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Tarragona is a city in which subtly intertwined history and modernity, is a city where you can combine a beach holiday with visits to numerous historical sites and shopping.

Currently, the remains of Roman structures on the territory of Tarragona form the archaeological ensemble of Tarraco.


Tarragona - a city Dating back to BC and is known primarily for its historical sites that form the archaeological ensemble of Tarraco, a UNESCO world heritage site.

The bulk of the attractions of Tarragona is located in the city centre, walking distance from each other, while the other is outside the centre of Tarragona.


The Spanish city of Tarragona is not only good for sightseeing and beach holidays, but also offers some good places for shopping lovers.

The city has two shopping centers, a central market, large supermarkets, shops of famous Spanish and world brands, as well as small outlets and souvenir shops.


Tarragona is known primarily historical landmarks, forming the ensemble of Roman archaeological monuments included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

The main place among the attractions of Tarragona is the Old town, formerly known as Upper town, or old quarter of Part of Alta. In this part of the city you can feel the history of Tregony and breathe in the spirit "of the old Tarraco".


Central market or Mercato Centrale de Tarragona Central market of Tarragona, located in the historical and tourist center of the city.

On the market large selection of food, including fresh meat, poultry, cooked meats and prepared foods, fresh fish and seafood, greens, fruits and vegetables, eggs, nuts, ham, cheeses, olives and other products.


Square de la Font or square Fontana, one of the main squares located in the historic center of Tarragona, is the center of the city's political and social life.

Square is located in the place where once was a quarter of the central part of the ancient Roman arena - the circus.

Currently, square de la Font is a pedestrian zone and has an elongated rectangular shape.


In Tarragona there are 11 beaches and 4-d of which are awarded "Blue flag".

During high season most beaches have all the necessary infrastructure.

All the sandy beaches of Tarragona, with a gentle sunset in the sea.


The Rambla Nova or the New Rambla (Rambla Nova de Tarragona) - the Central axis of the Tarragona Avenue, crossing the modern city of Tarragona from the South-East to North-West and is perhaps the most famous and one of the most popular streets in the center of Tarragona.

The famous street Rambla Nova and some sightseeing...


Roman aqueduct Ferreres or Devil's bridge - an ancient water conduit and one of the historical landmarks of Tarragona.

This is one of the ancient aqueducts and the largest in Catalonia.

Today, the aqueduct is not only a landmark, but is also used as the most common bridge that crosses over a ravine and connect two sections of the Park.


The Cathedral of Tarragona - Roman Catholic Church - the main Cathedral of Tarragona, - one of the most famous and monumental buildings of Tarragona.

The Cathedral dedicated to Saint Thekla, and combines Romanesque and Gothic styles. Since 1905, the Tarragona Cathedral is a national monument of Spain.

Tarragona Cathedral is situated on a hill in the historic part of the city.


Maritime quarter Serrallo is a small district (formerly the fisherman's district), located in the Western part of the city, where is adjacent to the coast and the seaport of Tarragona.

Currently, a quarter of Serrallo is an area consisting of several streets, which is perhaps one of the most picturesque in Tarragona.


The port of Tarragona is one of the largest seaports of Spain.

For vacationers in Tarragona, the port is of interest primarily as a place for walking and relaxing. On the territory of the port are several mollo, where you can go hiking or do sports (running, cycling, rollerblading, etc.) while you marvel at the white yachts as well as a couple playgrounds, some of the sights, museums, places to stay, cafes, bars and restaurants.


Roman Colonial forum (Forum de la Colonia) - Roman forum, one of the first Roman structures that have emerged in Terraco (now Tarragona).

At the time, the forum was an important center of community life, where was concentrated the social and political life of the city. It was a place of meetings and meetings by local elites.


The Amphitheatre in Tarragona (formerly the Amphitheatre of Tarraco) is a Roman amphitheatre, built approximately in the 2nd century ad. At that time, Tarraco was the capital of the Roman province.

Initially, the amphitheater was used for two activities: battle of gladiators and fighting or hunting of animals. Later the amphitheater was also a place where the executed was sentenced to death.


L'Arrabassada beach (Playa de l'Arrabassada) is one of the beaches of Tarragona.

In our opinion, l'Arrabassada beach in Tarragona. In addition, the Arrabassada beach has a very attractive location.

Playa Arrabassada and has been awarded the "Blue flag" - a sign of purity and safety of the beach and sea water.

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