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Malaga - a major port city located on the Mediterranean coast and is the capital of the homonymous province. It is the largest city on the Costa del Sol, the second largest population in Andalusia and the sixth largest in Spain.

Malaga, like a magnet attracts tourists and not only during the beach season, year-round on the streets of Malaga you can find a great number of tourists. The thing is that Malaga is famous not only for its long coastline, which has 18 beaches, but also for its rich history and culture, architectural monuments, Andalusian cuisine and shopping.


Malaga is a place suitable not only for summer beach holidays. Thanks to the rich history in Malaga, it is possible to see many interesting architectural, historical and natural attractions that attract many tourists at any time of the year. And due to the fact that all the main and most interesting sights are located very compactly, in the very center of the city, you can get acquainted with the history and architecture of Malaga in one day.

What is so remarkable about Malaga? What to do in the city, where to go and what to see?


The old town of Malaga - the historical center and heart of the city.

The old town of Malaga is very compact, it is easy to get around on foot in one day. However, despite its small size, it is here that most of the historical monuments and sights of the city are concentrated.


There are two stunning historical sights in Malaga that together create an exquisite monumental ensemble - these are the fortresses of Alcazaba and Hibralfaro.

The Alcazaba or as it is also called the Fortress of Malaga (Alcazaba de Málaga) - Malaga citadel, which is a fortified Palace of the Muslim era, located in the foothills of the eponymous hill of Gibralfaro.

Castillo de Gibralfaro - monumental citadel towering above Malaga, located at the very top of the hill of the same name.


The Town Hall of Malaga (Casa consistorial de Mаlaga) - one of the main and most beautiful buildings of Malaga, included in the list of attractions of the city.

Near the building of the town Hall lies the beautiful gardens of Pedro Luis Alonso (ardines de Pedro Luis Alonso). These two sights are the epitome of a great duet and recognized as historic cultural monuments.


Malaga Park - Central Park in Malaga and one of the largest urban parks in Europe. This Park is a favorite place for locals and visitors to the city for walks and recreation, and is one of the ten most striking attractions of Malaga.

The Park covers an area of over 30,000 square meters on which are located the three walking paths along the perimeter of the Park, fountains and sculptures, children's play areas and places for rest, curved alleys and small flower beds.


Malaga is a popular resort every year attracts more and more tourists, located on the Costa del Sol and has almost 20 kilometers of the coastal strip on which there are 18 beaches.

The beaches of Malaga may not be the best in Spain, but most of them have high ratings. Most of the beaches of Malaga sandy, well-equipped and have all necessary amenities. Several beaches of the coast of Malaga smoothly flow into each other in such a way that it is not immediately clear where one beach ends and another begins. There are two beaches for pets.


Malaga airport - Costa del Sol, often referred to as simply málaga airport (Aeropuerto de Málaga - Costa del Sol) is a major international airport receives domestic and international flights, both regular and seasonal.

Malaga Airport is conveniently located just 8 kilometers from the historic center of Malaga, so you can quickly and comfortably get from the airport to the center of Malaga or from the center of Malaga to the airport.


The port of Malaga is an international seaport that accepts coastal passenger and freight transport. It is the oldest continuously operating port in Spain and one of the oldest in the Mediterranean sea, where the largest cruise liners can enter world.

Cruise port of Malaga located on the Mediterranean coast in the heart of the coastal strip of Malaga, 800 metres from the historic centre of Malaga.

The most picturesque and sought after part of the port of Malaga is its cruise the area, in addition to cruise ships, you can see small yachts and ships, rocking gently on the waves.


If you, like us, are lovers of fish and seafood, then this article is just for you!

There is one interesting place in Malaga! A place where you can enjoy plenty of fresh seafood and Mediterranean fish.

Fish paradise in Malaga is located in the area of ​​three beaches ...

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