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Sights of Marbella, Spain

Marbella - not only a fashionable resort, but also a very picturesque city in which, in addition to beautiful long beaches, there are interesting sights, among which are modern and expensive, natural and secluded, historical and architectural.

So if you get tired of beaches and rampant waste of money, in Marbella you will always find something to do!

Sights of Marbella

Puerto Banus

Ooo, that coveted Puerto Banus! Surely, many have heard about the most famous and expensive port of Spain?!

Puerto Jose Banus, more commonly known simply as Puerto Banus - marina, marina, fashionable port and the most famous harbor for luxury pleasure yachts and boats.

Puerto Banus is snow-white yachts, luxurious cars, the best restaurants, Nightclubs and boutiques of the Costa del Sol. This is the place where you can enjoy the luxury and glamour, where the air is continuously smell of money, and the rich come to the port to show off their new expensive toys. Here you can easily meet a world celebrity or a millionaire in an expensive suit and a gold watch, leisurely strolling, and often just passing along the coast on his brand new luxury Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini or Bentley.

Puerto Banus was originally just a port in Marbella, but for many it has become something more - a separate port city (town in town), where you can stay and spend your unforgettable holiday. Read more about Puerto Banus...

Near Puerto Banus, only minutes walk from such, there are a couple of attractions that are worth a visit if you are near the port:

The famous square Antonio Banderas (Antonio Banderas Plaza) and the historical monument of Torre Almenara Del Duque.

Golden mile

Golden Mile Marbella - long strip along the sea, equal, in fact, four miles (6.4 kilometers). The Golden mile begins at the Western edge of Marbella (a reference point, the promenade - walkway Maritimo) and stretches to Puerto Banus.

The "Golden mile" is home to some of the most luxurious villas in Marbella and estates with views of the mountains and the sea, such as the Palace of king Fahd "Mar-Mar", as well as iconic hotels.

The Golden Mile is divided into two parts by the motorway. The first band of the Golden mile which is between the beach and highway, is well developed, there are expensive villas and hotels, Golf courses and business centers, gyms and salons. While the mountain side is still under development and construction.

Best time to visit Puerto Banus from Marbella centre (or the centre of Marbella from Puerto Banus) following along the waterfront, thereby walking along the beaches. The distance is 6 miles one way. The promenade of this part of Marbella is lovely - very picturesque, superbly equipped and very popular. By the way, the promenades of Marbella can be safely distinguished as a separate attraction. If you want to feel the luxury of the Golden mile, then take the promenade and dig in to the residential neighborhoods there, along the narrow streets, often behind high fences, are luxury villas and apartments (especially, of course, will not see anything). An overview of all the beaches of Marbella...

The ruins of a Roman villa Rio Verde

Historical excavations of the Villa Romana de Rio Verde (Villa Romana de Rio Verde) - a historical monument, the remains of a Roman Villa, where to this day preserved the original mosaic. This Roman Villa, believed to have been built in the late first or early second century ad, but was later destroyed by fire. Objects found at the site during archaeological excavations, were transferred to the Archaeological Museum of Malaga.

The ruins of the Roman Villa located close to Copacabana beach, approximately one kilometre from Puerto Banus towards Marbella centre. So, while walking along the promenade, take a little bit deeper into residential neighborhoods and visit this historical monument.

Walking along the promenades of Marbella, you can see other historical monuments of Marbella

Old town

The old town of Marbella (Old Town/Casco Antiguo), its historical centre is included and, perhaps, heads the list of the most prominent and visited attractions of Marbella.

The historic center of Marbella is located in the heart of the city close to the coastal strip, on the one hand the old town is bordered by green Park, Arola de La Represa, and with another - a small Alameda Park.

The old town of Marbella although small, it can be easily explored on foot in an hour with a small but well restored and very impressive. Here, the low white building in typical Andalusian style with lots of greenery and flowers on the facades, standing right next to each other along the narrow and winding streets, where you'll also find an abundance of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.

The streets of the old quarter of Marbella at its core is narrow and winding, but there are also broader. Some of the streets are pedestrianised, while others are open for the passage of vehicles. There are streets more visited and has a secluded and remote.

In the old town it is possible to allocate such interesting sights as:

The square of Puente de Ronda

Where the abundance of cafes and restaurants is concentrated

Naranjos Square

The most visited and beautiful square of the old city of Marbella is the Orange Square or the Plaza Naranjos (Plaza de los Naranjos). The square is very picturesque, it is planted with citrus trees and is a vivid example of the Castilian Renaissance.

Around the square are two historic buildings and the fountain:

- The city Hall (Mairie) in the Renaissance style, built in 1568 by the Catholic monarchs;

- the chapel of Ermita de Santiago (Ermita de Santiago) is the oldest religious building in the city, built earlier than the square itself, so looks a bit distracting from the architectural ensemble, believed to date back to the 15th century chapel is built;

- next to the chapel is a small 16th century fountain.

The center of the square is decorated with the bust of king Juan Carlos the First. In addition to the attractions in the area: places to stay, where to relax, enjoying the smells and orange trees, and the perimeter of the area the abundance of cafes and restaurants.

Church of St. Mary Encarnacion

The Church of St. Mary Encarnacion or Our Lady of the Incarnation (Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Encarnacion) is perhaps the brightest and highest building of the old city. IInitially, the construction of the Church dates back to the 15th century, but later it was restored. The facade of the Church looks simple but elegant, the entrance to the Church in the Rococo style carved in stone ochre.

The interior of the church, on the one hand, is simple, and on the other, gilding with luxurious carvings immediately catches your eye.

This Church is located on a small and very interesting Plaza De La Iglesia, or, as it is called, Church square.

The chapel of San Juan de Dios

The chapel of San Juan de Dios or as it is called the chapel of St. John of God (Capilla San Juan De Dios), Dating back to the 16th century buildings. This small chapel was built by the Catholic monarchs in the old building of the former Royal hospital.

Holy Christ Square

The Plaza of the Holy Christ (Plaza Santo Cristo), although modest in size, is very picturesque, and all this thanks to the bright multi-colored buildings located along the perimeter of the square and which are its undoubted decorations. The center of the square is decorated with a beautiful fountain with a statue of the Virgin Mary.

In addition to its striking appearance, the square is also famous for the fact that its main dominant is the chapel of Santo Cristo de la Vera Cruz or the Holy Cross Vera Cruz “Hermitage of the Holy Christ of the True Cross” with ceramic mosaic dome.

Victory Square

Victory Square (Plaza de la Victoria) - a small green square, is truly beautiful, because in comparison with other squares of the old city of Marbella it has a lot of greenery and is relatively calm. Here you can relax in the shade of spreading crowns. Decorations of the square are the fountain and bust of Don Jaime De Mora.

Arab castle walls or the Arab fortress wall

On the outskirts of the old town is well preserved ruins remaining from the Arab fortress of Murallas del Castillo (Muralla del Castillo/Las). Currently, remains of the defensive walls of the once Grand castle are historic cultural monument from the 15th century. Particularly well the ancient city walls can be seen from the street Portada and Arte, near Represa Park. Read more about Marbella's old town...

Avenida del Mar

Avenida del Mar - the famous and most visited Boulevard in Marbella, located in the city centre, between the old town and the coast.

Alley del Mar combines the beautiful shady Park of Alameda with one of the most beautiful promenades of the Costa del Sol and Venus beach.

Nowadays, del Mar street is one of Marbella’s attractions and is, if not a long, but wide pedestrian alley lined with marble tiles, where the main highlight are the bronze sculptures of Salvador Dali, frozen in time and movement. Thus, the street serves as a kind of open-air museum of surreal art. Read more about Avenida del Mar.

The Alameda Park

The shady Alameda Park (Parque de Alameda) - one of the Central parks and the oldest green area in Marbella. This Park is small, but very colorful. The center of the Park is decorated with a large fountain. In the Park: benches with typical ornaments, sculptures, Paloma and flowers, exotic shrubs and tall spreading sycamores.

The park holds concerts and various city events, there are children's attractions, and on weekends, in the morning, a small flea market operates in the park.

The Park Of Represa

Park Arroyo de La Represa - perhaps the most large and peaceful Park of Marbella. The Park was created along the bed of the eponymous Creek. It is located near the old town. The Park has plenty of greenery, two artificial pond inhabited by ducks and turtles, places for recreation, children's Playground area, dog parks, walking alleys, athletic track, tennis court, café and a Museum with an exhibition of bonsai trees (Museo Bonsai Marbella).

Visually, the park attracts attention with a cable-stayed bridge crossing the park and hanging over the heads of city dwellers and guests strolling in the park.

Park Of Calvario

Parque del Calvario, a little-known green park located on a hill.

The once-small hill, on top of which was a small chapel, has now become an exquisite park. The park was designed by landscape architect Miguel Angel Vico. In the park: a children's play area, a small pond, places for relaxation and walkways.

This Park has religious significance. At the foot of the Church is the parish of Calvario (Parroquia Sto. Cristo del Calvario). Climbing up the hill is most interesting in a spiral, thus skirting a small hill, where on the way you can see scenes from the way of the Cross of Christ. At the top of the hill, on a small platform, is the ancient chapel Ermita del Calvario. And the picturesque views from the top of the hill, on the mountain terrain, just gorgeous.


On the streets of the historic centre of Marbella you can see a small chapel. For example,

on the square of Juan Antonio Perez (Plaza Juan Antonio Perez Cervera) a chapel of Amargura (Building in Capilla de Nuestra Señora de la Amargura);

the chapel of Virgen Del Pilar

The La Concha Mountain

Not far from the center of Marbella is the majestic mountain of La Concha. The huge mountain range is perfectly visible from many points of Marbella.

The most famous and desirable point of La Concha mountain, which offers stunning panoramic views of the entire Marbella, Estepona and Gibraltar was her peak, Pico de La Concha (Pico de la Concha). The height of the Pico de La Concha is 1 215 meters above sea level.

Pico de la Concha - the top of La Concha mountain with steep slopes, it is there that there is a small observation deck, which so attracts all hiking enthusiasts.

The ascent to the peak of La Concha - the pedestrian route, which runs along mountain trails, ridges and rocky slopes. Read more about the ascent to the peak of La Concha from the center of Marbella...

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