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Port of Barcelona (Puerto de Barcelona) is one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean, the ninth largest in Europe and the most important in the implementation of freight and passenger traffic on the Mediterranean coast.

Besides, this is one of the oldest major ports, its history goes back more than 2,000 years. From the beginning of his education, the port of Barcelona is constantly expanding, and continues to grow currently, gaining momentum.

The port of Barcelona consists of three zones:

- commercial port (mostly transportation), energy, and logistics ports;

- is a cruise port where you go and where do the cruise ships;

- and, the old part of the port - Port Vell, which includes several marinas and fishing port.

Commercial (industrial) port occupies a large territory and is located between the mouth of the Llobregat river and the famous Montjuic mountain. For the industrial port begins the cruise portion, it extends to the Plaza de les Drassanes. The part of the port, which lies beyond cruise port and stretches from Barceloneta, causes the greatest interest among tourists is the old port of Barcelona.

The old port of Barcelona or Port Vell - the Central part of the port. The brightest and most tourist part of the sea port of Barcelona, here are the main attractions, as well as places for walking and recreation.

Conditional landmark of the old port you can take the square Portal de La Pau, from which originates the famous walking street La Rambla. Undoubted decoration of the square is the monument to the Spanish Explorer and discoverer - Christopher Columbus (Monument a Colom).

Next to the Columbus monument you can see a Big market (Mercat Port Antic) and national monument is an old building of the port authority (Port Authority - Admiral Historic Authority).

Also near the square is a small station (tour agencies), which offers the tourist pleasure boats and catamarans boat trips around the harbour area and beyond.

For example: walk along the coastline of Barcelona, with a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes or a boat trip around the port of Barcelona, with a duration of 40 minutes.

From the area dates back to the most beautiful bridge of the port of Barcelona, Rambla del Mar. The bridge is made in the form of waves and slides back when boats come into the harbour closed.

On one side of the bridge offer beautiful views of the yacht Marina, and with another small sculpture astrologers lure their gaze to the sky.

The bridge leads to the shopping centre "Maremagnum" and Europe's largest aquarium (L Aquàrium), containing 8000 fish and 11 sharks in 22 basins filled with 6 million litres of salt water.

Along the yacht Marina, on the part of the city, is a beautiful pedestrian Boulevard (Moll de Bosch i Alsina), walking along which you can admire the yachts. Here places to stay and sculpture.

Above the line of the pier is the famous Columbus Avenue (Passeig de Colom), along which you can see the historic buildings and exciting sculptures of huge dimensions: the shrimp (Gambrinus Lobster Statue) and Barcelona head (La cara de Barcelona).

The promenade along the Marina will take us to the Museum d ' història de Catalunya (History Museum of Catalonia).

Here, near the Museum, there is another Marina, but bigger and solid

Along the pier is a promenade with Seating and a café. Here, along the Boulevard, feel the street vendors with all sorts of things.

Next to the fisherman's pier (Moll de Pescadors) is the landmark - the lighthouse Tower (Torre del Rellotge Barceloneta).

Walking further along the pier you can see the tower of the cable car Tower of San Sebastián, a height of 78.4 meters. This cable car connects the Barceloneta and the port to Montjuïc. A good option to visit the sights of Montjuic and explore the port and surroundings from a height.

The cost of the funicular: 11 Euros one way and 16.5 - back and forth.

Opening hours cable car:

- 01.12 - 28.02: start at 11:00 a.m., last trip at 17:30 h;

- 01.03 - 31.05: start at 10:30 a.m., last trip at 19:00 h;

- 01.06 - 10.09: start at 10:30 a.m., last trip at 20:00 h;

- 11.09 - 29.10: start at 10:30 a.m., last trip at 19:00 h;

- 30.10 - 31.12: start at 11:00 a.m., last trip at 17:30 h;

- 25 Dec - closed.

Attention! Fare and opening hours of the cable car may vary! Please check before visiting!

On the "nose" of the old harbour, where originate the beaches of Barcelona, is a glass sail - the famous 5-star hotel W Barcelona. This hotel has become one of the symbols of Barcelona. He marks the beginning of the beach and the Barceloneta district. Read more about all the beaches of Barcelona...

The hotel offers views of Barcelona, the beaches and the Mediterranean (Balearic) sea. It features a Spa, infinity pool, restaurants, a rooftop bar with panoramic views and luxurious accommodation - the perfect choice for your stay in Barcelona. Link to Hotel W Barcelona... booking

Near the hotel there are: a small Park (Little Park) and the Marina - Marina Vela Barcelona.

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