition to beautiful long beaches, there are interesting sights, among which are modern and expensive, natural and secluded, historical and architectural.

So if you get tired of beaches and rampant waste of money, in Marbella you will always find something to do!


La Concha - a majestic mountain located near the center of Marbella and is part of the Natural Sierra de Las Nieves national Park.

The most famous and desirable point of La Concha mountain, which offers stunning panoramic views of the entire Marbella, Estepona and Gibraltar was her peak, Pico de La Concha. The height of the peak of La Concha is 1 215 meters above sea level.

The ascent to the peak of La Concha - the pedestrian route, which runs along mountain trails, ridges and rocky slopes. Climbing La Concha Peak can be done in two routes...


Hotel San Cristóbal - has three stars and a superb location. The hotel is located in the historic centre of Marbella, opposite Alameda Park and city bus stop. After passing through the Alameda Park, in just three minutes we will find ourselves on the avenue of Avenida del Mar with sculptures of Salvador Dali and near one of the central beaches of Marbella - Venus.

For reviews of tourists, the hotel has earned a rating of "Very good". The main plus of this hotel, vacationers allocate...


Marbella - considered the most fashionable and elite resort on the Costa del Sol. However, in addition to luxurious and modern villas and buildings, Marbella also has interesting historical sights. One of these attractions is the old city of Marbella.

The historic center of Marbella is located in the heart of the city close to the coastal strip.

The old town of Marbella although small, it can be easily explored on foot in an hour with a small but well restored and very impressive.


In Marbella itself has no airport, the nearest international airport is 55 kilometres from the centre of Marbella, in Malaga. Malaga airport-Costa del Sol regularly sends and receives flights from more than 60 countries.

To get to Marbella from Malaga (airport and downtown) as well as from Marbella to Malaga, you can: by public bus or taxi.


Avenida del Mar - the famous and visited Boulevard in Marbella, located in the city center, between the old town and the coast.

Currently, the street del Mar is one of the attractions of Marbella and is, if not long, but wide pedestrian alley, lined with marble tiles, where the main highlight are, as if frozen in time and movement of bronze sculptures of Salvador Dali. Thus, the street serves as a kind of Museum of surreal art, located in the open air.


Puerto Banus - luxury port and the famous harbour for luxury yachts and boats.

Puerto Banus is snow-white yachts, luxurious cars, the best restaurants, Nightclubs and boutiques of the Costa del Sol. This is the place where you can enjoy the luxury and glamour, where the air is continuously smell of money, and the rich come to the port to show off their new expensive toys. Here you can easily meet a world celebrity or a millionaire in an expensive suit and a gold watch, leisurely strolling, and often just passing along the coast on his brand new luxury Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini or Bentley.

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