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Fish paradise in Malaga!

If you, like us, are lovers of fish and seafood, then this article is just for you!

There is one interesting place in Malaga! A place where you can enjoy plenty of fresh seafood and Mediterranean fish.

The fish Paradise in Malaga is located in the area of three beaches: playa de Pedregalejo, playa del Palo and playa del El Dedo. El Palo Beach is originally the best urban fishing area and, accordingly, two nearby beaches are also not far behind. Not only guests of the city come here and come, but local people with their whole families for lunch or dinner. And it's true, there is no more colorful fish place in the whole of Malaga, where you can relax with a glass of cold beer and a plate of fresh seafood.

In this place, on the waterfront, along the line of beaches, there is a series of cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy fresh fish and various seafood, but cooked to the mass, which leaves its mark on the overall taste of the dishes.

It serves a variety of fish, seafood and the famous Spanish paella, prepared in big frying pans on coals. All fish and seafood is delicious, but the paella in large vats, so-so.

In addition to fish dishes, restaurants also have meat dishes, salads, snacks, soups, burgers, sandwiches, desserts and various beverages. But still, the main mass of dishes are fish and seafood dishes: clams, octopus, squid, shrimps of various sizes and so on.

The highlight of the establishments are sardines grilled over coals. They are offered in almost every establishment. Near the cafes and restaurants, right in front of you, fresh sardines will be cooked on the coals. Cost from 2 euros for a skewer (5-7 pieces).

Prices in November-December are quite affordable, at the height of tourist season, perhaps higher. The cost of meals from café to café about the same, the difference is, perhaps, plus or minus 1-2 euros. Pictured below are examples of prices in one of the cafes in the month of December:

In addition to delicious fish and seafood this area of Malaga, in our opinion, is the most exquisite. Here a picturesque beach strip, low buildings in typical Andalusian style, painted in bright colors. A very colorful place, even if you are not a fan of fish, we still recommend strolling along this embankment.

The distance from the center of Malaga up to the first beach (Pedregalelo), is slightly more than three kilometers. To go from the center to the East along the coast. Such a path can be a pleasant stroll along the embankments along the sea line. Further on, 2.8 kilometers stretch the beaches listed above, along which there are cafes and restaurants with an abundance of fish and seafood. Coming to the beaches, do not rush to go to the first available institution, walk along the promenade, look around, check out, choose the most favorite institution and sit down to dinner, while enjoying the views of the beach and the sea.

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