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Marbella beaches. Coastline of Marbella

Marbella - perhaps the most popular beach resort on the Costa del Sol.

Coast Marbella is a practically one vast beach area, stretching along the centre of the city and its environs, gentle strip is 27 kilometers. The Marbella coastline divided into 26 separate beaches among which a couple of beaches for Pets.

The bulk of the sandy beaches of Marbella, well equipped with all the necessary amenities: sun loungers and parasols, children's play areas, litter bins, showers and toilets, medical stations and rescue towers as well as beach cafes and restaurants. Many beaches of the coast, only by name are divided among themselves, as they smoothly flow into each other so that you won’t immediately understand where one beach ends and another begins.

As a rule, all beaches have moderate surf, golden or dark sand of various textures, from fine and crumbly to coarser and larger, and some - pebbles mixed with sand. The occupancy of the beaches is usually high, for the average level, especially in the summer months, when the flow of tourists is the highest. Beaches are cleaned daily, sand is leveled.

Along most of the beaches of Marbella's extensive strip can be found in the promenades is a pleasure promenade. A very pleasant and scenic place for walking along the sea and sports. On the embankments: places to relax, small sports grounds, cafes and restaurants, as well as green areas with palm trees and flowers, nearby there are Golf courses. Along the quays is a variety of first class hotels with private tennis courts, Golf courses, swimming pools, children's play areas, restaurants and bars, SPA and fitness centers. The convenient location of these hotels provides direct and quick access to the coast.

Close to the centre of Marbella is home to five beaches and a small Marina (Puerto Deportivo de Marbella). This yacht Marina conditionally divides the Marbella coastline on the West and East. The West coast is more interesting, visited and picturesque. Whereas the Eastern is quieter and more secluded.

The West coast beaches of Marbella

Immediately behind the jetty originates in central and sandy

Playa El Faro

El Faro Beach (Playa del Faro) with all amenities, well equipped, but not long and not too wide. At the height of the season, the beach is crowded. The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag.

Along the beach is a magnificent promenade, the famous walkway Maritimo

La Fontanilla Beach

Playa El Faro blends in with the beach of La Fontanilla (Playa de la Fontanilla), thereby forming a single beach. The beach is well equipped, also sand, but very narrow and unextended. Due to the fact that these beaches are located within the city, there may be garbage on them.

Along the beach continues promenade walking area. By the way, this promenade stretches for 6 miles along the beaches and the sea to the luxury Marina of Andalucia - Puerto Banus. This part of Marbella is called the "Golden Mile".

Casablanca Beach

Casablanca Beach (Playa de Casablanca), one of the most popular beaches within Marbella. Sandy, picturesque and quite long. Again, it is difficult to determine the features of the borders of the beaches, here just the Fontanilla beach smoothly flows into the beach of Casablanca.

Along the beach is also a promenade, but more calm than along the two above-mentioned beaches.

Beach Nagüeles

Beach Nagüeles (Playa Nagüeles) is one of the most luxurious and, of course, visited beaches of Marbella. On the beach, lots of greenery, it is perfectly equipped, and along the shady promenade is an abundance of the best hotels and apartments Marbella.

Beach Casablanca blends in Nagüeles, approximate reference point, perhaps, can be a walking pier that goes into the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Ancon Beach

Playa El Ancon - partly narrow and partly rocky, but surrounded by a superb vegetation: coniferous trees and palms.

Beach Rio Verde

Playa Rio Verde - another beautiful gently sloping sandy beach with a promenade, greenery and flowers. The beach has been awarded the "Blue Flag".

The Beach Of Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus Beach (Playa Puerto Banus) - one of the most famous and visited beaches of Marbella. There is sand on the beach, from golden to dark gray. The beach is wide and gentle, has the "Blue Flag" award.

Above the beach runs the promenade - alley Alberto Vidiella of Tudors (Paseo Alberto Vidiella Tudores).

Behind the beach is a luxury port of the famous luxury harbour for pleasure yachts and boats of Puerto Banus (Puerto Jose Banus). The port was built in may 1970 by josé Banús, a local property developer, as a luxury yacht Marina and shopping complex. Since then, Puerto Banus has become one of the most luxurious and most visited places in Spain with 5 million visitors a year. The port and still enjoys wide popularity among "ordinary" tourists and international millionaires, multimillionaires and celebrities. Read more about Puerto Banus...

Immediately behind the Puerto Banus originates

Beach Of Nueva Andalucia

Beach Nueva Andalucia (Playa De Nueva Andalucia) or Playa El Dugue (Playa El Duque). This coastline of the most prestigious area of ​​Marbella - Nueva Andalucia, is divided by breakwaters into small bays. The beach is basically sandy, in some places sand mixed with small pebbles, in the westernmost part of the beach the rocky coast is adjacent to the promenade beach area.

Along the beach runs the promenade, well, like always))

Beach Kanina

Unequipped dog beach (Playa Canina), in this place, the owners with their Pets can walk and play near the shoreline. The beach is not long, pebbles mixed with coarse dark sand on the beach.

Cortijo Blanco Beach

The beach of Cortijo Blanco (Playa De Cortijo Blanco) - small beach average degree of congestion with low oborudovaniju. The beach, frankly, so-so, relax here, personally, we would not. On the beach pebbles, interspersed with large gray sand beach has a location close to the river Guadaiza.

San Pedro Beach

The beach of San Pedro de Alcantara (Playa San Pedro Alcantara) is sandy and popular, gentle and pleasant, picturesque and very long, and also well equipped. The beach has a "Blue Flag" Award. The sand is dark gray mixed with small pebbles. In our opinion, this is the best beach in Marbella, though it is located far from the historical center.

A spacious promenade runs along the entire beach, with places for relaxation, a sports ground, several bars and restaurants.

Beach Linda Vista

Beach Linda Vista (Playa Linda Vista) - so-so beach, messy and semi-wild. It is considered the western tip of the beach of San Pedro. On the beach, coarse gray sand mixed with small pebbles. There is no embankment, most likely not yet!

Beach Guadalmina

GGuadalmina Beach (Playa de Guadalmina) - the most western beach of Marbella. Semi-urban beach without promenade, it has a protected archaeological area and a "Blue flag", primarily for the good state of the sea waters.

Beaches of Marbella East

Get back to the center of Marbella, the Marina Puerto Deportivo de Marbella, and walk along the East coast.

Just behind the jetty

The Venus Beach

Venus Beach (Playa La Venus) - the central and most visited city beach. The beach is sandy and well equipped.

Beach Bajadilla

Bajadilla Beach (Playa La Bajadilla) - a small sandy beach, also related to the central beaches of Marbella.

A beautiful and picturesque promenade runs along both beaches. The promenade is full of cafes and restaurants, there are places for relaxation and souvenir shops. The beaches of Venus and Bahidilla are separated by a small rocky area and a breakwater, above which a single promenade also lies.

Further, part of the coastline is occupied by the eponymous marina - Marina La Bajadilla.

Behind the marina originates a sandy and wide

The El Cable Beach (Playa El Cable)

Beach El Cable blends in

El Pinillo Beach (Playa Del Pinillo)

both beaches are also referred to as Kabel Pinilo beach (Playa Cable-Pinillo), representing a single long coastline. All four of the above the beach are awarded the "Blue flag".

Next, Pinillo beach flows into an unequipped, sandy and pebble beach

Beach for dogs Kanina (Playa Canina)

Along all three beaches there is a promenade. The place is quite secluded and interesting for walking.

Further part of the coast is not very interesting for relaxation, and for walks too

El Realejo Beach

Small, pebbly and unsightly

Beach Los Monteros

Los Monteros Beach (Playa Los Monteros) - quite long and sandy.

On the beach reserved area for kite surfing

In the immediate vicinity of the beach are villas, apartments and hotel complexes, with direct access to the beach.

Along part of the beach is the promenade, there are fields for playing Golf.

Beach Monteros blends in

Beach El Alicate (Playa El Alicate)

On the beach there are several cafes and restaurants. Behind the beach of Alicante, also a long coastline are the beaches: Real de Zaragoza, La Víbora, Las Chapas, Las Cañas and completes the chain of Marbella East the beach Artola/Cabopino awarded the "Blue flag".

Part of the beach Monteros and beach of Alicate is located in the immediate vicinity of the protected zone of the natural dune - Duna Duna Los Monteros and La Adelfa. Behind the dune area along the coastline trail villas and apartments, with direct access to the sea.

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