Beaches in Malaga. Coast of Malaga

Malaga is a popular resort every year attracts more and more tourists, located on the Costa del Sol and has almost 20 kilometers of the coastal strip on which there are 18 beaches.

The beaches of Malaga may not be the best in Spain, but most of them have high ratings. Most of the beaches of Malaga sandy, well-equipped and having all the necessary amenities such as sun loungers and parasols, children's play areas, litter bins, showers and toilets, medical stations and rescue towers as well as beach cafes and restaurants. Several beaches of the coast of Malaga smoothly flow into each other in such a way that it is not immediately clear where one beach ends and another begins. There are two beaches for pets.

The coast of Malaga can be divided into western and eastern, where the center of this division is the large Malaga port, located in the very center of the coastal strip near the historic center.

The East coast of Malaga

La Malagueta Beach

On the east side of the coast, directly from the port, the most visited and famous Malaga beach La Malagueta (Playa de la Malagueta), takes its origin. The beach is sandy, well equipped, wide and long. It has a length of 1,200 meters and a width of 45 meters on average. Directly on the beach there are several cafes.

La Caleta Beach

The Malagueta beach blends at La Caleta beach (Playa de la Caleta). This beach is also sandy and well-equipped. Has a length of 1 kilometer and an average width of 25 meters. Both beaches visually represent a single and longest beach strip - a favorite place for visitors to the city for beach holidays and evening walks.

Along both beaches lies a single scenic walking area - the embankment, framed by tall palm trees. There are places for recreation, a sports field and bicycle parking.

Behind Kaleta beach, a small stretch of coastline is occupied by a rocky coast.

The beach of baños del Carmen

A small beach of baños del Carmen (Playa de Banos del Carmen) with dark gray sand mixed with shingle, has a length of 550 meters and 15 meters wide. It consists of two parts, where in the middle of the beach, near the sea, there is a bar and grill of the same name - I think, a great place to relax and enjoy the views of the sea.

Behind the beach of baños del Carmen again, we can observe a small stretch of coast with a jumble of large stones.

And after it starts, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful parts of the coast of Malaga, uniting in a single whole three beaches: playa de Pedregalejo playa del Palo and playa del El Dedo, which is set along the beautiful long promenade with palm trees and picturesque little squares. The highlight of this place is that along the waterfront are low-rise buildings in a characteristic Andalucian style, painted with bright colors, as well as an abundance of cafes and restaurants where you can taste the best in Malaga fresh fish and seafood. Come here and come not only guests, but also locals with their families for lunch or dinner. Details about the fishing village of Malaga we told you earlier, to get more information and view photos in the article: "Fishing Paradise in Malaga!".

Consider each of the three beaches of “Fish Paradise” separately:

The Pedregalejo beach and Las Acacias

Playa de Pedregalejo/Las Acacias is sandy and picturesque, a beach you can fall in love with at first sight. The length of the beach is 1,200 meters, and its average width is 20 meters. Breakwaters dividing the beach into small coves, bring their charm and zest. Not everyone is this division of the beach will like, but still...

Promenade Pedregalejo beach - Las-Acacias

Beach El Palo

Del Palo beach (Playa del Palo) was originally the best urban fishing district, has now become one of the most popular beaches in Malaga. The beach is sandy, has a length of 1,200 meters and a width of 25 meters. On the beach you can see fishing boats. El Palo, as well as Pedregalejo, has breakwaters that divide the beach strip into small coves.

El Palo beach promenade

Beach El Dedo

The beach of El Dedo (Playa de El Dedo) is also sandy, but having a length of only 550 meters and a width of about 25 meters. This beach is considered family, as well-equipped for kids and has nice sand. It is this beach that closes the long and unified coastal strip consisting of three beaches, which can even be called a separate and very picturesque area of ​​Malaga.

El Dedo beach promenade

Behind the beach El Dedo is a small harbour (port) Puerto del Candado.

El Candado Beach

Just behind the port is a small beach of El Candado (Playa de El Candado) with dark sand and pebbles. Here you will find an abundance of beach services and entertainment. The beach is 200 meters long and 30 meters wide.

Starting from this beach and further, on the East coast of Malaga, all the beaches are little ennobled and more like a wild coast.

Behind the beach of Candado, we can again see the uncomfortable and seldom visited part of the coast, behind which there is a small but very charming

Peñón del Cuervo Beach

The beach Peñón del Cuervo (Playa Penon del Cuervo) is not equipped, but picturesque. Here, near the coast, right in the sea is a rocky ledge. The length of the beach is 450 m and its width is 25 meters.

Behind the beach Peñón del Cuervo in La Araña (the Eastern edge of the coast of málaga), there are three small beaches:

La Fabrika Beach

Fabrica de Cemento beach is located directly in front of the cement plant. The beach is 350 meters long and has a maximum width of about 15 meters.

La Araña Beach

The beach of La Araña (Playa de La Arana) is another small beach with a minimum of facilities adjacent to the carriageway alignment. The length of the beach is 500 meters and its width is 25 meters. During the season, there are sun loungers and parasols on the beach, a small cafe is open.

Beach Totalan

Beach for dogs Totalan (Playa Para Perros Totalan), where the owners with their Pets can enjoy the sun and sea. This is the last beach on the east coast of Malaga, located near the eponymous river Totalan.

Let's return to the main port of Malaga (Puerto Malaga) and walk along the western coast

San Andres Beach

The beach of San Andres or the Huelin beach (Playa de San Andres/Playa de Huelin), bordered by the port of Malaga on its Western side the coast. This sandy beach has a length of 650 meters and 50 meters wide. On the beach of dark grey sand and all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable beach holiday.

Along the beach there is a promenade with places to relax and a Playground. There is a small Park of the same name Huelin (Parque de Huelin).

Beach Misericordia

Misericordia beach (Playa de la Misericordia) is a well-equipped wide and sandy beach with a length of 2,000 meters and a width of about 30 meters. On the beach there are cafes and restaurants. This is one of the favorite and popular beaches in Malaga.

Along the whole beach there is a wonderful walking area - the promenade of the beach Misericordia, with places for recreation, children's play areas and magnificent palm trees. The beach promenade still retains some remnants of nineteenth-century industrial Malaga chimneys.

Beach Sakaba

Sacaba Beach (Playa de Sacaba) is located in an unsightly old industrial area. Here you can often meet people with dogs, as well as motor homes and locals who came to picnics. The beach is mainly sand, sometimes mixed with pebbles and large shell. The beach is 750 meter long and 60 meter wide. Waterfront no, on the beach there is no necessary infrastructure.

Beach borders the river Guadalhorce. To go around the river, going along the coast, need to make a detour of 5 km through the highway MA-20.

Guadalhorce Beach

Beach Guadalhorce (Playa del Guadalhorce) is located on the territory of the natural reserve of the Mouth of the river Guadalhorce (Guadalhorce Desembocadura del). The beach has dark gray sand mixed with large shells and pebbles, the beach conditions do not exist. The length of the beach is almost a kilometer.

Beach Para Perros

Beach Para Perros (Playa Para Perros) - a place for walking dogs located in the western part of the beach Guadalhorce.

Gualdamar Beach

The Gualdamar beach (Playa Gualdamar) the eponymous beach urbanization Guadalmar. The beach is small, seldom visited and rather quiet, there are several cafes and a promenade along the beach - Abel Sanchez alley. A sort of village beach. The length of the beach is 450 meters, and its width is about 30 meters.

Beach Campo de Golf - San Julián

And completes the chain of beaches of Malaga beach Campo de Golf or, as it is called San Julian (Playa Campo de Golf/Playa de San Julian), where there is a nudist area. This beach with beautiful white sand, is the most Western beach of Malaga and takes its name from the Golf course, near which it is located. This is a semi-urban beach with a low level of services, surrounded by greenery. The beach is 2 250 meters and a maximum width of 50 meters. This is the largest beach in Malaga with places for football and barbecue. This beach adjoins the small resort town of Torremolinos.

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