Tarragona, Spain

Tarragona is a large city with a rich history resulting from the arrival of Roman troops to the Iberian Peninsula in 218 BC, located on the Mediterranean coast, in the 94 kilometers from Barcelona.

In the beginning of our era, Tarragona was known as Tarraco or Tarragon (Tarraco, Tarracona) and was a provincial capital of the Roman Empire, resulting in the territory of Tarraco was built defensive walls, monumental buildings and Roman amphitheatre, circus and theatre, located within the Provincial and Colonial forums.

Currently, the remains of Roman structures on the territory of Tarragona form the archaeological ensemble of Tarraco, 2000 included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

Tarragona is a city in which subtly intertwined history and modernity, is a city where you can combine a beach holiday with visits to numerous historical sites and shopping.

The city has one of the largest ports of Spain, playing a significant role in the economy of the country.

The seaport of Tarragona consists of commercial and industrial port, several marinas, the cruise port and old part of the port - fishing port.

At the port there are several walking malls and attractions, and the most attractive part of the port of Tarragona is the Maritime quarter Serrallo (El Serrallo) – an old fishing port, is a small district (formerly the fisherman's district), located in the Western part of the city coast.

The Central axis and the artery of the city is the Rambla Nova or the New Rambla (Rambla Nova de Tarragona), she's the only shopping street and pleasure Avenue, crossing the modern city of Tarragona from the South-East to North-West and being the most famous and one of the most sought after streets in the center of Tarragona.

Along the street cafes and restaurants, shops and souvenir shops, as well as some of the most famous attractions of the city such as Century fountain (Font del Centenari) - the most interesting fountain city of human towers "Castells" (Monument als Castellers) is the most memorable and famous monument of Tarragona. Read more about the Rambla Nova...

First, the Rambla Nova is one of the most impressive parts of the city - lookout "Balcony of the Mediterranean", located on the edge of the 23-meter cliff.

From the observation deck offers spectacular panoramic views of the endless sea, the harbour, railway station, Central beach Miracle and part of the city. Read more about observation deck in Tarragona...

Parallel to the Rambla Nova is the Rambla Vella or Old Rmala - once one of the Central streets of the city. First street, near the square of UNESCO, is the casino of Tarragona (Tarragona Casino). From this point begins the route of the tourist train in Torrevieja, take a trip where you can visit the main attractions of the city.

Near the square, UNESCO is one of the most famous sights of Tarragona - Roman Amphitheatre (Amfiteatre de Tarragona), built approximately in the 2nd century ad.

Initially, the amphitheater was used for two activities: battle of gladiators and fighting or hunting of animals. Later the amphitheatre was the place where executed was sentenced to death.

To date well preserved some parts of the amphitheatre, among which are: part of the arena, seats and steps. Read more about Tarragona Amphitheatre...

Behind the amphitheatre, along the Roman defensive walls, there is a street of Barcelona (Passeig de Sant Antoni) which also offers panoramic views of the coast.

From the streets of Sant Antoni and Rambla Vella Old originates the Old town of Tarragona (quarter Part Alta), located on top of a hill and previously known as the Upper city.

Tarragona old town is the historic center of the city, currently occupies a special place among the attractions of Tarragona and is one of the best places for walking in the city centre.

Besides the old town is the abundance of historical monuments, narrow streets and architectural heritage. Of particular importance are among the attractions of the old city is: city walls and towers, museums, narrow streets and squares, the remains of the Roman circus and the Jewish quarter, part of the provincial forum and the main decoration of the city - the Cathedral of Tarragona. Read more about old town of Tarragona...

On the North side of the old city walls there is a street of the Roman Empire (Via de l Imperi Romà), decorated with tiles and stone mosaics. The main attractions of this street are the fountain and Roman column (Columna Romana).

Apart from the above, Tarragona is known for other attractions, among which are: the Roman aqueduct or the Devil's bridge, the castle of Tamarit, the Roman quarry of Medol, Roman theatre, Roman Colonial forum, the Paleochristian necropolis and the former Bullring, now the arena Plaza Tarraco. Read more about all the attractions of Tarragona...

A special place for tourists is the beaches of Tarragona.

In Tarragona there are 11 beaches and 4-d of which are awarded "Blue flag" - a sign of purity and quality of the beach and sea water. During high season most beaches have all the necessary infrastructure: sunbeds and parasols, bins and toilets, towers, lifeguards and showers, beach cafes and entertainment.

All the sandy beaches of Tarragona, with a gentle sunset in the sea. The sand on the beaches of Tarragona are mainly small, soft and pleasant to the touch and light Golden color.

Six beaches of Tarragona are quite long, are semi-wild coves, located in the natural protected areas and two small beach coves. Read more about beaches of Tarragona...

In the center of Tarragona, near bus station, is a Park of Sant Rafael (Parc Sant Rafael), created in the 80-ies and later improved in several stages.

In the historical and tourist centre of Tarragona, in the Corsini square (Plaça de Corsini), is the Central city market (Mercat Central de Tarragona)

On the market large selection of food, including fresh, there is a bakery departments with ready-made food and typical for the markets of Spain, bars where you can eat and drink a variety of drinks, and on the ground floor there is a large Mercadona supermarket. Read more about the market in Tarragona...

In Tarragona there are also other small shops, fruit and vegetable points and supermarkets, including the supermarket Spar (Spar). Large supermarket Evrospar (Eurospar) is located at Carrer de Jordi Torres, 1, 43005 Tarragona, Spain.

About shopping Tarragona also forgot, the town has a large shopping centre Park Central (Centre Comercial Parc Central) and Department store El Corte inglés (El Corte Ingles). Read more about shopping in Marbella...

But with entertainment in the form of parks and water parks in the city are worse off, those in Tarragona no. But in the immediate vicinity of the city are:

- water Park and Dolphinarium Aquopolis (Aquopolis Costa Daurada) is located in the resort town of Torrevieja, just 10 kilometers West along the coast from the centre of Tarragona. The website of the Park;

amusement Park Port Aventura, water Park Port Aventura and CARIBE theme Park Ferrari Land. All three parks are located close to each other, at a distance of about 13 kilometers from the historical centre of Tarragona. The site PortAventura Park;

- the water Park Aqualeon, located East of the city, at a distance of 30 kilometers from the historical centre of Tarragona. The website of the Park.

Unusual tours in Tarragona

Where to stay in Tarragona (Tarragona hotels)

The choice of accommodation in Tarragona is very large and diverse, here you can find accommodation for almost every taste and budget, from budget hostels and campsites to 4 star hotels, villas, apartments and guest houses located in the historical centre of the city and near the beaches.

All accommodation in Tarragona, from budget to luxury, you can view and book here booking

How to get to Tarragona

In the Tarragona airport. The nearest international airports are in Reus and Barcelona. The majority of tourists visiting Tenerife, arrive at Barcelona airport El Prat. Cheap flights to Barcelona and Reus...

From Barcelona airport to Tarragona can be reached in several ways:

1. If you are planning to travel to Spain, then the ideal option would be to rent a car. To choose and order a car in advance, at the appointed time, your car will be waiting for you near the airport or in the city centre. To watch and you can rent a car here...

2. To get from Barcelona airport to the centre of Tarragona, and other cities of the Costa Blanca easier and faster than a taxi. Book a taxi/Shuttle service is possible in advance, even from home. At any time of the day, at the airport, you will meet your driver with a sign, which will be written your name and surname. For taxi is enough to tell us your flight details! Find out the cost and order a taxi here...

3. On the bus from the airport and Barcelona city centre. Travel time from 1 hour to 2 hours, depending on the bus schedule. The fare is 13 Euro one way. Baggage included in the ticket price. The Carrier Plana.

In Tarragona the bus will take you to the bus station of Tarragona (Carrer de Pere Martell, 1, 43005 Tarragona, Spain), located in the city center, one kilometer from the coast (Balcony of the Mediterranean). At the bus station information centre and the sale of tickets.

4. By train (commuter train) from the centre of Barcelona. To learn the schedule of trains and fares, and purchase tickets on the Rail Europe website.

In Tarragona there are two railway stations:

1. Renfe Camp de Tarragona which arrive by high speed train Ave and Alvia. These trains 35-40 minutes will take you from Barcelona to Tarragona or from Tarragona to Barcelona. The cost of tickets starts from 12,15 euros one way.

Disadvantage of this station is that it is located remotely from the city center (Mas L Hereuet, S/N 43765 La Secuita, Tarragona, Spain), at a distance of 11 kilometers from the bus station and 12 km. from the Balcony of the Mediterranean. To reach from the railway station in the centre of Tarragona by bus.

2. The railway station of Tarragona, placed in the center (43004 Tarragona, Spain), near the port and beach of the Miracle, 350 metres from the Balcony of the Mediterranean and the beginning of the Rambla Nova. It is convenient for the location of the station, on her arriving commuter trains. On these trains you can buy tickets cheaper, but travel time increases.

From the centre of Tarragona by bus or train you can easily reach the attractive resort of Salou.

To move around the Tarragona on foot, small town and main tourist places are located very conveniently, within walking distance from each other.

If you plan to drive in the area of Tarragona on the bus and (or) you are some people, you can buy a local transport card T10 Tarragona. With this card, the fare is significantly reduced. The card costs 12 euros and gives you the opportunity to make up to 10 trips in Zone 1. Each trip duration not more than 1 hour and 15 minutes. The map you can pass to each other. Cards are available from machines or sales points. Tarragona, Salou, Vila-Seca to La Pineda, Cambrils and Reus are included in the Area-1.


Spain is part of the Schengen area. To visit the country, you may need travel insurance.

Spain is in the Euro zone because the country's currency is the Euro (€). Payment is accepted in cash and Bank cards in many shops, cafes and restaurants.

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