Beaches of Barcelona. The coast of Barcelona

Barcelona attracts primarily for its diverse and numerous sights.

But in the city there are the beaches, because the capital of Catalonia located on the Mediterranean (Balearic) sea. Perhaps the beaches are not the best, but, nevertheless, the city has a great opportunity to combine walking and sightseeing with a beach holiday. But outside of the summer season, the promenade along the beach line can be a wonderful addition to the rest.

Within Barcelona there are 10 beaches, many of which are awarded "Blue flag" - a sign of safety and quality of beaches and seawater.

All 10 beaches stretch a long strip along the East coast of the city, beginning from the Eastern part of the port of Barcelona.

All the beaches are quite wide and sandy. The sand is fine and pleasant to the touch. Its color is from light gray to pale Golden. The beaches are regularly cleaned, sand dub. Before the beginning of each beach season, beaches are prepared for influx of tourists: update infrastructure, repair what needs repair, check the showers and toilets, deliver and fill up the sand.

All along the beaches runs the beautiful promenade, well-equipped and suitable for recreation, walking and practicing certain sports. And the beaches have all the necessary infrastructure: sunbeds and sun umbrellas, wooden decking and bins, toilets and showers, rescue rigs, information and medical centres, cafes and beach bars. Also, on most beaches, there are children's play areas, dedicated places for beach soccer and volleyball, there are bike Parking lots.

All the beaches of Barcelona, municipal, and therefore absolutely free. You will have to pay, unless and, if desired, for the rental of sun loungers and sun umbrellas, and beach water activities.

The Beach of Sant Sebastia

The beach of Sant Sebastia (Platja de Sant Sebastià) - the most Western beach of Barcelona, and it's also one of the oldest and most popular beaches of Barcelona.

The beach originates from the Eastern entrance of the port and goes to the Plaza del Mar.

This is the longest beach of the historical centre of Barcelona, its length is 660 meters, and average width of 55 meters.

Along the coast promenade, on which there are sports clubs with outdoor swimming pools as well as bars and cafes.

The highlight and hallmark of the beach of Sant Sebastia stands glass sail - the famous 5-star hotel W Barcelona. This hotel has become one of the symbols of Barcelona. He marks the beginning of the beach and the Barceloneta district. The hotel offers views of Barcelona, the beaches and the Mediterranean sea. It features a Spa, infinity pool, restaurants, a rooftop bar with panoramic views and luxurious rooms. Link to Hotel W Barcelona...

Near the hotel there is an observation deck (Mirador Mediterráneo W), which offers views of part of the coast of Barcelona.

The Beach of Sant Miquel

Immediately behind the beach of Sant Sebastia continuous beach should be the beach of Sant Miquel (Platja de Sant Miquel).

The beach of Sant Miquel is also one of the oldest in the city, sandy, well-equipped and convenient. It has a length of about 420 meters and an average width of 48 meters. The beach stretches from Plaza del Mar to street Almirall Servers.

The beach promenade of Sant Miquel is one of the busiest among the quays of Barcelona.

Barceloneta Beach

Behind the beach of Sant Miquel originates the most recognizable beach in Barcelona - Barceloneta (Platja de la Barceloneta).

Until recently, this beach gave its name to the coastal strip between the beach of San Miguel Marina and the moll de Marina. When part of the site has restored its original name - Somorrostro beach - Barceloneta beach has become part of the beach between the breakwater and the aforementioned beach of San Miguel.

The beach is 422 meters, and its average width is 79 meters. This beach is well-equipped and very popular.

Along the beach runs a promenade, the Paseo Marítimo, along which, as always, cafes and restaurants.

Behind the beach of Barceloneta, in a small area, the two malls, there is a sports Playground.

Beach Somorrostro

Somorrostro beach (Platja de Somorrostro), extends from Espiga del Gas to the Olympic port.

The beach is 522 meters, and average width of 114 meters.

Along the beach, above the sea, an abundance of cafes and restaurants, also night clubs, entertainment, and casino Barcelona. Distinguishes this beach, and is its main attraction, the sculpture "Golden fish" - the symbol of the Olympic games of 1992.

In the Eastern part of the beach Somorrostro, on the lower promenade, in the unextended lined up a number of restaurants prefer to relax youth. Looks very picturesque.

Close to the beach Somorrostro are two beautiful hotels:

- modern 5-star Sofitel Barcelona Skipper is located just 100 metres from the beach. It offers free Wi-Fi and 2 outdoor pools. The spacious rooms are equipped with flat-screen TVs and DVD players. Feature of the hotel that guests can relax on the rooftop with panoramic views of the city and the sea, where guests will find an outdoor pool and a seasonal terrace with sun loungers. Link to the hotel... booking

- 5-star design hotel Arts Barcelona, whose Windows overlook the beach and the Olympic port. Featuring an outdoor pool and a Spa with panoramic city views. The hotel also presents modern art collection and a restaurant Michelin-starred. Link to the hotel... booking

All four above Barcelona beach are part of the district of Barceloneta, they are the closest to the historical part of the city, where the bulk of Barcelona's attractions as well as supermarkets, markets and places to shop.

No wonder that this part of the coast of Barcelona is the most hyped and popular for the same reason, on the beaches, especially in the high season, very crowded.

If you decide to visit Barcelona in the beach season, thereby aligning walking around the city with a beach holiday, the ideal place for accommodation is the area of Barceloneta. Exactly in walking distance are beaches and historic downtown. All means of accommodation in the Barceloneta district you can view and book here booking

Behind the beach Somorrostro is a small Marina - the Olympic port (Port Olímpic). Along the port is the promenade with lots of cafes and restaurants. Very busy and visited place on the coast of Barcelona.

The Nova Icaria Beach

From the Olympic port originates the Nova Icaria beach (Platja de la Nova Icària).

A great beach is wide with fine Golden sand and is very picturesque. A well-equipped and is considered one of Barcelona's beaches with a wide range of facilities for leisure activities. In the Eastern part of the beach are: children's Playground and a ping-pong table, and near the Olympic port - several playgrounds for volleyball.

The beach has a length of about 415 meters and an average width of 81 meters. It stretches from the Olympic port to the Bogatell breakwater.

Bogatell Beach

Bogatell beach (Platja de Bogatell) is wide, sandy, equipped, with a lovely promenade suitable for walking and for sports... well, everything as it should be... - a beautiful beach.

And, to be honest, personally we think: if you come to Barcelona with one goal - a beach holiday, choose accommodation facilities is closer to the beach, located East along the coast from the Olympic port. It is this strip of beach more comfortable and relaxing and therefore more suitable for a beach holiday. Closer to the center painfully noisy, crowded, and dirtier somehow.

Bogatell beach has a length of 702 meters and 100 meter width. The beach stretches from the Bogatell breakwater to the Mar Bella breakwater. Also featured on the beach sports games.

The Mar Bella Beach

The Mar Bella beach (Platja de la Mar Bella) follows immediately after the Bogatell beach and stretches from the breakwater to the Mar Bella breakwater to the BAC de Roda.

This is one of the beaches resulting from the restructuring of the city's waterfront, conducted on the eve of the Olympic games in 1992.

Wide, sandy, equipped, with a lovely promenade. The length of the beach is 512 meters and the average width is 71 meters. Part of the beach allocated to the naturist beach.

The Mar Bella beach belongs to the district of Sant Martí, and mostly it is used popular among the residents of the area. Also on the beach promenade there is also an abundance of cafes and restaurants, this is a very peaceful place.

Near the beach there is a small Playground and on the beach, several children's play areas. In the Western part of the beach is a Maritime center with facilities for various water sports.

Beach Nova Mar Bella

Beach Nova Mar Bella (Playa de la Nova Mar Bella) is adjacent to the Mar Bella beach and stretches from the breakwater Tank de Roda breakwater to the Selva de Mar.

Beach Nova Mar Bella, sandy and equipped, with a quiet promenade and places for beach sports games.

The beach is 420 meters and its average width is 87 meters. This beach, like the beach of Mar Bella is one of the beaches that have arisen in the reconstruction, Barcelona's waterfront before the Olympics. The beach also belongs to the district of Sant Martí and is mostly used by residents of the area. He is considered one of the quietest in the city.

The Beach of Llevant

The Llevant beach (Platja de Llevant) - the last and trailing a string of beaches of Barcelona.

The beach was only completed in 2006 and was the result of the demolition of the old Mall.

The beach is 375 m and the average width is 74 meters. The beach is also well equipped and features a beach volleyball court.

In the summer season (1 June to 25 September) on the beach of Llevant is allocated for dogs.

Behind the beach Llevant is a Park Forum (Parc del Forum) is a complex consisting of playgrounds for sports and games, rope rides, as well as places for walking, relaxing and bathing.

Swimming platform Forum

In the Park forum are artificially made swimming platform Forum (Zona de banys del Fòrum / Forum bathing area). This place has no sand, ground concrete, and the descent to the sea is via steps.

Swimming platform, Forum has a length of 375 meters and width of 30 meters.

Compared to the typical beaches is a fairly non-traditional area for swimming, and when approaching the water, you should exercise great caution. It is important to take note of warning signs and notices, and any declarations of security personnel. Here it is also forbidden to swim outside the safe areas marked with float lines.

It should be remembered that this area is home to a colony of sea urchins, therefore, to avoid injury, swimmers are advised to wear suitable footwear when swimming.

This site is well equipped for people with disabilities and can be a good alternative to the usual beaches.

The Park Forum is the Marina port Forum, which is a small green area and the beach del Forum (Platja del Forum) already owned by the San Adria de Besos booking

Beach season in Barcelona

High season is the period from 26 may to 16 September. At this time, all public beach facilities are open from 10:30 to 19:30 hours. Public toilets are open from 10:30 to 21:00.

An average season is the period from 24 March to 25 may and from 17 to 30 September. At this time, rescue towers and medical offices are open from 10:30 to 18:30 hours.

The rest of the year is considered low season and the beaches are missing the main part of the beach infrastructure.

From year to year beach date seasons can change. We recommend you to check the information before visiting!

The flags on the beaches of Barcelona

Pay attention to flags set on the beaches is very important. They inform us about the safety of bathing in sea water. Don't risk your lives and the lives of their loved ones - first and foremost, when visiting the beach, always look at the color of the flag!

A red flag notifies that swimming is prohibited.

Yellow flag - you can swim but with caution. During the term of this flag, you need to be especially vigilant to watch for children and the elderly, as well as to abide by safety rules: do not swim too far, not to dive and indulge in water.

The green flag is the most positive, safe bathing.

Happy stay in Barcelona! Looking forward to seeing You again on the pages of our blog!

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