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Beaches of Tarragona. Coast of Tarragona

Tarragona is a fairly large port city located on the Costa Blanca and is the capital of the homonymous province.

The city was founded before our era is a favourite for tourists over the centuries: a large number of historical and architectural monuments, significant part of which is located in the centre of the city close to the Mediterranean coast. But despite this, in Tarragona there are beaches, inviting to a perfect beach holiday.

In Tarragona there are 11 beaches and 4-d of which are awarded "Blue flag" - a sign of purity and quality of the beach and sea water. During high season most beaches have all the necessary infrastructure: sunbeds and parasols, bins and toilets, towers, lifeguards and showers, beach cafes and entertainment.

All the sandy beaches of Tarragona, with a gentle sunset in the sea. The sand on the beaches of Tarragona are mainly small, soft and pleasant to the touch and light Golden color. The beaches are regularly cleaned, sand dub. Since the beaches of Tarragona open and quite wide, it is in the sea the waves are coming.

Th 6-the beaches of Tarragona is quite long, are semi-wild coves, located in the natural protected areas and two very small beach-Cove.

Much of the coast of Central Tarragona is a seaport, which stretches from downtown to the South-West coast, which is bordered by small resort town of La Pineda. The port is industrial and part of the cruise, yachting Marina and the picturesque part of the port - the old port or the Maritime quarter of Serrallo.

The beaches of Tarragona originate from the Eastern end of the port.

Most beaches are located behind the center of the city, while within walking distance to 3-5 beaches from the heart of Tarraco is not difficult.

The coast of Tarragona stretches nearly 15 kilometers along the sea and is characterized by the alternation of shallow sandy beach with a rocky-stony ledges, extending into the blue waters of the Mediterranean. If you wish, walk along the entire coast of Tarragona is realistic along the coastal strip lies the so-called Hiking the coastal path (Cami de ronda Tarragona / Tarragona Camino de ronda), which on rough terrain is equipped with a special decks and fortifications.

Miracle beach (Platja del Miracle / Comandància)

Miracle beach is the Central and perhaps the most popular beach of Tarragona.

This beach is located in the city centre close to the historical part. Originates from the port of Tarragona and stretches almost a kilometer along the sea. The average width of the beach is 75 meters.

Above the beach runs a narrow promenade with outdoor Seating and a Playground. Here are road and rail journey.

Above the beach, at a height of 42 meters above sea level, is one of the most popular sights of Tarragona - lookout "Balcony of the Mediterranean", which offers gorgeous panoramic views.

Behind the beach originates a coastal path, part of which passes through rocky areas. Near the coast are the remains of Fort Queen (Fortí de la Reina).

Beach Dells of Cassis (Platja Dels Cossis)

A small rocky-sandy and wild beach of the rocky Bay of Punta Grossa (Punta Grossa). For a comfortable beach holiday, the beach, of course, is not the right place, but the atmosphere in here is fantastic.

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The road leading to the beach Arrabassada

L'arrabassada beach (Playa l Arrabassada)

In our opinion, the Arrabassada beach, the best in Tarragona, - long, sandy and wide, the beach has all the necessary infrastructure and is easily reached on foot from the city centre.

The beach has been awarded the "Blue flag". The length L Arrabassada beach is 550 meters and width of 65 meters.

Along the beach lies the promenade - the promenade (Passeig Maritim Rafael Casanova). On Palma's seafront and places for recreation, Bicycle Parking, and on the opposite side of the narrow road - Parking and accommodation facilities. Read more about l'arrabassada beach in Tarragona...

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Savinosa beach (Platja Naturista de la Savinosa)

Long, sandy and wide, with fine Golden sand is one of the best in Tarragona.

The beach has been awarded the "Blue flag". The length of the beach is 350 meters and its average width is 30 meters.

In the high beach season on the beach has all the necessary infrastructure, there are cafes.

Feature of the beach - it is for naturists, however, as observations show, nudists, for the most part, prefer to rest at the Eastern end of the beach, while the main part of the beach, in high season, dominated by vacationers in bathing suits. In General, the beach is very "bitty", from whatever side you look and its main feature, she's plus - natural naturalness and beauty.

Further natural Hiking trail runs along the steep rocky coast

Picnic areas in the shade crowns of pine trees near the beach "Capellans"

The beach of Cala Romana dels the "Capellans" (Playa dels Capellans)

Small Bay. Belogorodsky beach, wide and sandy, quiet and beautiful. The beach refers to a number of pristine beaches of Tarragona.

The length of the beach 60 meters, width - 50 meters. On the beach, urns, in season, lifeguards on duty, shower-sink in the sand.

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The Larga Beach (Platja Llarga)

Beach Largo / Larga beach or long beach - the longest beach of Tarragona, its length is 3 kilometers, with an average width of 30 meters.

The beach is sandy and open, with all necessary infrastructure, there are cafes and bars, yacht club (Club de Vela Platja Llarga), and near the campsite. Perfect for both recreation and sports in any time of the year.

Beach is also remarkable the fact remains that wetlands and dunes which are environment protected by the European Union. At its Eastern end begins at Punta de La Mora.

In the summer, with the aim of laying their eggs, sea turtles can visit the beaches of Tarragona. One of the favorite beaches of these magnificent creatures is of Larga beach. It is prohibited to catch and touch the turtles, but if you saw those on the beach, admire them really should.

Further up the coast is the nature reserve Bosc de la Marquesa, which offers Hiking trail.

The beaches of the reserve

The reserve has two natural sandy beaches coves: Cala Foundation / Platja de l Arboçar (Platja Cala Fonda) and Kala Rock Plan/ Becs de Platja (Playa Roca Plana).

On these beaches there is no infrastructure, except for the bins. These beaches are a number of pristine beaches of Tarragona, surrounded by rocky ledges and untouched nature.

Plage de Calpe (Playa de la Mora)

The Mora beach has obtained "Blue flag". The length of the beach is 520 meters and its average width is 65 meters. Located within the Punta de La Mora (Punta de la Móra).

On the beach of fine bright sand, has all the necessary infrastructure, beach activities and a few cafes, nearby Parking, bus stops and accommodation facilities. It is considered one of the cleanest and best beaches in the suburbs of Tarragona.

On the West side of the beach, a Cape, of the same name is a small Bay (Cala La Mora).

Bay Hawera (Cala Jovera)

Kala Hover is a tiny narrow beach with dense grey sand. This wild beach is part of the untouched natural beaches of Tarragona. Infrastructure is lacking. The length of 90 meters, width - 20 meters. The beach is near the beach Tamarit, behind the Western wall of the Tamarit castle (Castell de Tamarit).

The Tamarit Beach (Platja Tamarit)

The last and final chain of beaches of Tarragona - Tamarit beach.

The beach has been awarded the "Blue flag", is a well-developed infrastructure and a length (length of 1750 meters, the average width of 45 meters). The beach blends with the part of the beach belonging to the municipality of Altafulla (Altafulla), followed by the municipality of Torredembarra (Torredembarra).

The Tamarit beach is characterized by the proximity to the natural space of the river Gaya, having great ecological and landscape value.

On the beach are small, dense and clean sand, light gray, set in shallow sea, during the season guests: the entire infrastructure, the beach-water activities, cafes and eateries, opened yacht club.

Map of beaches of Tarragona

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