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La Pineda, Spain

La Pineda is a small resort located on the Costa Dorada in the municipality of Vila Seca, between Tarragona and Salou.

The city of Vila Seca is divided into two settlements, on the one hand it is the center of the city with the historical part, which has the same name of Vila seca, and on the other - the beach of La Pineda and the nearby area, which is the sea front and the main place of recreation in Vila Seca.

Thanks to a wide range of restaurants and shops, as well as high service and developed tourist infrastructure, Vila Seca, including La Pineda, has been certified by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia as one of the best places for family tourism and recreation. This certification is issued to resorts that pay special attention to recreation with children.

Beaches of La Pineda

The beaches of La Pineda are the main attractions and the pride of the resort.

The beaches of La Pineda stretch in a long strip for almost 4 kilometers along the line of the Mediterranean (Balearic Sea). The beaches are divided into three zones:

In the northern part there is a small beach of Prats (Platja dels Prats), originating from the seaport of Tarragona. The beach is wide and sandy, the sand is fine and dense. The entrance to the sea is also sandy and gentle. This beach can not be called the best in Vela Seca, but at the height of the tourist season, the beach is quite crowded. And out of season, the beach becomes a favorite place for walking with pets and a place for fishermen. There is a parking lot near the beach.

Just behind Prats Beach, a single beach strip originates from the most popular, longest and best beach of La Pineda-bearing the same name - La Pineda Beach (Platja de la Pineda).

The beach is about 2.5 kilometers long and about 40 meters wide. A distinctive feature of the beach is fine-grained sand and clean shallow sea waters. The entrance to the sea is gentle, the bottom is sandy, which makes the beach an ideal place to relax with children.

This beach is marked with the "Blue Flag" - a sign of the safety and quality of the beach and sea water.

The beach is cleaned daily, the sand is leveled.

During the tourist season, La Pineda beach has all the necessary infrastructure: sun loungers and umbrellas, toilets and showers, medical centers and rescue towers, urns and beach bars. There are also places for beach sports and water activities.

Behind the beach of La Pineda, on the south side of the resort, there is a small area-the beach of Rako (Platja del Raco / Raco Beach).

The main feature of the beach is located on its territory The sculpture group "Watermark" is a creation of the sculptor Sergi Aguilar, dedicated to the publisher, writer and poet Carles Barral. The sculptural composition is formed by four columns symbolizing the four points identifying the sea, wind, land and roads.

There is a breakwater behind the composition

The promenade in La Pineda

Along most of the beaches of La Pineda there is a walking promenade-the embankment.

On the north side, the embankment originates from the Parque infantil con Tirolinas (Parque infantil con tirolinas). In the park there are children's and sports grounds, places for recreation and walking.

Then the embankment runs along the entire beach of La Pineda, having a slight bend corresponding to the bend of the coastline.

In the central part of the beach of La Pineda, near the embankment, there is another park area, with places for recreation, playgrounds and a fountain in the central square.

Closer to the southern part of the beach, the embankment runs along the roadway - the Pau Casals Promenade.

Here is also one of the most recognizable sights of La Pineda, which has already become a symbol and a visiting card of the city - the sculpture "Pineda" or the monument to the Pines. The monument is a metal installation "Pines" by designer Xavier Mariscal. The sculpture has a height of 24 meters and consists of 8 metal pines. Why "Pine Trees"? The city itself is named after the Mediterranean pine trees that grow in abundance in this region. La Pineda from the Spanish el pino - "pine".

City. Attractions. Entertainments

Behind the embankment passes the central street of La Pineda-Passeig de Pau Casals, along which the buildings on the first floors of which are lined up in a row: shops, cafes and restaurants.

Secondary streets branch off from Pau Casals Street. There are a wide range of hotels and apartments in La Pineda.

Among the attractions is the Church of the Holy Spirit (Iglesia Del Espíritu Santo), located at: d'amadeu, Carrer d'amadeu Vives, 27, 43481 Platja de la Pineda, Tarragona, Spain.

Aquopolis Costa Daurada Water Park and Dolphinarium. If you want to refresh yourself, go down at speed from the water slides and just have a fun day, you should visit the Aquopolis water park. The water park provides a large number of attractions for children and adults, for example, an extensive children's area, a swimming pool with waves," Splash"," Black Hole"," Boomerang " and much more.

In addition, at the Aquopolis dolphinarium, dolphins and sea lions demonstrate their skills in the water and in the air to the audience, performing the most daring acrobatic tricks.

You can learn more about the water park, find out opening hours, ticket prices, and also buy tickets on the official website. By the way, buying tickets in advance, on the official website, will help you save money. After all, online tickets purchased at least 9 days before visiting the water park are much cheaper at the price.

This is the end of the attractions and entertainment of La Pineda. However, you can visit places located in the immediate vicinity of La Pineda, for example:

- walk around the historic center of Vila Seca or play golf at the golf courses of Vila Seca;

- Have a great time at the Port Aventura Theme Park, Port Aventura Caribbean Water Park or Ferrari Land theme Park. All three parks are located close to each other, at a distance of about 5 kilometers from the center of La Pineda. There are both one-time and complex tickets to parks for 1- 2- 3- 4- and 7 days. All information, the mode of operation of parks, the cost and purchase of tickets on the official website;

- you can also go to nearby: Tarragona, Salou, Cambrils or Reus. It is fast and convenient to get there - by direct public buses. If you are going to travel around the neighborhood on buses and (or) you have several people, it makes sense to buy a local transport card T10 Tarragona. With this card, the fare will be significantly reduced. The card costs from 12 euros and allows you to make up to 10 trips around Zone-1. Each trip lasts no more than 1 hour and 15 minutes. The card can be passed to each other. Cards are sold in vending machines or points of sale, you can not buy them from drivers. Tarragona, Vila Seca with La Pineda, Salou, Cambrils and Reus are included in Zone-1;

- for shopping purposes: in Reus there is a large modern shopping center La Fira (La Fira Centre Comercial), which presents the main Spanish and international brands, as well as a wide selection of entertainment and restaurants; and in the center of Tarragona there is an abundance of small shops of famous brands, as well as two shopping centers: El Corte Ingles and Centre Comercial Parc Central.

Where to stay in La Pineda

The choice of accommodation in La Pineda is very large and diverse, here you can find accommodation for every taste and budget, from budget to 4 - 5-star hotels, apartments and guest houses located both near the beach and more remote from it.

All accommodation facilities in La Pineda can be viewed and booked here.

How to get to La Pineda

There is no airport in La Pineda and Vila Seca, the nearest airport is Reus Airport, located at a distance of 11 kilometers from La Pineda. However, Barcelona's El Prat International Airport, located at a distance of 96.5 kilometers from the center of La Pineda, is much more popular. Cheap flights to Barcelona and Reus...


Getting from Barcelona Airport to La Pineda is most convenient and fastest by taxi. You can order a taxi / transfer in advance, even from home. At any time of the day, at the airport, a driver will be waiting for you with a sign where your first and last name will be written. To order a taxi is enough to inform your flight details! You can find out the cost of a taxi here...

Rent a car

If you are planning to travel in Spain, then the ideal option would be to rent a car. You can choose and order a car in advance, at the appointed time your car will be waiting for you near the airport or in the city center. The cost of car rental starts from 14 Euros per day. You can view and pick up a car here...

The buses

There are daily direct public buses to La Pineda from the center and Barcelona Airport, as well as from La Pineda to Barcelona.

We told you earlier about how to get from Barcelona airport to the center of Barcelona and vice versa, if necessary, you can read the information here.

Buses to La Pineda start from the center of Barcelona, most buses pass through terminals T2 and T1 of Barcelona Airport or start from the airport-depending on the schedule. The journey takes about 2 hours-2 hours and 20 minutes. The fare is 16.90 Euros one way. Luggage is included in the ticket price. Plana carrier.

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices and points of sale, as well as from the driver when boarding. The bus schedule depends on the season and day of the week, as well as public holidays. It is better to clarify before the trip on the official website of the Plan company. The site does not have the name La Pineda, it is necessary to enter and focus on the word Pineda.

Alternatively, you can get from Barcelona via Tarragona. First by bus or train to the center of Tarragona, and then from Tarragona by bus from the bus station to La Pineda. We told you about how to get from Barcelona to Tarragona earlier, if necessary, you can read the information here.

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