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Beaches of Salou. Coast of Salou

The beaches in Salou are some of the popular on the Costa Dorada.

For a beach holiday in Salou offers a variety of options of beaches: wide and sandy, located in the centre of the resort, to small rocky coves in the area of Cap Salou.

All the beaches of Salou municipal, and therefore absolutely free. You will have to pay, unless and, if desired, for the rental of sun loungers and sun umbrellas, and beach activities.

Most of the beaches of Salou are well equipped. In the tourist season, on these beaches there is all necessary infrastructure: sunbeds and parasols, toilets and showers, medical care, and rescue towers, bins and beach bars. Also on many of the beaches have children's play areas, dedicated places for beach-water sports. The beaches are accessible to persons with reduced mobility.

Ponent Beach

Ponent beach in Salou (Playa Ponent) is one of the main beaches of Salou. It is the most Western beach of the resort.

The beach is 1 115 meters with an average width of 42.6 meters.

The beach is completely sandy, as well as the seabed. Sometimes to the coast beats algae, there are waves. The beach is cleaned regularly, sand dub.

For these reasons, the beach is great for families with young children and all those who appreciate shallow sea, the cleanliness and amenities.

Parallel to the Ponent beach is Miramar Boulevard (Passeig de Miramar), where there is a narrow sidewalk along the beach - he's promenade. On the opposite side of the Boulevard lined up in a row building on the first floor which cafes and restaurants, there are also souvenir shops and a few shops.

Here, on the first line of Ponent beach are mainly apartments and there are several hotels. These hotels and apartments have quick access to the beach.

On the West side of Ponent beach is adjacent to the beach of Cap de Sant Pere related by the beaches of Cambrils. Visually both beaches are a single coastline.

On the East side of Ponent beach is adjacent to the port of Salou, next to which are: the port area and a monument to the "Fisherman", included in the list of the main attractions of Salou. More about Ponent beach in Salou...

The Beach of Llevant

Just behind the port of Salou originates the longest and popular, and therefore the most crowded and noisy beach Benidorm - Llevant (Llevant Playa).

The length of the Llevant beach is 1 174 meters, with an average width of 95 meters.

The main feature of the beach is fine Golden sand and shallow depth, smooth sandy entry into the sea. Sometimes to the coast beats algae, there are waves. The beach is cleaned regularly, sand dub.

On the East side of the beach separated by a rocky headland. From this side of the beach, close to the beach looms the house where you can rent an apartment overlooking the beach and sea. For example: 2-bedroom apartment Carrer de Colon with a living room and a fully equipped kitchen with a dishwasher and a coffee machine; 2-bedroom apartment Colon Planet Costa Dorada or duplex apartments with 3 bedrooms and sea views, DIFFERENTFLATS Rubens.

In this end of the beach is the monument to the "Pilons" (Monumento Els Pilons de Salou) and originates by-pass a path Cami de Ronda, passing along the line of the sea and envelope the East coast of Salou. Read more about the path of the Cami de Ronda in Salou...

Along the beach promenade, which is a walking area. Behind the promenade lies a Park - a pleasant place to stay with places for recreation and sports. More about the Llevant beach in Salou...

The Beach Capellans

The Capellans beach (Playa Capellans) is located just East of the Llevant beach.

The beach is a Cove, surrounded by pine trees and a picturesque rocky ledges.

The beach is predominantly sand, in places mixed with pebbles. It is a small beach, its length is only 209 meters.

Among provided services: rescue service, a restaurant and water sports, sunbeds and umbrellas, toilets and showers.

The beach Capellans, along with the beaches of Ponent and Llevant is a group of the city of Salou's beaches with a total length of 2.5 km, with fine Golden sand, shallow waters with a fairly smooth sandy entry into the water.

The beach promenade no, actually all of the beaches further along the East coast of Salou is no embankment.

Directly next to the Capellans beach houses apartments and hotels have direct beach access. For example: apartments Turismar - Bahia II offers a seasonal outdoor pool, apartments with sea views Capellans Planet Costa Dorada and Book Cap Ferrat apartment with 1 bedroom.

Further Salou has a predominantly rocky coast, among which are several comfortable and sandy beaches, at the same time and a few small wild coves with equipped descent to the sea. Such bays are not landscaped, there are no lifeguards and medical stations, but in the high tourist season people swimming wherever I can find a convenient place.

Almost immediately behind the beach Capellans is that such a rocky Bay with an equipped descent to the sea.

Beach Lenguadets

Lenguadets beach (Playa de Lenguadets) is a small Bay.

The beach has a triangular shape and 61 metres in length. There's the rental of sunbeds, showers, in the high season a lifeguard.

To get to the beach, following the coast - roundabout or from Torrassa street.

Beach Lenguadets separated from the Capellans beach Cape Parrot, which is an observation deck.

The Beach Llarga

Llarga beach (Playa Llarga) is a wide, long, sandy and has all the necessary beach infrastructure: work of the rescue services, there are toilets, beach bars, hire of sun loungers and awnings, you can also enjoy water sports.

It is the largest beach of cap Salou and, accordingly, the largest beach in Cap Salou. A favorite family vacation spot of local residents.

The length of the beach is 646 meters. The beach is predominantly sand nice bright colors, the sunset in the sea is also sandy.

Above the beach is a pine forest and the seaside Boulevard for walking. Also the beach has a small children's and sports grounds.

On the North side of the beach there is a rocky descent to a small Bay and a small observation platform with a bench.

And on the South side of the beach Llarga another little stretch of beach where the sand is mixed with pebbles and rocky coast.

Right next to the sea, close to the beach Llarga are:

- 4-star hotel Best Complejo Negresco features an outdoor pool and a terrace with sea views

- apartment with sea views For A Stay Sant Jordi, near which there are wild small Bay with an equipped descent to the sea

The Beach of Cala Penya Tallada

A small beach Bay of Cala Penya Tallada (Playa Pena Talyada) extension is only 46.5 meters already won the hearts of many tourists because it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Cap Salou. Surrounded by pine trees and winding cliffs.

On the beach is coarse sand mixed with pebbles. The beach store - the same street (Carrer de la Penya Tallada) and a comfortable stage.

The Bay de La Costa

Just behind the beach Talaga is another tiny and picturesque Bay de La Costa, with a length of 20 meters and a width of 5 meters.

Above the sea, on the same rock Tallada, equipped with an observation deck, which offers beautiful views of the Bay and the coast in General.

Beach Font

Beach Font (Font Playa / Cala de la Font) is a Bay, very busy in the height of tourist season.

It belogorodsky beach, located in the tourist area of Cap Salou. On the beach of fine sand, the beach is convenient. The length of the beach is 60 meters. In high season the Bay has all the necessary beach equipment.

To the beach leads a bypass road along the coast or Dunes street.

There are no current, which allows a good look at the bottom of the sea: this is one of the best places for snorkeling in Salou.

Beach Vinya

Beach Vinya (Vinya Playa / Cala Vinya) is also a small sandy Bay, with a length of 44 meters. Another name of this Bay - Bay Pinetell (Pine Bay).

Beach Vinoy adjacent to the beach Font. Beaches shared by only a small rocky outcrop going out to sea. So visually, these two bays are a single beach.

In close proximity to these two beaches there are hotels and apartments with direct access to the beaches and the sea:

- The 3-star Best Cap Salou features an outdoor pool and a Spa centre;

- Studio apartments with sea views, Font De Mar 1016;

- Deluxe apartment with sea view in Cap Salou Mar 19, located a little further from the beach but also near the sea.

Near beach Vinya there is a small Bay


Beach Crancs

Beach Crancs or crab Cove (Playa Crancs / Cala Crancs) - Bay, framed on both sides by cliffs and lush pine vegetation.

On the beach small and dense sand. And gently sloping sea bottom and calm waters make it ideal for swimming.

The length of the beach, Crancs is 89 meters. The beach has a small children's Playground.

Behind the beach, Crancs, to the East along the coast, followed by several rocky coves, behind which is the old lighthouse of Cap Salou (Cap Salou Faro). Near the lighthouse is equipped observation deck, which offers views of the sea and of the coast.

Beach Cavallas

Cavallas beach (Playa de Cavallas) - the most Eastern beach of Salou.

The length of the beach is 200 metres away. On the beach of mostly pebbles and stones, sunset in the sea is quite comfortable.

From the beach originates a wide Cape, immediately behind which is the resort of La Pineda.

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