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Cami de Ronda in Salou - a promenade along the coast of Salou

Salou - developed tourist center of the Costa Dorada.

Main attractions and entertainment of Salou, which is not so much, mostly located in the city centre. However, if you love nature, privacy and panoramic views for you in Salou is the perfect opportunity to take a walk along the East coast.

Cami de Ronda (Camino de Ronda) - by-pass road (trail) runs along the line of the sea and envelope the East coast of Salou, created for walks along the coastal strip of the resort.

Walk along this road - a great opportunity to see the coast of Salou and Cap Salou. The road is quite comfortable, its fitted portion has a length of 2.4 kilometres along the coast. However, you can go on and on, up to the old lighthouse of Cap Salou and the beach, Cavallas, in total the route is just over 5 kilometres one way.

Along the way panoramic views, pass secluded bays and lively beaches, and areas of rocky coastline and then give way to gentle trails.

Bypass road Cami de Ronda has its origins in the centre of Salou, at the Western tip of the beach Llevant, from the monument to the "Pilons" (Monumento Els Pilons de Salou).

- in a way -

The road is equipped and ideal for walking even with young children

Right after the turn we meet a tiny coves, slopes are equipped with steps

Next, the path passes through a wooden deck, which leads out to one of the beaches of Salou - the Capellans. The beach is small with a length of just 209 meters, is flanked by picturesque rocky ledges.

For the Capellans beach, on the East side, up the wooden staircase leads

After rising, continuing a bypass road. From this point opens the picturesque view of the beach Capellans and the surrounding area.

Again, a small rocky Cove, which is equipped with the descent. And meeting an affectionate cat))

The trail leads to the viewpoint Mirador, with views of the coast of Salou and the boundless Mediterranean (Balearic) sea. Here is the place to stay.

Photo taken on the bow of the Cape

Behind the promontory overlooking the Bay Llenguadets. The beach is only 61 meters. The Bay was almost unknown, until they built the bypass road. Currently in the midst of the tourist season this beach is quite crowded.

Bay for once again the road, with views of the

See the beach Llarga. This is quite a large beach in the Cap Salou area, with a length of 646 metres.

Near the beach there is a rocky descent to a small Bay

As well as a lookout point with a bench. Here a man enjoys the view.

Above the line of the llarga beach is a small Playground, and maybe no children at all, adult uncles, exchanging fourth dozen, too, sometimes, wants to sit on the swing.

For the main part of the beach there is another small patch of Llarga beach, here the sand is mixed with pebbles and rocky coast.

Coast next, which stretches along the equipped trail

Equipped down to another Cove

Coast further

Further along the coast along the sea, it was impossible to pass the road blocked by private lands. Here you need to climb up outside Costa, a little walk, and then again descend to the sea.

Down, opens the Bay of Cala Penya Tallada. Small Bay beach with the length of only 46.5 meters - one of the nicest in Сap Salou, surrounded by pine trees and winding cliffs.

Behind the beach is another tiny and picturesque Bay de La Costa, with a length of 20 meters and a width of 5 meters.

It's stunningly scenic and photographic place. Feel like you're not on the Costa Dorada, and not on the set, rocks, cliffs and pine trees create a beautiful picture.

Above the sea, on the same rock Tallada, equipped with an observation deck, which offers beautiful views of the Bay and the coast in General.

Extraordinary in its expression landscape of the area is amazing. Speakers at sea, bizarre rock formations, turned into the process of erosion in the likeness of a huge stone walls clearly define boundaries of small coves.

Next is the Bay beach with fine sand Font. The length of the beach is 60 meters. In high season the Bay has all the necessary beach equipment.

Immediately after the Bay of Font should Cala Vinya, a length of 44 meters. The beach is separated from the beach of Font only a small rocky ledge, disappearing into the sea. These two beaches are located in the tourist area of cap Salou.

Near the beach little Bay

Then the trail becomes more wild, and, consequently, less touristy, and also leads all along the coast.

Cape Cavall or toe of a Horse head (Punta del Cavall) is the most pronounced protruding into the sea of the coast of Salou. From the Cape offers wonderful views of the coast. Closed Bay near the Cape in ancient times was used by the pirates for the ships, here they cast anchor and went into town with the purpose of the raids and robberies.

On the East side of the Cape there is a gentle descent to the sea, where you can see the coast.

It is equipped with trail ends, you can turn around and go back, and you can continue your journey, the more that path is very convenient, though takes place on the wild coast. Only to continue walking along the coast, you will need comfortable shoes.

Go to the beach, Crancs. Hidden behind the rocks reaching to the sea, sandy beach, Crancs has a length of 89 meters, it is surrounded by as rocks and lush pine vegetation. The beach has a small children's Playground.

The stairs rise up. Then it would be possible to see the Bay Morisca. However, during our stay, the Bay was closed to the public - construction works took place. Judging by the top view, the Bay also provides opportunities for beach holiday and swimming in the sea.

Cape Falconera (Punta Falconera), there are several rocky coves with very convenient access to the sea.

End point of the route - the old lighthouse of Cap Salou (Faro Cap Salou). Near the lighthouse is equipped with an observation deck and wooden road. With these points offer views of the sea and of the coast.

From the lookout point, located behind the lighthouse, you can see the port of Tarragona.

Climbing up from the lighthouse, go out del Far. From here, you can get back to the center of Salou, in the same way - along the coast or on the streets of Cap Salou which is more convenient, as the path is and easier and less extended. Or take the tourist train line L2, which runs in Salou and one of its stops is the lighthouse. The route of the train in the photo below, marked in green.

But we walked a little further down the road, in an easterly direction. Here the road passes through the hills, so that the eyes great offer the easternmost beach of Salou, Cavallas (length 200 metres) and the coast of the Cape, which is the resort of La Pineda.

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