Salou, Spain

Salou is the popular resort of Catalonia and the capital of a family holiday on the Costa Dorada - the "Golden coast".

Located in Salou in the province of Tarragona, between Salou and La Pineda, 11 kilometers from Tarragona and 109 kilometers from the center of Barcelona.

Due to the wide range of restaurants and shops, as well as high service and well-developed tourist infrastructure, Salou was recognized as one of the best places for family tourism and leisure in Catalonia.

In Salou there is an opportunity to enjoy a beach holiday combined with sightseeing, outdoor sports and various leisure options.

The history of Salou is inextricably linked with the location of the city near the sea port. The first in Salou was occupied by the Iberians, and after them the Romans came. Then Salou was known under the name of Salauris. Later king James I of Aragon departed from the port of Salou to conquer Majorca, and a century later, a lively trade passing through the port of Salou, made the city a tempting prey for pirates.

Geographically, Salou is divided into two main regions:

- the centre of Salou with its main attractions, long sandy beaches and a variety of places for recreation and leisure;

- and, the area of Cap Salou, located in Cape Salou, a little udaljena from the city centre. Coast, Cap Salou is more picturesque than the coastline of Salou, there are small sandy beaches and then are replaced by natural coves, and the abundance of coniferous vegetation makes the air clean and pleasant. In cap Salou you will find an abundance of shops and cafes as well as vibrant evening life. That is why Cap Salou is chosen by those people who prefer a quieter and more secluded vacation.

The Beaches Of Salou

Salou the coast is washed by the warm waters of the Mediterranean (Balearic) sea.

The beaches in Salou are some of the popular on the Costa Dorada. For a beach holiday in Salou offers a variety of options of beaches: wide and sandy, located in the centre of the resort, to small rocky coves in the area of cap Salou.

Most of the beaches of Salou are well equipped. In the tourist season, on these beaches there is all necessary infrastructure: sunbeds and parasols, toilets and showers, medical care, and rescue towers, bins and beach bars. Also on many of the beaches have children's play areas, dedicated places for beach-water sports.

Ponent Beach

Ponent beach (Playa Mitjorn) is one of the main beaches of Salou. It is the most Western beach of the resort.

The beach is 1 115 meters with an average width of 42.6 meters.

The beach is completely sandy, as well as the seabed. The beach is cleaned regularly, sand dub.

Beach Llevant

Beach Llevante (Playa Llevant) is the longest popular and most crowded beach of Salou.

The beach is 1 174 meters, with an average width of 95 meters.

The main feature of the beach is fine Golden sand and shallow depth, smooth sandy entry into the sea.

Beach Capellans

The Capellans beach (Playa Capellans) is a Bay surrounded by pine trees and a picturesque rocky ledges.

The beach is predominantly sand, in places mixed with pebbles. It is a small beach, its length is only 209 meters.

Among provided services: rescue service, a restaurant and water sports, sunbeds and umbrellas, toilets and showers.

The beach Capellans, along with the beaches of Ponent and Levant is a group of the city of Salou's beaches with a total length of 2.5 kilometers.

Beach Lenguadets

Lenguadets beach (Playa de Lenguadets) is a small Bay.

The beach has a triangular shape and 61 metres in length. There's the rental of sunbeds, showers, in the high season a lifeguard.

Beach Llarga

Llarga beach (Playa Llarga) is a wide, long, sandy and has all the necessary beach infrastructure: work of the rescue services, there are toilets, beach bars, hire of sun loungers and awnings, you can also enjoy water sports.

It is the largest beach of cap Salou and, accordingly, the largest beach in cap Salou.

The length of the beach is 646 meters. The beach is predominantly sand nice bright colors, the sunset in the sea is also sandy.

Beach Cala Pena Talyada

A small beach Bay of Cala Pena Talyada (Playa Pena Talyada) extension is only 46.5 meters already won the hearts of many tourists because it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in cap Salou. Surrounded by pine trees and winding cliffs.

Beaches Font and Vinya

Beaches Font and Vinya (Font Playa / Playa Vinya) - represent the two small Bay located next to each other. The beaches are separated only by a small rocky outcrop going out to sea.

This semi-urban beaches, located in the tourist area of Cap Salou. On the beaches of fine sand, the beach is convenient. The length of the beaches is 104 meters. In high season the Bay have all the necessary beach equipment.

Beach Crancs

Beach Crancs or crab Cove (Playa Crancs) - Bay, framed on both sides by cliffs and lush pine vegetation.

On the beach small and dense sand. And gently sloping sea bottom and calm waters make it ideal for swimming.

The length of the beach, Cranks is 89 meters.

Beach Cavallas

Caballas beach (Playa de Cavallas) - the most Eastern beach of Salou.

The length of the beach is 200 metres away. On the beach of mostly pebbles and stones, sunset in the sea is quite comfortable.

There are no current, which allows a good view of the sea and makes the beach, Cavallas and the nearby coastline are one of the best places for snorkeling in Salou. More about all the beaches and the coast of Salou...

Sights Salou

Although Salou is famous for its beaches, but the city has interesting sights, the examination of which can be a great addition to a beach holiday.

Boulevard Jaime I (Paseo Jaime I) - a wide pedestrian street, which is considered one of the best places for walking in Salou.

This Boulevard is very popular, and the palm trees planted on both sides of the Primorsky Boulevard, making it a picturesque and attractive. The Boulevard stretches for a kilometer along the coastline of the Central beach of Salou (Llevant).

In the center of the Boulevard is decorated with the impressive size of the monument to the famous king Jaime I (Jaume I monument), established in this place in 1965. This monument was erected in memory of a historic date of 5 September 1229, when the Catalan fleet left from Salou to conquer Mallorca.

The fountains in Salou deserve special attention. In 1973 he opened a Luminous fountain of Salou, representing water show with up to 210 combinations. Subsequently, it added Ornamental fountains, and the game of water, light and sound became an integral part of the evening landscape of Salou.

Fountains are located near each other, between the promenade the promenade Jaime I and the beach of Llevant and work in the evening during the high season.

House Bonet (Chalet Bonet) is one of the most striking sights of Salou.

Bonet house is a historical monument with unique architecture and a fine example of the late period of the modern age. The author of the project Domenech and Sugranyes Gras was a disciple and follower of Antoni gaudí.

Next to the Chalet Bonet you can see the old olive tree of interesting form.

The building of the port Commandant's office was built in 1820 and immediately became part of the infrastructure of the port of Salou.

The commandant has preserved the original form, although it has undergone numerous changes. At first it was only two floors, and the facade facing the Boulevard Miramar, adjacent the drinking bowl for horses and a fountain.

Port of Salou (Puerto Salou) is a small port located in the center of the coast, between the beaches of Ponent and Llevant.

Near the port, the Levante beach, located modest size pier area and the famous monument to the "Fisherman" is included in the list of the main attractions of Salou (El Muelle y el monumento al pescador).

The Church of Santa Maria del Mar (Parroquia de Santa Maria del Mar) is the main Shrine of Salou, located in the heart of the tourist part of the city.

The Church was built in 1766 by the seafarer's Guild, which was established in the first half of the century. Initially, it was a small chapel with a single nave and a belfry. From 1930-1950 years, the Church has been enhanced, at this time was erected the side and transverse aisles, and a dome. As a result of these changes, the Church building acquired its modern appearance.

Old defence tower Torre Vella de Salou was built in 1530 on the orders of the Archbishop of Tarragona, Pere de Cardona, to protect the city and its property from pirates raided the port of Salou. Outside the original design with the heraldic coats of arms above the gate. The bridge connects the tower with adjoining buildings, built in the XVIII century.

Located inside the cultural center, which hosts art exhibitions.

The old station of narrow-gauge road, built to take in Reus goods arriving by conventional rail. For this reason the station was located near the train station. Near the old station remained one of the first locomotives ever to have walked this route with a length of 8.2 km away. this bright locomotive and attracts tourists.

Catalan house (Masia Catalana de Salou) is a complex of buildings created in 1974 and renovated in 2011, recreates the typical architecture of the Catalan villages.

Currently on the estate you can see a collection of agricultural tools, typical for this zone of Catalonia. Here you can also see domestic animals living in makeshift barnyard.

The Cala Pena Talada is an extremely picturesque area with a unique rock jutting out into the sea. These protruding in the sea, bizarre rock formations, turned into the process of erosion in the likeness of a huge stone walls clearly define boundaries of two small bays of Cala Pena Talada de La Costa.

Cape Cavall or toe of a Horse head (Punta del Cavall) is the most pronounced protruding into the sea of the coast of Salou. From the Cape offers wonderful views of the coast. Closed Bay near the Cape in ancient times was used by the pirates for the ships, here they cast anchor and went into town with the purpose of the raids and robberies.

The old lighthouse of Cap Salou (Cap Salou Faro), opened in April 1858, has a Central tower of red, which is still every day lights the Costa Dorada.

Near the lighthouse is equipped with an observation deck and wooden road. With these points offer views of the sea and of the coast.

Archaeological Park of the Roman town Barans (Villa romana de Barenys) consists of archaeological finds of the Roman era Dating from the late first century BCE - mid-second century. More about all the sights of Salou...

To explore all the above attractions Salou can be on foot or a ride on the tourist train.

A Tourist Train Salou - bright small train that runs in Salou, created with the aim of exploring the main attractions, beaches and promenades of the resort.

The train runs along two circular routes, so you can begin your journey at any of the stops. Also both routes run through the Park Port Aventura.

Each of the trains makes stops near the main attractions of the route. More about the tourist train in Salou...

Walking in Salou

In addition to the Boulevard named after king Jaime I in Salou there are several interesting places to explore:

- Park area near the Boulevard Jaime and Llevante beach. In this place: places for recreation and sports, bike path and playgrounds.

- city Park (Parc Municipal Salou), which lies in the center of Salou, near the Catalan manor house and the Eastern end of Llevante beach.

This is a fairly large and shady Park in which territory there are: children's playgrounds, places for recreation, gazebos, walking paths, cafe-bar, small ponds and lots of vegetation.

- pedestrian zone of the street Carles Buigas, passing along the city Park. In this part of the street is painted with bright circles, one part of the street is a road, while the second half is completely pedestrian. Most interesting is that the driving and the pedestrian street are constantly changing, forming a snake. Along the street cafes, bars and restaurants.

- path "Cami de Ronda" - a bypass road that runs along the line of the sea and envelope the East coast of Tarragona, created for walks along the coastal strip of the resort.

Walk along this road - a great opportunity to see the coast of Salou and Cap Salou. The road is quite comfortable, its total length is just over 5 miles one way. The workaround will take you along the coast of Salou and bring it up to the Old Lighthouse.

Along the way panoramic views, pass secluded bays and lively beaches, and areas of rocky coastline and then give way to gentle trails. Read more about the path of the Cami de Ronda in Salou...

Entertainment and leisure in Salou

Adventure Park Bosc Aventura Salou, where you can test yourself on the climbing wall, Tarzan on suspended rides, and paintball, minigolf or archery. The Park is located next to the city Park of Salou.

Off in full in the amusement Park Port Aventura, the water Park Port Aventura CARIBE or theme Park Ferrari Land. All three parks are located close to each other, at a distance of about 4 kilometres from the centre of Salou. Is, as single and integrated tickets at the parks 1- 2- 3- 4- and 7 days. All information, mode of operation of the parks, cost, and purchase tickets on the official website.

From the port of Salou you can take boat trips along the coast or take a walk on the yacht in the open sea. And the station of water sports in the port offers a large selection of water sport activities both for beginners and for more experienced people.

Auto sport lovers will find in Salou karting, both traditional and electric.

Lovers of Golf can play on the outdoor Playground Casa Club Lumine Hills located in the area of cap Salou, and mini-Golf at the Mini Golf Salou El Chiringuito, located in the centre of Salou, near the Catalan estates.

Also Salou is a great choice for those who wish to combine relaxation with sport. So close to the city centre are:

- city sports hall - multifunctional stadium with a Seating capacity for 1000 spectators. Has rooms for fitness, aerobics and gymnastics;

- tennis club Tennis Club Salou;

- a set of facilities for playing football, which includes: qualified staff and all necessary for organizations, tournaments, camps and training fields with natural and artificial turf, a classroom, a gym, meeting rooms and a cafeteria.

But for those who want to enjoy the evening-night life, Salou has also prepared several proposals, including: beach bars, terraces, pubs and discos.

Shopping in Salou

Shopping Salou presents no very great diversity. In the city and near the beaches there are small shops and souvenir shops where you can buy Souvenirs, beach accessories and Essentials, as well as drinks and some snacks.

In order to purchase clothing, shoes, accessories and sporting goods can be considered trade zone, open all year round and is concentrated around the streets of Barcelona (Carrer de Barcelona), originating from the house of Bonet. On the street there are small shops of famous international and Spanish brands: MANGO, Calzedonia, FERNAN'S, Blau Marí, R&X Boutique, Rxmoda Fashion, MÓNICA CAPRICI, INSIDE, ALE-HOP, jeweller's Joyería Esmeralda, a men's clothing store MACSON and others.

City market (Mercat Municipal de Salou), located in Via Roma 10, where you can find fresh food. Market hours:

- winter: Monday to Saturday 8:30 - 14:00, Friday and eve of holidays 17:30 - 20:30, Sundays and holidays closed;

- summer: from Monday to Saturday and holiday eves 8:30 - 14:00 and 18:00 - 21:00, Sundays and holidays closed.

Mobile market under the open sky in Salou is open every Monday morning around city Hall: the Boulevard and 30 October (Passeig del 30 d'octubre) and the streets Segregació, Arquitecte Ubach and Pere Galès. The market turned around and are trading around 100 outlets in which you can find clothes, accessories and other products.

Large supermarkets in the centre of Salou

A Mercadona supermarket, located near the city market, at the following address: Plaça de Sant Jordi, 1, 43840 Salou, Tarragona, Spain. Open Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 21:00, Sunday - closed.

Supermarket Simplylocated near the Eastern end of Levante beach and close to city Park, at Calle Amposta, 16, 43840 Salou, Tarragona, Spain.

DIA supermarketlocated near the Eastern end of Levante beach, in Carrer de Montblanc, 7, 43840 Salou, Tarragona, Spain.

A Spar supermarketis open in summer, located next to the city Park, on Carrer de Terol, 2, 43840 Salou, Tarragona, Spain.

For more major shopping spree to go to Reus or Tarragona. In Reus there is a large modern shopping centre La Fira (La Fira Centre Comercial), which presents the main Spanish and international brands, as well as a wide choice of entertainment and restaurants; and in the centre of Tarragona - the abundance of small shops of famous brands, as well as two shopping centers: El Corte Ingles and the Centre Comercial Parc Central.

What to visit in the surrounding area of Salou

If activities and attractions Salou you feel inadequate, you always have the opportunity to visit nearby towns and resorts. For example:

- Tarragona, which incorporates the historical uniqueness of Catalonia;

- the neighbouring resort of Cambrils, has long been known as the gastronomic capital of the Costa Dorada. The city has more than 150 institutions specializing in Maritime cuisine. Major touristic attractions of Cambrils are the port quarter and the old town;

- the historic center of Vila-Seca;

- La Pineda, where there is a water Park and Dolphinarium "Aquopolis" (Aquopolis Costa Daurada). The water Park includes a large number of attractions for children and adults. In addition, in the Dolphinarium of "Aquopolis" dolphins and sea lions show the audience their skills in the water and in the air.

To get from Salou to all of these cities is quick and convenient - taxi or public transport. If you are going to drive around on the buses and (or) several people, it makes sense to buy a local transport card T10 Tarragona. With this card, the fare is significantly reduced. The card costs 12 euros and gives you the opportunity to make up to 10 trips in Zone 1. Each trip duration not more than 1 hour and 15 minutes. The map you can pass to each other. Cards are available from machines or sales points, the drivers are not available. Tarragona, Salou, Vila-Seca to La Pineda, Cambrils and Reus are included in the Area-1.

To Cambrils and La Pineda, Salou you can even walk. In Cambrils from Salou it is best to go along the embankments, along the line of sea - distance from the port of Salou to Cambrils port is 6 kilometers. To La Pineda, cap Salou is about 4 kilometers.

Where to stay in Salou

The choice of accommodation in Salou is very large and diverse, here you can find accommodation for every taste and budget, from the budget to 5-star hotels, country houses and apartments on the first line, where the Windows will open views of the beach and the sea and the city center.

All accommodation facilities in Salou, from budget to luxurious, you can view and book here booking

Currency and visas of Salou

Spain is part of the Schengen area. To visit the country, you may need travel insurance.

Spain is part of the euro zone, because the country's currency is Euro (€). Both cash and bank cards are accepted for payment in many shops, cafes and restaurants.

How to get to Salou

The fastest and most convenient way to get to Salou is a plane.

In the heart of Salou airport. The nearest resort is Reus airport, serving both local and international flights and are located at a distance of 10 kilometers from the tourist center of Salou. Second distance from Salou is the major international airport of Barcelona El Prat. It was in Barcelona airport arrives the majority of tourists wishing to spend their holiday in Salou. Flights to Barcelona and Reus...

From Barcelona airport can be reached in Salou: direct public bus, taxi or car. From Barcelona city centre to Salou by bus, train, taxi, or auto.

Car rental

If you are planning to travel to Spain, then the ideal option would be to rent a car. To choose and order a car in advance, at the appointed time, your car will be waiting for you near the airport or in the city centre. The rental price starts from 14 Euros per day. To see and pick up the car here...

Taxi/Transfer From Barcelona To Salou

To get from Barcelona airport to the centre of Salou and other towns of the Costa Dorada easier and faster than a taxi. Book a taxi/Shuttle service is possible in advance, even from home. At any time of the day, at the airport, you will meet your driver with a sign, which will be written your name and surname. For taxi is enough to tell us your flight details! To know the cost of taxi ride here...

Bus Barcelona - Salou

From the centre and Barcelona airport with daily connections direct public buses in Salou, as well as from Salou to Barcelona.

Buses to Salou will start from Barcelona city centre, most buses pass through the terminals T2 and T1 of Barcelona airport or start from the airport depending on the schedule.

Journey of approximately 2 hours - 2 hours 30 minutes. The fare is 16,90 Euros one way. Baggage included in the ticket price. The Carrier Plana.

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices and sale points, and also from the driver when boarding. The bus schedule depends on the season and days of the week. Better to check before you travel - the official website of the company Plan.

In Salou the bus makes several stops, including in Cap Salou. Bus station in Salou is situated in the heart of the city, near the Boulevard of king Jaime I and the beach the Llevant. There is a information point and ticket sales.

Train Barcelona - Salou

By train (commuter train) from Barcelona to Salou can only be reached from the centre of Barcelona. As well as from Salou and only in the center of Barcelona.

About how to get from Barcelona airport to the center of Barcelona and vice versa, we told earlier, if necessary, you can get acquainted with the information here.

In Barcelona the train to Salou, you can take three railway stations (to get to these stations, following from Salou to Barcelona):

- Barcelona-Estacio de França - close to Park Ciutadella, Barcelona port, Barceloneta and the beaches;

- Barcelona-Passeig de Gracia near: Casa Batlló, Casa Milà and Plaza Catalunya and close to Sagrada Familia;

- Barcelona-Sants Train Station.

It should be noted that not all trains start from the station Estacio de França and return. More popular are the station Estacio Sants and Passeig de Gracia, from these two stations depart and accordingly come upon them, more trains. So if you are going to sit or return from/to the estació de França, you need to check the schedule in advance.

The fare on the train in one direction varies from 7,70 to 19.90 Euros, depending on trains and time travel. Travel time from 1 hour to 1 hour 33 minutes.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office, terminals or online. Tickets for many trains sell only at the point of sale (online buy), so the best option would be to buy a ticket just before the trip.

The train timetable and cost of tickets is better to check before you travel on the Renfe website or online website Rail Europe.

Stop in Salou railway station, Salou, located in the city centre (43840 Salou, Tarragona, Spain), 600 metres from the Central promenade and beaches.

Photos Of Salou. Photos of the streets of Salou

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