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Vilafortuny - one of the areas of Cambrils.

Since the tourist life is concentrated in the centre of Cambrils, in the heart of the port quarter and the old town and the centre Vilafotuny situated at a distance of 1.7 kilometers from the centre of Cambrils, there is an abundance of shops, cafes and restaurants as well as attractions and active evening and night life. Why stay in Vilafortuny will be more quiet and measured than in the centre of Cambrils.

However, despite this, Vilafortuny already won the hearts of many tourists and now is one of the tourist areas of Cambrils.


Cambrils is a resort located on the coast of the Balearic sea, famous for its long beach strip and is considered a gastronomic capital of Costa Dorada.

From the airport of Barcelona can be reached in Cambrils: direct public bus, taxi or car.

From Barcelona city center to Cambrils - by bus, train, taxi, or auto.


Fisherman's Park in Cambrils is the oldest and most visited Park of the resort. Named in honor of the fishermen of the city.

This shady Park has an area of about 5000 square meters and can be a source of coolness on a hot summer day.

An essential attribute of the Park stands a large old ship "Marinera", which serves as a reminder that the city initially occurred and developed thanks to the fishermen and all those whose activities were in some way connected with the sea and fishing.


Port quarter of Cambrils is probably the most visited and one of the brightest parts authentic and beautiful resort of Costa Dorada - Cambrils.

Port quarter, or Port area of Cambrils is a small territory, including the port, consisting of fishing and sports ports, as well as a small yacht Marina, harbour promenade and the adjacent part of the city with narrow streets, on both sides which you can see low buildings.

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